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    Bobs Fire foods site
    Hot sauces, championship chili mixes, Habaņero salsas, jerked meat marinades, scorching snacks, Jalapeņo concoctions and -- ahhh, yet more hot sauces. Yep, if you're seeking a chile-head's paradise, a pepper phreak's dream, drop in and partake of Bob's Fiery Foods.

    Blairs Death Sauce
    Enjoy life - Eat deathsauce. Feel alive - Making food fun the world over.

    The Chile Cauldron
    The CHILE CAULDRON The Chile Sauce Store serving up hundreds of HOT sauces, snacks, mixes, & pickles Click here to check out the new product listing pages!

    Chilli Peppers Restaurant
    Award winning hot sauces, hot salt, T-shirts, recipes and more. Located in Kill Devil Hills, NC

    Chile Today-Hot tamale
    Featuring Exotic Hot & Spicy Products Ranging From Chiles, Chile Powders, Salsas, Snacks, Hot Sauces, and More! Let us know the occasion and the date, and we will send out the gift with any personal message you would like to say. Ship anywhere in the United States.

    The home of cybersauce. With a heat scale of 130,000 scovile units. A nice pepper pictorial as well.

    Hot Hot Hot
    The Net's original hot sauce shop! The Walk in Store Located in Old Town Pasedena, California has closed.

    Hot's Desire. Hot Sauces & Fiery Foods
    Your source for gourmet hot sauces and spicy foods! Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces & Mustards, Salsas, Olives, Spices, Gifts, Books, & Posters. Curt & Susie Snyder (760-732-0199) or (1-800-381-4687)

    Hotsauces Com.
    May I highly recommend two sauces from The first is a hotter chile garlic paste than anything from the orient. It is called Bubba's Oriental Vittle Sauce. It has cayenne, scotch bonnet and Thai peppers plus fresh chopped garlic all pureed with sugarcane vinegar and some flavorful spices. The second sauce is Alligator Alley Asphult which, the label cliams is hottern' Georgia Asphult. Pureed Black Beans, cayenne, Thai and scotch bonnet peppes poppy seeds and the sugarcane vinegar and spices. I have substituted this for bean paste or fermented beans or used as a condiment for latin foods. Always great service and excellent sauces from this site. testimonial from :

    International Hot Foods.
    I have ordered from them, very good prices and service. 1-800-505-9999

    Mad Pepper Co.
    Produce a great line of original gourmet Hot sauces. Bottled with love and attention (and a few burns here and there), by us, Dave and Judith Stone, in our El Pass-o Cafe in Madeira Beach, Florida

    Midwest Pepper Trading Company
    Offers the best of the best hot sauces and salsas from around the world as judged at the annual Fiery Foods Show held in Albuquerque each year.

    Mo Hotter Mo Better.
    "The world headquarters of hot."

    Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Co..
    Growers of a large variety of chile peppers and specialize in the growing of many forms of Habanero. We especially like to service the smaller orders and have delivered on orders ranging from a single pound to a thousand pounds. Our growing season is from mid to late August and runs until mid-October. During the season we can provide chile peppers in the following forms:Whole Fresh, Fresh Chopped, Fresh Pureed, Processed in Brine, Processed in Vinegar, Whole Dried, Dried Crushed, Dried Ground, Smoke Dried (Apple, Hickory, Maple, etc.)

    Ole Gourmet Salsas and Tortilla Chips.
    Firery Foods Finalist.Are your Tastebuds aching for an Authentic Southwestern Salsa? Want the hottest salsa around?

    A Passion for Peppers
    Western Canada's Hot Sauce Supplier

    Peppers. Com 1000 + Hot Sauces!
    They have it all. And I do mean all! You have to check out this site!
    Offer many different types of Hot Sauces and Dried Chiles, Good shipping prices too.

    Rio Diablo
    Makes both red and green mesquite-smoked jalapeno salsas, and they also have jars of mesquite-smoked jalapenos all by themselves. If you buy a case, they'll mix it up for you if you like.Call 1-800-610-4830.

    Salsas etc..
    Stock over eleven hundred spicy food and novelty products from all over the world! We are located in the Great Mall of the Bay Area, in Milpitas, California, but we can ship our products to you no matter where you live.

    Sam McGees Hot Gourmet.
    We have scoured the planet looking for the most interesting and flavorful hot sauces, hot salsas, and hot gourmet speciality foods. We now offer these items to you, the discriminating chilihead.   Our service is a cut above the rest, with express delivery to your door step or the victim of your choice. We have a single price shipping charge that is the lowest around and UPS domestic ground shipping is free on orders over $ 70.

    Silver Creek Gifts
    Hot Sauce Selection in Tucson, Arizona. Silver Creek Gifts has a wide selection of hot sauces to spice up your life. We carry a wide range of pepper sauces made with habanero, jalapeno, red, chipotle & pasilla negro chiles.

    Southwest Spirit.
    The Little Company with the Big Taste in Sizzlin' Salsas, Fiery Hot Sauces, Potent Chile Paste, & Unique products.

    Piquant Peppers.
    For a great selection and humor, Piquant Pepper delivers! 1-800-931-7474

    Tons 'o spices
    (even in gallon jugs) can be found in the Spices etc...catalog. Their number is 1-800-827-6373.


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