1 ts Fresh ground black pepper

Lotties True Bajan Premium Hot Pepper Sauce has been my favorite hot sauce for years. Early in 1996, my sources for this started to dry up and I now understand that they have discontinued production. Numerous letters to the home office in Barbados went unanswered. As I nervously approached the bottom of my last jar, I decided it was time to make it for myself. So using my trusty gas chromatograph analyser and utilizing mass spectroscopy techniques learned in Nuclear Engineering 401, I ventured forth and duplicated the recipe. The ingredients shown on the label were: Hot peppers, mustard, vinegar, sugar, salt, onion and garlic. Analysis showed that there was also mango, curry, cumin, chili powder and black pepper.

And now, the directions: Place the seeded peppers and vinegar in a blender and grind it fine. Slowly add the other ingredients and process until smooth.

Pour into two 12 ounce Lotties jars and enjoy.

Origin: Tom Greaves
Posted By: Tom Greaves