The 12 Best Cereal Bowls in 2023

A cereal bowl can help start your day on the right foot. The best cereal bowls should be fun to use, easy to clean and help you pour a healthy serving of breakfast cereal.

We have selected 12 of the best bowls you can use for breakfast, including convenient plastic bowls for children, stylish porcelain bowls you can display, and groundbreaking bowls that can prevent your cereal from getting soggy. Keep reading to find out more about the many different cereal bowls available!

Best Pick

Corelle Soup Cereal Bowls Set

The Corelle Soup/Cereal Bowls Set that we listed first are our favorite bowls. Corelle delivers an unparalleled mix of value and quality with these triple-layer glass bowls. We like the smooth surface, frost white color, and stackable design.

Budget Pick

DUOLUV Unbreakable Cereal Bowls

If you’re shopping on a budget, we recommend the Unbreakable Cereal Bowls. These unique bowls are very affordable and virtually impossible to break thanks to their wheat straw fiber construction. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic that delivers the same lightweight feel. The soft colors of these bowls make them a lot more stylish compared to plastic products.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Cereal Bowls

1. Corelle Soup/Cereal Bowls Set  

Corelle Soup Cereal Bowls Set

Highlighted Features

  • Chip and crack resistant triple-layer glass construction
  • Safe for use in the microwave, dishwasher, and pre-heated oven
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, thanks to the non-porous surface
  • Timeless and versatile design with frost white finish

This set of six cereal bowls from Corelle is a great addition to your kitchen if you’re looking for stylish and durable bowls. Corelle manufactures its products in a Corning, NY factory and has a reputation for delivering quality and durable dishware sets.

These 18-ounce bowls are perfect for cereal, soups, or ice cream. They measure roughly 6” across and are around 2” high. The deep design helps avoid spills, and the slight flare of the outer edge makes the bowls easy to hold and lift. You can stack these bowls to save space when storing them, and the lightweight design makes the bowls easy to put away.

Corelle uses a unique process to manufacture its dishes. These glass bowls feature a three-layer construction that makes them more durable and prevents chips and cracks. We think these bowls are an excellent investment, and the three-layer construction will keep them looking brand new.

The glass material provides a smooth surface that is pleasant to the touch, and that keeps your cereal milk cold. This non-porous surface prevents bacteria growth and makes the bowls easy to clean.

The winter frost white finish of these bowls evokes purity and cleanliness. It’s a discreet color that will never go out of style, and you can shop for other sets from Corelle if you want matching plates or other dishes!

2. DUOLUV Unbreakable Cereal Bowls  

DUOLUV Unbreakable Cereal Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Set of four wheat straw fiber bowls
  • Lightweight bowls with a smooth feel and unbreakable design
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Versatile product with assorted colors

We think these bowls are the best bowls if you are looking for an eco-friendly product. Duolov ditches the traditional plastic, glass, or ceramic you can find while shopping for tableware and uses wheat straw fiber instead.

Wheat straw fiber is an organic alternative to plastic. The process of creating wheat straw plastic uses less energy, and it’s possible to use waste from wheat crops to make this material. If you end up discarding these wheat straw fiber bowls in a landfill, the organic material will decompose without releasing any pollutants.

Wheat straw fiber is a non-allergen and gluten-free material. The best part is that you can drop these bowls, and they won’t break or chip thanks to their durable construction. This set of four bowls come with four unique colors. The colors are soft, muted pastel tones that include green, pink, blue, and beige.

The bowls have a surface that feels smooth and three ridges to create a pleasant texture and provide a non-slip surface. The bowls can hold 24 ounces, thanks to their deep design. They’re also lightweight and easy to stack.

The smooth surface makes the bowls easy to clean by hand, but they’re also dishwasher safe if you want to save time. You can use them to microwave food safely. The brand stands behind its products and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy so you can give these bowls a chance without taking any risks.

3. Youngever 32 Ounce Plastic Bowls  

Youngever 32 Ounce Plastic Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Set of nine colorful bowls
  • Durable plastic design that won’t break or chip
  • Dishwasher safe and free of BPA
  • Deeper and larger than other cereal bowls

The bright colors of these cereal bowls are immediately noticeable. There is no doubt that these bowls are fun, original, and modern. They’re perfect for adding a splash of color to the breakfast table, and kids will find these bowls appealing.

We also recommend this set of nine colorful bowls if you’re looking for dishes you can share with roommates or use in an office setting. The bright colors make the bowls instantly recognizable, and you can assign a color to each person who will use the bowls.

These 32-ounce bowls are extremely versatile. We like their deep design because they hold plenty of food or liquid while preventing spills. The bowls feature a narrow base and wider edges. This design is convenient for holding the bowls and lifting them, and it can also reduce spills.

The bowls measure 3.3 inches at the base and 6.7 inches at their widest point. The height is 2.9 inches.

We recommend these bowls if you have young children because the restaurant-quality, BPA-free plastic is a safe alternative to glass or ceramic. You won’t have to worry about the bowls breaking or chipping, and the plastic construction feels light and easy to use for children.

The bowls are dishwasher safe, and you can use them to microwave food as well. Keep in mind that the plastic construction isn’t safe to use in the oven. The brand Youngever has a fun selection of cups, plates, and other items in similar colors if you want to get additional dish sets that match your new cereal bowls!

4. Sweese 102.003 Porcelain Bowls  

Sweese 102.003 Porcelain Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Choose from white, cool, or warm colors
  • Unique asymmetrical design makes these bowls stylish and original
  • Design makes the bowls versatile and easy to stack
  • Durable porcelain construction that is chip-resistant

The Sweese Curve collection stands out thanks to its unique, asymmetrical designs. These cereal bowls feature an original oblong shape that looks very stylish and modern. Sweese offers small plates and other bowls as part of this collection. You can easily find other items that will match these modern cereal bowls.

You can choose from three color options, including white, cool colors, and warm colors. The cool color set comes with six bowls in different shades of blue, and the warm color set comes with a mix of blue, yellow, orange, and other colors.

These bowls have a capacity of 18 ounces. The dimensions are 6x5.8x2.6.” The shape and dimensions of these bowls make them versatile. They’re perfect for cereal, salads, soups, ice cream, and more. The 18-ounce capacity is ideal for measuring healthy portions.

We like the pro-grade porcelain construction of these bowls. The bowls are dishwasher-safe, and the porcelain design creates a smooth surface that complements the curvy design of the bowls.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is durable and chip resistant. Even though these bowls feel heavier than other products, they won’t break easily.

5. Fresco 6-Inch Plastic Bowls for Cereal  

Fresco 6-Inch Plastic Bowls for Cereal

Highlighted Features

  • Large size with 28-ounce capacity
  • Set of eight durable bowls at an affordable price
  • BPA-free polypropylene construction
  • Fade-free colors, including blue and white

US Acrylic has been making tableware for more than 40 years. These durable cereal bowls are an excellent example of the kind of quality the brand delivers.

We like these large cereal bowls because their 28-ounce capacity makes them versatile. They’re perfect for eating cereal, serving dips, or mixing ingredients while baking. The wide opening and wide base are ideal for larger portions or to prevent spills.

The bowls have a diameter of 6 1/4.” They are 2 ¾” tall, and you can stack them to save space in your kitchen cupboards.

The bowls come in sets of eight. You will get two bowls of each of the four colors that include white and three shades of blue. These colors would be ideal if you have a beach-themed interior, but they’re versatile enough to work with any modern or rustic kitchen.

The BPA-free polypropylene construction makes the bowls unbreakable. You can drop them, and they won’t chip or break. It’s a real advantage if you have children and want to make sure they have cereal bowls that are safe to use.

You can wash these bowls in your dishwasher as long as you use the top rack. We recommend these durable cereal bowls if you’re shopping on a budget or want bowls with a larger capacity.

6. Sweese 126.003 Porcelain Fluted Bowls  

Sweese 126.003 Porcelain Fluted Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Original fluted design improves feel and grip
  • Available in two sizes and three colors
  • Small capacity helps with portion control
  • Pro-grade porcelain is durable, chip-resistant, and dishwasher-safe

These elegant cereal bowls are another product from Sweese. The color options are similar to the set we discussed above, with white bowls, cool colors, and warm colors available.

Each set comes with six bowls. You can choose between a 5.3 and 6” size, with a respective capacity of 18 and 26 ounces. We like the smaller design of these bowls because it can help with portion control.

The pro-grade porcelain construction is durable. It delivers a pleasant sensation in terms of weight and smoothness and makes the bowls comforting to use. The pro-grade porcelain also means that the bowls won’t break or chip. They will still look new after years of use.

The bowls are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean thanks to their smooth surface. The fluted design is a noteworthy feature. The bowls have smooth indentations to create a fluted look. It’s original and will work great if you have a kitchen with a rustic theme.

The fluted design makes the bowls easy to hold, especially if you use them to eat foods that are hot or cold. The base of the bowls is a flat disc that enhances stability. It’s an interesting feature if you use the bowls to mix ingredients or if you have children.

These fluted bowls are worth considering if you want a set of bowls with an original design and would rather invest in a durable material.

7. Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl  

Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Highlighted Features

  • Unique two-compartment design keeps cereal and milk separate
  • Quality BPA-free plastic construction
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe bowl
  • Large capacity with 7” diameter

The anti-soggy cereal bowl solves the age-old problem of breakfast cereal losing its crunchy texture after a few minutes. This bowl features two compartments to separate cereal and milk. You can take your time with breakfast and enjoy crispy cereal until the last spoonful.

You can use this versatile bowl for more than just cereal. It’s ideal for keeping chips and dip apart, or for fries and your favorite condiment. You can snack on fruits and yogurt without mixing them, or dip cookies in milk. It’s also convenient for measuring portions and finding the right balance between proteins, carbs, and veggies.

There are different shopping options available. You can order a single bowl or get a pack of two or three. The colors available include blue, red, and white. The bowls are stackable if you get a pack of two or three.

The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. The BPA-free plastic won’t break or chip and is easy to clean. The diameter of the bowl measures 7,” and the height is 2.3.”

This cereal bowl is a must-have if you have children who don’t like the texture of soggy cereal or who don’t like when different foods touch. The durable plastic and lightweight feel of the bowl make it ideal for children, and keeping food in different compartments makes eating more fun.

8. Obol – The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl  

Obol – The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Highlighted Features

  • Unique spiral slide design separates the bowl into two compartments
  • Built-in grip for eating cereal on the couch
  • Available in large and medium-size
  • Durable plastic construction

Obol offers a cereal bowl with a unique design. The bowl features two separate compartments with a spiral slide in the middle to prevent your cereal from getting soggy.

There is a small opening in the spiral slide so that you can push cereal into the milk and create a mixing area. The bowl is fun to use, and it’s a versatile product that is convenient for breakfast, snacks, desserts, and more. We recommend it if you want an original way of measuring and controlling your portions.

The bowl comes in two different sizes. The medium size can hold a cup of milk and a cup of cereal in its two compartments. The large size can hold 1.7 cups of cereal and two cups of milk. The durable plastic design makes the bowl microwave and dishwasher safe.

Instead of a traditional base, you will find a grip you can use to hold the bowl. The grip limits spills if you like to eat cereal or snacks when you're not sitting at a table It’s a convenient feature, but keep in mind that it might reduce the stability of the bowl when you set it on a table, and the grip isn’t for you if you’re left-handed.

The grip also makes the bowl hard to stack. There is a one-on-one stacking system you can use if you have another Obol bowl by turning one of the bowls upside down, but stacking takes up more space compared to traditional cereal bowls.

9. Dowan Ceramic Soup Bowls  

Dowan Ceramic Soup Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Classic and timeless design
  • 22-ounce bowls are versatile and convenient for every meal
  • Three-layer porcelain construction remains lightweight while preventing cracks and chips
  • Choose from six colors

These durable and affordable ceramic bowls are a must-have for any kitchen. They come in six original colors, including white, airy blue, blackish green, green, husky orange, and turquoise. The color selection sets these bowls apart since not many manufacturers offer some of these colors.

You can choose from three sizes, including 4.5, six, and seven inches. The six-inch bowls have a maximum capacity of 22 ounces. The 22-ounce capacity if ideal for breakfast cereal, but the deep design of these bowls makes them a convenient option for salads, soups, or storing leftovers.

Ceramic is a durable material with the feel and quality of the dishware you would find at a restaurant. The manufacturer of these bowls uses a three-layer construction to make the bowl sturdy.

The bowls feature smooth, round edges that feel comfortable when you drink from the bowls. The bowls are perfect for small kitchen with their stackable design. They feature a glazed finish that prevents scratches while creating a stylish brilliance for the surface of the bowls. This finish makes cleaning the bowls easier.

The bowls are safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and even freezer.

10. Annovero Cereal Bowls  

Annovero Cereal Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Set of six bowls with truly unique colors and patterns
  • Grade-A porcelain creates durable bowls that are easy to clean
  • Maximum capacity of 23 ounces if ideal for cereal
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

These gorgeous ceramic bowls from Annovero immediately stand out thanks to their unique patterns and bright colors. This set of six bowls features six unique pattern combinations. Each bowl uses two different patterns and colors on the inside and outside for a colorful result.

We think these bowls are perfect for adding some color and energy to your breakfast, but the wide design of these bowls makes them suitable for a lot more. They’re a convenient option for eating rice, pasta, salads, or any other favorite dish.

The diameter of these bowls is 6 1/4.” They can hold up to 23 ounces, but it’s best not to go over 20 ounces to avoid spills. They’re dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and you can use them to reheat leftovers in the oven as well. You can even use them to store food in the freezer.

Annovera uses grade-A porcelain. This high-quality material will last for several years, and the manufacturer uses a high-temperature firing process to ensure that the bowls are durable and won’t chip or break easily.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on these bowls, and it looks like you can contact them to get a replacement if you accidentally break one of the bowls.

11. Delling 22 Oz Geometric Cereal Bowls  

Delling 22 Oz Geometric Cereal Bowls

Highlighted Features

  • Bowls feature unique and modern geometric motifs
  • Reinforced design can make bowls last for up to ten years
  • Tall sides are more convenient when warming up food or eating
  • The hexagonal base enhance stability

If you’re looking for breakfast bowls with a modern feel, look no further. Delling offers a set of four stunning ceramic bowls with a unique hexagonal shape. We love the geometric pattern on the sides of the bowls that create an original shape while making the bowls easy to stack.

The deep design of the bowls is perfect for eating cereal, but it’s also convenient for warming up large food items. You can also use the bowls to serve dips or nuts and entertain in style! The dimensions of the bowls are 5.8x5.8x2.8,” and you can use them in the microwave or oven safely.

Delling uses a reinforced construction to make these bowls more durable. They can last for up to ten years, and the glazed finish will preserve their smooth and bright surface. Delling makes other kitchenware with similar geometric designs. We recommend shopping for their plates and other items to create a consistent look in your kitchen.

12. Le Tauci Soup Cereal Bowls Set  

Le Tauci Soup Cereal Bowls Set

Highlighted Features

  • Choose from six stunning colors
  • Oven safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher-safe material
  • The reactive glaze makes each bowl unique
  • Sturdy design without feeling bulky

This set of four bowls from Le Tauci is perfect if you’re looking for stylish kitchenware that you can display or just want more aesthetic bowls for breakfast.

The manufacturer uses a glossy reactive glaze that creates a unique finish for each bowl. You can choose from six different colors, including Ceylon blue, red, sapphire blue, true blue, turquoise, and white.

The classic design of the bowls includes a wide, sturdy base that is ideal for eating breakfast and other meals. The diameter of the bowls is 6,” and the height is 2.7.” The thick walls provide a layer of insulation when you eat hot or cold foods.

You will get years of use out of these quality cereal bowls, and you can use your dishwasher to clean them safely.

What to Consider When Buying Cereal Bowls

Cereal bowls are items that deserve some consideration since you and your family will use them daily. Here are a few things to consider when searching for the best cereal bowls.


The material of a bowl can influence its price, weight, and durability. You can consider the pros and cons of different materials to narrow your options down.


Porcelain is a popular material for kitchenware. It’s a type of high-quality ceramic that uses clay material fired at high temperatures. It’s free of lead and other toxic substances and can last for years.

Exposing the clay material to high temperatures results in kitchenware that doesn’t break easily. Even though it’s possible to break or chip a porcelain bowl, these items can typically sustain a few drops and shocks before showing signs of damage.

Porcelain bowls have a smooth surface that is easy to clean, and that prevents bacteria growth. Porcelain kitchenware is typically dishwasher and microwave safe, and you can find some bowls that are safe to use in the oven and freezer.


Glass bowls have a smooth and shiny finish that is appealing. Glass is an ideal option if you want a material that helps keep your cereal milk cool.

Glass is easier to break and chip, but glass bowls can last a long time if you’re careful. Glass is another material that is easy to clean.


Plastic bowls won’t last for many years, but they’re typically sturdy and impossible to break. They provide you with a lightweight alternative to materials like porcelain, and you can usually find plastic bowls in a wide range of colorful designs.

The main drawback of plastic bowls is that scratches can appear on their surface. Once scratches and scuffs are present, parts of the bowl will become porous and allow bacteria to grow.

You should throw away plastic kitchenware if there are scratches and other signs of damage, but the fact that plastic bowls are inexpensive and easier to use for children still makes this material an option worth considering.

Capacity and Dimensions

What is the ideal size of a cereal bowl? Children should eat 25 to 30 grams of breakfast cereal a day, while adults need 30 to 45 grams.

Young children need to drink two cups of milk a day, and older children should have three. Adults need two to three cups of dairy a day, which includes milk, yogurt, and cheese.

We recommend using 23-ounce bowls for young children. These bowls can fit two cups of milk along with the recommended amount of cereal. Older children might need 26 or 28-ounce bowls to fit more cereal and milk.

Adults can use 18 or 23-ounce bowls to control portions and eat a healthy amount of cereal as part of a breakfast that includes fruits and other healthy foods.

You should also consider how versatile you want your bowls to be when choosing a size. You can opt for larger bowls if you want to use them to eat salads, rice, and other dishes. Larger bowls are also convenient for storing leftovers, mixing ingredients when baking, and microwaving your food.

Smaller bowls are best if you want to watch the portions you eat or need a set of bowls you can use to serve dips, nuts, and other appetizers when entertaining. Smaller bowls are a healthier option for snacking since they will help you eat less!

Cleaning, Stacking, and Displaying

A good cereal bowl should be practical. Take cleaning into consideration when choosing a new set of bowls. Any product with a glazed finish or smooth surface like glass will be easy to rinse and wipe.

If you own a dishwasher, you should consider getting sturdy cereal bowls that are dishwasher safe. Make sure to use the top rack for best results.

Stacking bowls will help you save space. Consider the shape of the bowls and how deep they are. Bowls with a wider base will take up less space once you stack them. If you purchase a set of bowls, you will be able to stack them together, but consider how easily you can stack a new bowl with the ones you own if you don’t want to purchase a set.

Displaying is an important consideration if you have shelves instead of cupboards or use display cabinets. Colorful plastic bowls can make your kitchen look gaudy, while earthenware, porcelain, or glass can spruce up your kitchen.


The best cereal bowls should be fun and easy to use. It’s important to start your day with a healthy breakfast, and the right bowl can help you save time on preparing breakfast and cleaning.

We recommend shopping for plastic bowls that won’t break if you have young children, and looking into more durable options like porcelain bowls if adults or older children will use them.