8 Best Soy Milk Maker 2023 – Enjoy the Fresh Milk with Breakfast

Do you avoid dairy products? Milk from cows, camels, goats, etc is widely used to make dairy items that might not be drinkable to vegans.

Soy milk is mostly consumed by those who cannot digest milk. A soy milk maker will not only give fresh milk, but you can also use it to make porridge, soups, etc. 

You need to consider the amount of milk that can be prepared on the maker. It is easier to use if the milk maker has preset functions. The best soy milk maker will be one that is easy to use and is handy to cook various items.

Best Pick

Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk Maker

The Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk Maker is our best pick on our list for its numerous functions in making soy milk. Porridge or soy milk, all will be ready in 15 minutes.

You can ground dry beans like coffee beans on this. It cooks smoothly and even protects from overheating.

Budget Pick

SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker

The SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker is on our best budget pick because it is well built and has multiple functions to make plant-based food.

The water level is marked on the interior so that water does not overflow resulting in a mess. The additional accessories help to strain the milk and deep clean it easily.

Top Best Soy Milk Maker on the Market

1. Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk Maker

Tribest Soyabella Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • This electric maker can make soy milk in 15 minutes
  • The patented blades grind the dried beans and grains into smooth grounds
  • Temperature control of the milk is added as a function in this maker
  • It has protective circuitry to prevent overheating or overflowing
  • It has a concealed heating element for safe cleaning

For vegetarians, soy milk is a very important element to use instead of dairy products. This soy milk maker from Tribest prepares soy milk in a short time. Not only soy milk but also milk from nuts like cashew, almond can be obtained from this maker. This maker is compatible with all plant based products that are hard to procure. 

This maker is a combination of black and white color on the exterior. The spout is small and designed at an angle that will pour the milk without spilling it out. There is a stainless steel tank on which the soya beans, nuts are placed. The soya beans are squeezed with helical blades with serrated edges to crush into even consistency. 

The feature we like about this product is that you can control the temperature of the milk. Not to mention you can set the grinding time of the soya beans. For this feature, you do not have to monitor the process manually until you get the perfect outcome. A touch button is given on top of the maker to operate the machine. 

As it is an electrical product, it can get overheated due to its continuous use. To prevent overheating the protective circuitry is added. For this, there will be no overflow while making the milk out of soybeans and also protects from operation in an empty tank. 

The blades of the maker can be put underwater for cleaning. But it is best if it's wiped thoroughly with a damp cloth. That tank is detachable so it is easy to clean. However, there's no mention of the tank being suitable to put in the dishwasher.

2. SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker

SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • The maker is built with a capacity of 1.7 liters
  • Bottom heating technology is given to keep the milk hot
  • It has touch buttons for various options like grains, fry, raw, etc
  • Stainless steel is used in the cooking pot and on the blades to yield the perfect milk
  • Sensors to control the temperature and water level are added to it
  • A cleaning brush, a plastic pitcher, and a strainer are provided with the milk maker

This is a soy milk maker where you can put raw, soaked, or dried beans to make soy milk. Drinking fresh soy milk can be hard to obtain and this maker makes it easier. In whatever form your soybeans, put them in the maker and press the button. We like this feature most as you can make milk from soaked or dried beans. 

Moreover, there is a button to make porridge. You can keep the food warm in it with its “keep warm” feature. So wherever you are hungry pour and drink the milk without microwaving it. It has the bottom heating technology to heat the food.

This maker has sensors that make it different from others. First of all, it has a temperature sensor that protects the milk from losing its nutrients due to overheating. It has 3 sensors to detect the temperature which detects if the beans are soaked, dried, or raw. According to the temperatures it prepares the milk without overcooking it. 

Another sensor is the water level sensor which helps in bringing the milk in perfect consistency. The exterior of the maker is white and the interior is made of stainless steel. A measure is given to maintain the ratio of beans to water. You can strain milk with metal mesh that comes as an accessory. It is designed with a 4th-generation internal filter-free design to reduce the mess of cleaning.

3. Idavee Soy Milk Maker

Idavee Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • The maker can ½ gallon easily
  • It has 7 functions to make different recipes
  • Seeds, nuts, rice, and many other things can be crushed in this
  • Do not include a filter to make the cleaning easier
  • The entire maker is made of stainless steel to make it durable
  • The maker provides heat from the bottom for even cooking

The Idavee soy milk maker has a wide range of functions that makes it different from other ones. The first thing to mention about this maker is that it can accommodate large quantities. This helps to serve vegan meals quickly to the customers in the restaurants. 

It also functions like making juice, porridge, and pureed soup apart from making milk. Soy Milk can be made from dry or wet soybeans. You just need to press the button to start the cooking process. You might worry about uneven cooking but the bottom heat cooks the food evenly. 

Moreover, it is a stainless steel product and has a long handle to get the grip of the maker. The tank of the maker is labeled with minimum and maximum marks so that the maker does not get overflowed with food. The lid also has a holder to easily open the maker. The touch buttons are given on the handle for easier access to the operation. 

The electrical products are hard to clean but a cleaning brush is given to clean the corners of the makers and blades thoroughly. Other accessories like measuring cups, strainers are also available with the ilk maker.

4. SoyaJoy G5 Soy Milk Maker

SoyaJoy G5 Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • 1.6 liters can be easily filled on this maker
  • The addition of 7 functions makes cooking easier
  • Has a reheat option so that you don't have to drink anything cold
  • A stainless steel cooking pot is attached to the maker
  • The exterior is wrapped with an insulating thermal flask to reduce the noise
  • The blades and patented PGF give a superfine and smooth result
  • The LED displays the cooking time and operation that is going on in the maker
  • The temperature sensor prevents the food from overcooking

This is a soy milk maker that can cook pureed soup and hot chocolate as well. Whether you are sick or have a sudden craving to eat soup, you can depend on this soy milk maker. Its dimension is 12 x 9 x 8 inches and can hold 1.6 liters maximum. The water level sensor in it makes sure that the soup or hot chocolate does not overflow. 

Externally, it is a white milk maker with an ergonomic handle. The functions are accessible with the touch buttons given on the lid. The buttons are labeled with words and pictures to make them easy to understand. The unique functions that are added to this maker are the buttons for hot chocolate, pureed soup, and chunky soup. 

The LED gives the reading of time and the cooking process. On the interior, it has serrated blades and Precision Grinding Funnel(PGF) to finely grind the beans to procure meat. Moreover, the dual boiling sensor protects the taste and prevents burning food. Dry and soaked beans are suitable to put in the maker. 

Soups are tasty when drinking cold but on this maker, a reheat function is provided to enjoy hot soup. With various types of cooking, it can be hard to clean the interior. The cooking pot can be cleaned by hand. The blades need to be cleaned with a small brush. A fine metal mesh strainer is provided to filter the smooth milk from the chunks of the soybeans.

5. Tayama Soy Milk Maker

Tayama Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • The soy milk maker comes in a capacity of 1.1 liters
  • It is a product constructed with stainless steel to ensure durability
  • It is engineered with 6 design functions to cook various items
  • The outer part is covered with thermoplastic to keep the food warm

When you are sick at home and do not want to get up and cook food, this soy milk maker will be helpful. The Tayama soy milk maker is 15 x 10 x 10 inches and the entire maker is painted in white. A flower is drawn at the front to give an aesthetic look. This maker can accommodate 1.1 liters that are good for 2 to 3 people. 

On this, you make a paste, porridge, soup, and of course soy milk. Add the ingredients and water and cover them with the lid. Press your desired function and get ready to enjoy it instantly. The soy milk takes around 25 minutes to fully blend for drinking. 

However, you can not drink the milk without straining. A strainer is also given to separate the liquid from the chunks. It has a double emulsification function to make concentration heavier and ground the beans thoroughly. A measuring cup that comes with the maker helps in maintaining the ratio of the ingredients. To clean the maker, a cleaning cloth is given.

6. SoyaJoy Soyapower Soy Milk Maker

SoyaJoy Soyapower Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • The capacity of the maker is 1.3 liters of liquid
  • The 8 functions of this maker make it useful for outdoor hangouts
  • Built with stainless steel to easily grind the hard nuts and beans
  • The steel is stain resistant so you can use it without causing damages
  • It is built with intelligent technology like temperature and water level sensors
  • The tank is marked with 1200ml and 100ml to ensure the amount of water

The SoyaJoy Soyapower soy milk maker is constructed with perfect grind technology to make the grind smooth and faster. The maker has the option to make raw milk from almonds. Almonds are hard nuts but with the help of sharp-edged blades, they can be easily crushed and turned into smooth milk. 

The boil-over sensor detects when the milk is about to boil and stops overflowing. The signature dual-sensor maintains the cooking time and prevents burning. The functions are operable with the help of touch buttons. Soaked, dry beans, porridge, soup can be made on this maker. 

The unique feature is that you can make mung beans as well. Not to mention, an easy to make hot chocolate button is also available. With the milk maker, a strainer, plastic pitcher, and a measuring cup are also given. However, for cleaning you need to use a brush as they are not suitable for the dishwasher.

7. Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • 900 ml to 1300 ml liquid can be easily filled on the milk maker
  • You can preset the time and function on the maker to get fresh milk in the morning
  • 2000 revolutions per minute make it fine and smooth to drink
  • More than 8 functions are available on the maker to cook soy in different styles
  • Additional accessories are given for easy cleaning

There is nothing worse than going to the office on an empty stomach but the Joyoung soy milk maker will never let you stay hungry. The preset function is the most desired feature one would want who have very busy schedules. You can preset the timer from 3 hours to 11 hours easily. You can enjoy nut or soy milk with your breakfast or after coming from work. 

You can make porridge as well as juice on this maker. If you want regular soy milk you can have that or you can add ingredients like dates, goji, and rose with the soy. For different elements, different functions are given so that the milk comes out smooth. The functions are written in English and Chinese to make them accessible to a wide group of people. 

The soy milk maker is a mix of gold and color that looks like an intelligent flask. All the words are done in LED so that they can glow in the darkness. The internal blades are sharp and have 2000r/min which crushes the hard nuts easily. The superfast rotation crushes the nuts without giving any residue. You can drink the milk without straining and it will be heavily concentrated. However, straining the milk will give a light concentration of milk. Brushing, measuring cups are given to make the process easier.

8. Chufamix Soy Milk Maker

Chufamix Soy Milk Maker

Highlighted Features

  • It is a manual soy milk maker that comes with a mortar, jar, lid, and filter
  • The mortar is made of natural wood to crush the soy easily without tiring your hand
  • The filter is constructed with BPS-free plastic to use in regular food
  • The mesh is built with stainless steel to prevent rust or corrosion

Lastly, we have the soy milk maker from Chufamix make the milk within 5 minutes. It is noted that it is a manual maker which requires time to make the smooth milk. The process is to put the nuts or beans on the filter and then place it in the jar. You can use a hand mixer to crush and blend the ingredients. The mortar also helps in crushing but it is great to extract the milk out of the crushed nuts or beans. 

The jar is safe for storing the milk in the refrigerator. Toxic elements like BPA, PVC, etc are avoided in making the jar. Nut, grains, coconut, etc can be crushed to make milk out of it. However, you need to use your hands to get the milk which can be time consuming. This milk maker is not for people with busy schedules. The jar can be washed in the dishwasher but the mortar and the filter need to be cleaned with hands. 

The absence of automatic buttons requires some labor on making milk using this maker. but on this maker, you can achieve creamier milk which might not be possible on the automatic ones. It can be heavy in weight but you can easily carry it with you for outdoor picnics or hang out.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Soy Milk Maker

If you are switching to vegan food then a soy milk maker is an essential tool for your kitchen. It is hard to get plant-based food and for this many vegans prefer to cook their meals. On a soy milk maker, you can make soups, porridge, etc which are also vegan items. 

soy milk maker

Source: epicurious.com

Manual or electric

Most of the soy milk makers are electric. The electrical ones have various functions that are helpful to make soy milk, almond coconut milk, etc. Not to mention soups and porridges are common functions that are given to the maker. Most importantly, you don't have to boil the milk after extraction from the soya beans. 

On the other hand, a manual milk maker is also available. It takes time and labor to squeeze the milk out of it. Also, the process of manual milk makers is longer than the electrical one. But with the help of a manual milk maker, you can easily control the consistency of the milk. The process is always visible and you can add water as required while crushing the beans. However, you need to boil the milk after making it manually. Boiling the milk removes all the bacterias that are harmful to human beings.

The capacity of the makers

The quantity is an important factor to consider while buying a soy milk maker. The milk makers can appear big but you cannot fill it entirely with the ingredients. The soy milk makers have levels up to which maximum and minimum amount of ingredients can be added. 

A restaurant that serves vegan food needs a maker that produces a large amount of soy milk. Electric soy makers make soy milk in 20 to 25 minutes which you use to make any dairy-free desserts or savory. 

Function on the maker

It will be unfortunate if the soy milk maker does not have a wide number of functions. If you have soy milk every day, you might forget to soak the beans sometimes. Whether soaked or dry beans, you can enjoy soy milk without missing any day. 

The beans can be converted into grains if you want to use them as a powder. Moreover, milk from almonds is also hard to procure. Apart from soy, the maker that makes milk from nuts as well can bring variety to your breakfast items. 

Soup and porridge are easy to cook on the milk maker. Just put in the ingredients and start the process. The soups or porridges will be ready without stirring. 

soy milk maker

Source: livinpaleocuisine.com

Preset function 

The preset function is not widely given on the milk maker but it is a great feature for working people. You can get extra hours of sleep with this feature. You can set the timer, temperature, and the process of the maker.  And in the morning you can get up to freshly processed milk or porridge.  Of course, the auto shut-off feature is given to electric milk makers, otherwise, the milk will be burnt. 

Sensors on the maker

The soy milk makers are engineered with various sensors. The sensors determine the boiling time, the temperature, and the water level. Also, the sensors help to determine if the milk maker is empty or not.  The sensors help in preventing various accidents and make them safe for use. 

The noise of the maker

As it is an electric maker, a motor is attached to rotate the blades to make the milk. The motor makes sound while rotating which can result in making sounds. The brands try to reduce the sound level by adding layers around the maker. If you have toddlers at home whose sleep you do not want to disturb, make sure to check the sound levels of the milk maker. 

Rating of the motor

For fast, smooth, and even consistent food, the rating of the motor is concerning. It is a good option to go for the milk maker that has a high rating motor. A high rating motor works with high efficiency and gives a long duration of service. 700W to 1000W is a good rating that can be used in the milk maker. 

Cleaning the maker

You need to be cautious while cleaning an electric product. The soy milk maker has two parts, the lid where the blades are attached and the cooking pot where the ingredients are placed. After finishing the process of cooking, you can add water and run the machine once or twice to clean it. You can hand wash it but make sure the water does not enter inside the circuit. 

The blades can be placed underwater. Brushes are the best thing to bring out the reminder milk or chunks that are attached to the blades. After cleaning, wipe the blades dry to prevent corrosion. 


The makers have different designs and capacities. It can be hard to get the perfect ratio of rice, water, or other ingredients. The brand usually sends a measuring cup, jar, strainer, brush, etc. with the soy milk maker as a package. Recipe books included with them are the best guide to cook the perfect flavorful soy milk. So, it is better to look for the additional tools which are helpful in starting the process on the maker.    


What items can be made from soy milk?

Pudding, smoothies, ice cream, etc can be made from soy milk. Soy milk can be used in replacement of cow milk without a doubt. 

Is homemade soy milk better than the ones found in the market?

The soy milk has a creamy texture and tastes like cow milk. Homemade soy milk is 100% pure without using any flavors. Different brands can use flavors to the milk which might not be acceptable to you. 

Do I need to boil soy milk? 

Yes, you need to boil soy milk before drinking it. However, the milk maker already boils the soy milk while preparing, so then boiling becomes unnecessary. 

The manual-made soy milk needs to be boiled as they are components that can make people sick. 

How to make soy milk from soya beans?

The the steps of making soya milk. 

How many days can I refrigerate homemade soy milk?

Homemade soy milk stays fresh for 3 to 5 days at most. It is better to consume the fresh ones to get the absolute nutrients. 


Do you want to reduce the consumption of super shop vegan milk and switch to fresh homemade milk? This can be possible with the soy milk maker. Soy milk maker gives a wide range of functions which you can use to make milk of different nuts. Hard nuts like walnuts, almonds can be easily crushed with a high rotating motor. 

Moreover, some milk makers make juices as well. So you get all in one function on the milk maker. Though the cleaning can be hard if it does not have auto cleaning options. The best soy milk maker will ease your day to day work and give you the nutrition you need from milk.

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