12 Best Tortilla Maker 2023 – Enjoy The Authentic Mexcian Tacos At Home

Do you have kids who want tacos in every meal? Sometimes, we suddenly crave some food that does not stay available all the time like quesadillas or tacos. With the help of a tortilla maker you can make tacos at home anytime you want.  

However, the concerning factor is the tortilla needs to come out in intact shape. This is a hard task if you do not use wax or parchment papers. Also, maintaining the makers can be hard as the premium material made product is tough to move. Considering the shape, size, and usage, you need to choose the best tortilla maker to enjoy a delicious tortilla at home.

Best Pick

Victoria Tortilla Maker

The Victoria Tortilla Maker is our best pick on our list for its compact shape and versatile use.

The tortillas maker is smoothed in the interior to reduce the hassle of making uniform tortillas.

Moreover, it does not require too much cleaning as using the parchment paper keeps the dough away from both surfaces.

Budget Pick

Alpha Living Tortilla Press

The Alpha Living Tortilla Press is our best budget pick because it is a medium shape tortilla maker constructed with heavy gauge cast iron.

Moreover, it is engineered in a way to stay stable while pressing the dough against the surfaces. 

List of the Best Tortilla Press on the Market 

1. Victoria Tortilla Maker

Victoria Tortilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Cast iron is used in manufacturing the maker to make long-lasting
  • Creates perfect uniform-shaped rotis or tortillas
  • Non-gluten and paleo tortillas can be made on this maker
  • Designed to prevent pinching while pressing the lid
  • Seasoned with vegetable flaxseed oil to release the tortillas easily
  • Do not require high maintenance
  • An additional screw is provided for the lever

If you are a Mexican food lover, a tortilla maker is one of the things you want in your kitchen. The Victoria Tortilla Maker is 6.5 inches that make uniform-shaped tortillas. With this aker, you make rotis, quesadillas, etc. 

You just need to make the dough and the rest of the work will be done with this seasoned tortilla maker. The seasoning of the maker helps in the easy release of the rotis. As a result, the rotis or tortillas will retain a perfectly round shape. You do not need to sprinkle flour on the maker for releasing the tortillas. 

The thing we like about this tortilla maker is that they designed it in a way so that you do not hurt your fingers. The use of cast iron makes it heavy and helps to evenly distribute the dough. The lever is long enough to get the grip to press the lid. It is quiet to move around and store for its heavyweight.

2. Alpha Living Tortilla Press

Alpha Living Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • It is a cast iron tortilla press to ensure durability
  • The press can be used for making fresh empanadas, pita bread, rotis, etc
  • Press the dough uniformly all around the edges
  • Elongated handle to provide a strong grip for using the maker
  • It is a wide tortilla maker to make large quesadillas or flatbread

Alpha Living Tortilla Press makes the tortilla making easier as it is made of heavy-duty cast iron. The tortilla maker is 4.1 pounds which can be hard to move with it. For its heaviness, you will get the even-shaped tortillas. The surface is smooth and can be used for various purposes. 

However, the surface is not seasoned so you need to use parchment paper for the release of the tortillas. If you don't have parchment paper, it can be hard to take the tortillas in intact shape. Also, the cleaning can be hard as the dough can get stuck to the base. 

To get the best result for the tortilla maker, do not over-pressurize the handle. Too much pressurizing on the handle can break the lever of the tortilla maker. The design and texture of the maker are silver in color with some black print.

3. IMUSA Tortilla Press

IMUSA Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • The tortilla maker is made of aluminum to make it light in weight
  • Creates the traditional style tortillas for quesadillas
  • It is easy to remove the remnants of dough from the base
  • Provides leverage for easy usage of the tortilla maker

This is an 8 inches tortilla press from IMUSA. You can have freshly made quesadillas at home at any time on this tortilla press. The feature we like about this maker is that it is not heavy. The use of aluminum made it easy to carry. As it is not heavy, you need to press the lid with force to get the perfect shape of tortillas. 

Apart from pressing on the dough harder, you need to put butcher paper or parchment paper before placing the dough in it. Though both the interior surfaces are smooth, they are not pre-seasoned to release the tortillas effortlessly. Using the butcher paper at the base and on the top of the dough results in perfect-shaped tortillas. 

This is a silver tortilla maker that takes a lot of time to prepare uniform tortillas from all sides. Moreover, the aluminum tortilla maker is easy to maintain but they are not long-lasting as the metal ones.

4. Norpro Tortilla Maker

Norpro Tortilla Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Homemade tortillas are easy to make with this aluminum tortilla maker
  • It is compact in size to make storage easier
  • Wiping the bases with a wet cloth cleans the tortilla maker
  • Light in weight that requires forces to prepare the tortillas
  • The handle is designed ergonomically to give a strong grip

The tortilla maker from Norpro is a shiny silver, concise maker that is easy to move around. So if you own a food cart and sell quesadillas, tacos as street food, this tortilla maker make the work easier. With this maker, you can make any kind of flatbread, pitas with a radius of 6 inches. 

The interior surfaces are smooth to evenly spread the dough to make the perfect flatbread. However, you need to use parchment papers or wax papers to prevent the tortillas from sticking to the press. Using the paper before placing the dough makes the cleaning easier. 

Another thing to mention, this maker is not for making flour tortillas. It has excellent leverage to hold the maker steady. To add, being light in weight is a good thing to carry around but you need to put extra pressure to make the dough into a round and even shape tortilla.

5. Uno Casa Tortilla Press

Uno Casa Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality cast iron is used to produce uniformly spread tortillas
  • Corn, flour, and other kinds of dough can be easily used on this maker
  • The surface is pre-seasoned to make the release and cleaning easier
  • Can be used for making multiple things like chapatis, rotis, pita breads, etc
  • A light press on the lid makes the rotis or tortillas

For those who have rotis or tortillas in their breakfast, this maker will help to reduce the work in the morning. The cast iron tortilla press is 8 inches in diameter that will give tortillas of various dimensions. As the maker is made of cast iron, it is heavy. For its heavyweight, you need to press the lid hard to make the tortillas. 

This black tortilla maker has seasoned surfaces but they recommend using parchment paper before putting dough into tortillas. They also provide 100 parchment papers with the tortilla maker so that you can start making them as soon as you receive them. 

Moreover, you can use all types of flour to make your desired rotis in it. To prevent the shrinkage of all-purpose flour dough, let it rest for a few minutes before making them into tortillas.

6. ARC Advanced Royal Champion Tortilla Maker

ARC Advanced Royal Champion Tortilla Maker
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Highlighted Features

  • The tortilla maker is made from cast iron to ensure longevity
  • This is a rust-proof tortilla maker that makes tortillas without a hard press
  • It has ears to prevent pinches in your fingers
  • Long handle to get the grip for dressing the dough
  • Designed to keep the maker stable while preparing tortillas

A tortilla maker is used to make the perfect round-shaped tortillas. This make is designed to make 6.5 inches tortillas with little press on the lid. Cast iron makes it heavy but it is beneficial in making tortillas. Dumplings, mini pie shells, empanadas, etc are possible to make on this multifunctional tortilla maker. 

The thing we like about this tortilla maker is that it has ears that help to open the lid easily to make the tortilla out. A section is created on the lid to hold the handle at an angle to reduce the use of space. It is not pre-seasoned and you need to use parchment paper on the tortilla maker.  

Parchment paper will not only release the tortillas efficiently but also prevent the coating from falling off. You need to be careful while cleaning the maker as hard scrubbing can peel the coating making the tortilla maker unusable in the future.

7. HIC Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press

HIC Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • This is a tortilla maker made from heavy-weight aluminum to last longer
  • It makes artisan-type flatbreads or tortillas at home easily
  • Using warm soapy water easily cleans the tortilla maker
  • Dough made of any type of flour is apt for this maker

This HIC Harold Import Co. tortilla maker can make at most 6 inches flatbread. It has a metallic shiny appearance, an ergonomic handle, and an ear to wide open the lid. The tortilla maker is a product of aluminum so that it will not be as heavy as the metal ones. Excess pressure is necessary to put on the maker to make the tortillas. 

Moreover, it is hard to produce a consistent shape of rotis in it every time. Using plastic wrap or parchment paper is a must as the surfaces are not seasoned. Also, the shiny coating can come off if you have to scratch out the stuck dough from the tortilla maker. 

With this maker, you can make chapatis, rotis, empanadas, etc using all kinds of flour. It is lightweight, so you easily store and takeout according to your use. One thing to consider is if you like to eat thin flatbreads, it will be hard to make thin tortillas on this maker.

8. StarBlue Tortilla Press

StarBlue Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • This cast iron tortilla press is sealed with flaxseed oil to make the surface smooth
  • Its heavyweight aids in making the dough into flatbread easily
  • Two ears are present to open the lid without any pinches on fingers
  • The stainless steel bolts prevent developing rust
  • The tortilla maker can open up to 110 degrees
  • 100 pieces of oil paper are given with the tortilla maker

The tortilla maker is used to make the tortilla preparation easier. For this, the tortilla maker needs to be stable in an open position so that you can place the dough easily and this maker always stands steady. The lid wide opens and does not require holding with another hand. 

This black tortilla maker is seasoned with non-GMO flaxseed oil on which you can easily prepare any shape of tortillas. This tortilla maker comes in 8 inches which is the ideal shape to make tacos or quesadillas. 

The handle is designed to provide an ergonomic grip and helps to put pressure slowly on the lid. As it is a cast iron tortilla maker, it is heavy and hard to thoroughly clean. If you use parchment paper or the oil paper that comes along with the maker, then nothing will stick on the surfaces. You can clean it out easily by wiping it with a damp cloth. Also, make sure to wipe it dry or it can get rusty in no time.

9. Tortillada Tortilla Press

Tortillada Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • The use of cast iron on the tortilla maker requires less force to make tortillas
  • It is a pre-seasoned tortilla maker to prevent rusting
  • You need to store it appropriately to make it durable
  • An e-book with 50 recipes is given along with the maker

The Tortillada tortilla press has a durable construction to make the tortillas in a few seconds. It is an 8 inches tortilla maker made from cast iron. The ergonomic handle helps to press the lid without using extra force. The handle is flexible to move and hold to make rotis. 

This can be used for multiple purposes like making patacones, tostones, mini pie shells, etc. The size ideal to make any type of tortillas. If you want a bigger one, you can choose the tortilla maker of 10 inches in diameter.  

An e-book with 50 recipes is given along with the maker. However, there is no mention of using parchment paper on the tortilla maker. But to reduce the tension, it is better to use parchment paper. Also, you need to dry the tortilla maker after cleaning with water. It is not pre-seasoned and the water can ruin the texture of the maker.

10. Lodhi's Tortilla Press

Lodhi's Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • Make the traditional 8 inches tortillas in a few seconds
  • Designed to provide the required balance to flatten the dough
  • Flour and corn tortillas can be easily made on this tortilla maker
  • Hand washing cleans the remnants of the dough
  • Pre Seasoned tortilla maker to make it durable for a longer period

The Lodhi's tortilla press is 18.7 inches long along with the handle. This black tortilla press does not take much space to store. However, it can be hard to lift the maker as it is made of cast iron. The cast iron helps to make the perfect round and even shapes tortillas effortlessly. The ears on the sides help to lift the lid without wasting time. 

On this maker, you can enjoy the freshly made tortillas for quesadillas. This tortilla maker is suitable for all kinds of grains used to make tortillas. You just have to create the perfect moist dough so that it evenly distributes upon pressing. Using parchment papers is necessary to keep the shape intact. 

In addition, this maker does not need too much maintenance. Just like other tortilla makers, hand wash and dry them after every use. Moreover, they mentioned rubbing some cooking oil before storing it in the cupboard.

11. Estrella Tortilla Press

Estrella Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • This is a Mexican-made cast iron tortilla press for traditional tortillas
  • The handle has resistance to prevent falling on your fingers while working
  • The diameter of the tortilla maker is 7.5 inches which are great to make quesadillas
  • It has a silver finish to prevent corrosion

Mexico has the best tacos and the tortilla maker from Mexico gives you the taste of authentic tacos. The tortilla maker comes in 7.5 diameters, perfect to make quesadillas, mini taco shells as well Indian rotis. The base of the maker is improved and made better to ease the taco-making process. 

You don't have to hurt your finger as it has 2 ears to help in setting and lifting the lid. Not to mention, this is made of cast iron and so you need not pressure harder for making tortillas. It has a shiny silver appearance that matches with the screws.

However, plastic wrap is needed to use around the dough so that there will be no remnants attached to the bases. Scraping the remaining dough can peel the silver coating from the tortilla maker.

12. Central Coast Woodworks Tortilla Press

Central Coast Woodworks Tortilla Press

Highlighted Features

  • This is a wooden tortilla press made from red oak and walnut
  • The tortilla maker comes in rectangular shapes and allows you to make circular as well as square tortillas
  • It is optimal for making non-gluten-based tortillas
  • The screws and lock are made of stainless steel to reduce the rust
  • It has a coating of food-grade mineral oils and beeswax to make it durable
  • It makes tortillas by pressing the handle for 5 to 7 seconds

Lastly, we have a tortilla maker that is made from wood. The wooden tortilla press is not heavy like the cast iron ones. But it is huge in size compared to the metal ones. This one is in a rectangular shape in which you can make round tortillas or square parathas.

However, the make is not favorable for using flour or wheat based doughs. This is a considerable point if you want to make tortillas of all-purpose flour. Corn is suitable to use in it to make tortillas. Though the tortilla maker underwent treatment with mineral oil and beeswax, you need to wipe it dry after cleaning. 

The oil and beeswax were food grade. Moreover, wax paper is necessary to use to take the tortillas out. The handle comes in uninstalled. You need to attach the handle before starting its use.

Buying Guide

Are you planning to include tortillas of whole wheat flour in your diet? Whole wheat flour tortillas are healthy but making the perfect tortillas is hard to make. The design, construction, dimension are essential features to consider before buying a tortilla maker. 

Best Tortilla Maker

Source: spy.com

Manual or electric tortilla maker

The main element of tacos or quesadillas is the uniformly made tortillas to hold the meat and other toppings together. If the tortilla is not great, the taste of the food is gone. The manual tortilla can be hard work for some as you need to continuously put pressure to create identical tortillas. 

However, the electric tortilla maker flattens the dough as well as bakes the bread. It does two jobs at the same time. But you need to constantly monitor the tortillas to prevent burning. You can enjoy freshly baked tortillas with the help of an electric tortilla maker. 

If you are a family that makes a large number of tortillas to keep them frozen, then a manual tortilla maker will be the best option for you. The manual maker makes tortillas within seconds which you can refrigerate for future use. So depending on your usage you need to opt for the type of tortilla maker you want to ease your work. 

The material used on the tortilla maker

In the market, tortilla makers of various materials are found. Not all of them are efficient so you need to decide carefully if the chosen tortilla maker will increase or reduce your work. 

Cast iron tortilla makers are seen widely in the market and they are heavy in weight. The two flat surfaces are made of metal so they easily flatten the dough without pressing harder. You can get some scratches on the kitchen countertop from the cast iron if you slide the tortilla maker instead of lifting it. You need to dry the tortilla maker of the cast iron as they can rust easily if the water stays in it for a long time. 

Cast aluminum is used to make the tortilla maker lighter in weight. It ensures durability as it is not prone to rust. But lightweight means you need to put extra pressure to get the desired tortillas. It can take a lot of effort to make thin tortillas on this aluminum tortilla maker which you need to make crunchy tortillas.  

Wooden tortilla makers are not heavy like the metal ones, not light like aluminum ones. The wooden ones have a warm look that easily blends with your kitchen interior. It does not have the possibility of rusting but they are sensitive near high temperatures. Also, the woods get drier with time making the tortilla maker unstable to create the round tortillas. The durability of the wooden tortilla makers depends on the wood they are made of.  Pinewood or Encino wood is used where the former one is softer and breakable than the latter one.  

Size of the tortilla maker

Best Tortilla Maker

Source: spy.com

The size of the tortilla maker starts from 6 inches. 6.5 inches to 12 inches tortilla makers are available. The smallest sized tortillas makers are good for tacos and quesadillas but if you want to make other types of bread, you need to choose bigger ones. The ideal size of a tortilla maker is 8 inches if you are planning to buy one for your home. 

24 inches of tortilla maker is also found if you want to use it. If you are starting a business of making custom-shaped tortillas, you need to have various shapes of makes to satisfy your customers. 

The shape of the tortilla makers

The shape of the tacos and quesadillas are half-circular which is made by folding a circular tortilla in half. For this, the tortilla makers are round in shape. The circular tortilla makers come in several sizes to meet the needs of the people. 

However, rectangular or square-shaped tortilla makers are also manufactured by some brands. The square-shaped tortilla makers are found in wooden material. If you want to create a unique design of tacos or flatbread, you can choose the square one as well. 

Versatility of use

Tacos and quesadillas are foods of Mexico that require the use of tortilla makers. Indian food like rotis, chapatis, and parathas is also widely loved by people around the world which can be made on the tortilla maker. With one tortilla maker, you get to enjoy various types of freshly baked bread or tortillas at home. For versatile use, you need to consider the shape of the makers.

Weight of the tortilla maker

As we have mentioned, the tortilla makers are made of different elements. The different elements come with different weights as well. The cast iron tortilla maker is heavier than the aluminum ones. The 6 inches tortilla maker can be heavier than the 8 inches aluminum tortilla maker. 

Plastic tortilla makers are available but they will not be as efficient as the metal or wooden ones. If you have a large cooking area, you can set the tortilla maker for using and storing, cast iron tortilla maker will be a good option. You can even buy the cast iron ones if you have less storing space but it will be hard to take out and store the maker every time due to its heavyweight. 

Compatible with all type of flours 

The flatbread, pitas, and tortillas are made from all-purpose flour. Flour is easy to get and most of the recipes include regular flour. However, there are tortilla makers that are not always compatible with all-purpose flour dough. Many brands mention that flour dough should not be used on their tortilla makers. So make sure the tortilla maker you want to buy is compatible with the flour or ingredients that you use regularly. 

Pre Seasoned or not 

Tortilla Maker

Best Tortilla Maker

The concerning thing about the tortilla makers is that after converting the dough ball into a flat disc, you need to take the tortilla out in that round shape. It is not possible if the surface does not release them easily. Pre-seasoned surfaces do help in releasing the tortillas in intact shape but not all tortilla makers are pre-seasoned. 

Despite being pre-seasoned, the brands encourage the use of plastic wrap, wax paper, or parchment paper on the maker. You need to use two parchment papers, one at the top and one at the bottom of the dough. You can also try sprinkling flour on the surfaces before placing the dough to take out the tortillas. 

The coating on the tortilla maker

After constructing the tortilla makers, the surfaces are coated with a silver finish or powder coating. The coating helps to smooth the surfaces. The cast iron or aluminum has a metallic finish. In some makers, paint is applied to protect it from rust. Food grade paint is used on them to make the tortilla maker safe to use for food. However, the paint can come off if hard scrubbing is done for cleaning. 

Ear on the sides

The ears on the side of the tortilla makers are essential if you do not want to hurt your fingers. If you are using a heavy-duty cast iron tortilla maker, it will be hard to put or pick the lid slowly. If you slam the lid on the dough, you will find some cracks on the bread. For this, ears are helpful. Some brands put two ears, some put one ear. So you need to get the one that will help to maneuver the tortilla maker.


First of all, the tortilla makers are not for washing in the dishwasher whether it is electric or manual. Both types need to be hand-washed with a damp cloth and later wipe the moisture so that they do not damage easily. If your tortilla maker is not pre-seasoned, use vegetable oil on the surface after wiping it dry.

The easy grip of the handle

The dough is pressed against the surfaces with the help of a handle. The handle makes the use of a tortilla maker easier. As you need to press, the handle needs to be ergonomically designed so that your arm gets fatigued after making a few tortillas. 


Is the dough of tortilla and flatbread the same?

No, the doughs of the tortilla and flatbread are not the same but they have the same ingredients. 

Can I use wax paper instead of parchment paper for making tortillas?

Yes, you can use wax paper on anything that does not need to put on heat or flame. The wax paper does not have the heat resistance like parchment paper and catches fires easily. 

Do I need to pre-season my cast iron tortilla maker if it's not pre-seasoned?

Yes, it is better to pre-season if the tortilla maker is not previously done. Preseasoning helps in sealing the holes that are not covered during manufacture. 

How can I pre-season my tortilla maker?

By pouring some vegetable oil on the surfaces helps to cover the holes and prevent water or moisture from entering. 


Do the store-bought tortillas taste stale to you? Tortillas are widely used to make wraps, quesadillas, tacos, etc. if you have tried freshly made quesadillas, you will not use frozen tortillas to make quesadillas. And the best tortilla maker eases the process to make freshly baked tortillas. 

Tortilla makers are also used for making flatbreads as well. So if you are planning to use the tortilla maker for various things, you need to look for the big size ones. As with the 10 inches tortilla maker, you can make a 6 inches tortilla. To make a small tortilla, you need to add a small amount of dough.

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Also, take a look at the list below: