10 Best Spice Jars To Hold All Your Seasonings 2023 – Keep Them Fresh!

Spice jars and other containers that hold all the fragrant seasonings for your recipes are used in homes around the globe.

Spices are an essential part of cooking, which can add extra flavor and texture to improve a dish from okay to spectacular.

However, if these spices aren’t stored properly, they can end up making a dish taste worse instead of better.

est Spice Jars To Hold All Your Seasonings
Being aware of the best spice jars can keep you from running into this issue and will ensure all your seasonings stay fresh for months or years at a time. 

Also, these jars can be used to organize your spices so you can find the one you want at a glance. Below, we're going to look at the top 10 spice jars you can purchase today so you can keep your kitchen organized and make sure your recipes taste their very best.

Best Pick

Talented Kitchen Glass Spice Jars

Our best pick for spice jars is the Talented Kitchen Glass Spice Jars, which come either 14 or 24 high-quality glass jars and all the accessories you need to keep your spices fresh and tasting great for all your future meals.

Budget Pick

Simple Houseware Square Spice Bottles

The Simple Houseware Square Spice Bottles is our budget pick that offers 12 standard sized spice jars, along with black and pre-filled labels, a funnel, and several other accessories to help out in the kitchen.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Options for Spice Jars

1. Talented Kitchen Glass Spice Jars - Editor's Pick 

Talented Kitchen Glass Spice Jars
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Highlighted Features

  • Features 14 or 24 glass spice jars, along with shakers, preprinted labels, and a silicone funnel
  • Jars are dishwasher safe with a square design with airtight lids in four or six-ounce varieties
  • Each jar is safely packaged with individual partitions to prevent breakage while in transit
  • All glass spice jars include a 100% moneyback guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product

These jars from Talented Kitchen come in four-ounce or six-ounce sizes, and you can choose to receive 14 of them or 24 if you need more room for extra spices.

Also included are two types of labels, several kinds of shakers, and a silicone funnel, which makes it simple to fill the jars. These are premium glass bottles in a square size with silver metal caps that create an airtight seal to keep out air and moisture.

These jars can be used in a drawer since they won’t roll around like circular jars or can be used in many spice racks on the market. 

You can also be sure they get to you in one piece since they are individually partitioned to prevent breakage. Talented Kitchen also offers a money-back guarantee if it turns out the jars do not work to your liking.


  • Airtight seal with lids
  • Comes in a choice of sizes
  • Includes accessories
  • Two types of labels included
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Evenly attaching labels can be challenging

2. Simple Houseware Square Spice Bottles - Best for  Pull-Out Spice Racks 

Simple Houseware Square Spice Bottles

Highlighted Features

  • Combination pack comes with 12 square spice jars, 48 preprinted labels, and 20 blank labels
  • Includes several spice shaker accessories, a funnel for filling jars, and elegant metal lids
  • Each bottle holds four ounces of spices and measures 1 ¾ inches by 4 1/8 inches in size to fit most spice racks
  • The shape of the jars makes them ideal for drawers or can be used in cabinets or countertop racks

Simple Houseware offers a combination pack that includes 12 square spice jars, along with 48 preprinted labels, and 20 blank labels.

This makes it easy to organize your spices and keep track of them in the kitchen. In addition to the jars and labels, you will also get a funnel to fill the jars, metal lids, and shaker inserts to more easily use your favorite herbs and spices.

These are elegant bottles with an excellent design that will look great in most kitchens, whether they are used in drawers, cabinets, or on a countertop. 

They measure in at 1 ¾ x 4 1/8 inches and can hold four ounces of spice in each jar. Many people find they work well with pull-out spice racks due to the size and design.


  • Comes with 12 square spice jars
  • Includes 48 preprinted labels
  • Offers 20 blank labels
  • Bottles are a small size
  • Elegant design fits most kitchens


  • Lids are not airtight and may let moisture and air inside

3. DecoBros Spice Bottles with Label Set - Best for Small Kitchen 

DecoBros Spice Bottles with Label Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with round glass spice bottles and includes 48 labels to use on the jars
  • Bottles are sleek and small with measurements of 1 ¾ x 3 ¾ inches for secure storage
  • Jars include shaker lids and plastic toppers to keep air and moisture out of them
  • Features a contemporary design that will fit well with most kitchens and other spaces

If you want a simple set of spice bottles that come with labels, lids, and shaker inserts, this product by DecoBros could be the answer.

It includes 12 different round spice jars and 48 spice labels, as well as plastic lids that are airtight and keep out moisture. They’re a smaller spice jar than most and can hold about three ounces of spice when completely filled.

These bottles would work well in a small kitchen since they are only 1 ¾ x 3 ¾ inches in size yet can hold plenty of spices for a small family. If you’re someone who prefers a round jar, rather than a square one, this will suit your needs better than the other jars we’ve looked at so far.


  • 12 round spice bottles included
  • Comes with 48 spice labels
  • Includes lids and shaker inserts
  • Measures 1 ¾ x 3 ¾ inches
  • Airtight to prevent adding moisture


  • Some might appreciate a more significant number of labels

4. Ultimate Hostess Square Glass Spice Jar Bottles  - Easy to Clean

Ultimate Hostess Square Glass Spice Jar Bottles

Highlighted Features

  • Features 14 to 24 jars, shaker caps, lids, funnel, many types of labels, and a chalk marker
  • Stainless steel lids are easy to clean and resistant to rust, moisture, and the outside air
  • Can be used in a versatile way for spices, craft project items, office supplies, and more
  • Labels are reusable by rubbing them with a small amount of water so you can change the wording

This set from Ultimate Hostess comes with either 14 or 24 spice jars, along with stainless steel caps that are rustproof and simple to clean. You also get tight shaker caps, a wide funnel, silver lids, and both preprinted and blank labels.

There’s also a chalk marker included so you can write on the blank labels to organize your collection of spices better.

These are stackable square jars that can fit into small spaces to store spice, house party favors, contain office supplies, and more. The labels that come with them are also reusable, so you can change them up as you switch what you hold in each jar.


  • Comes with a spice funnel
  • Includes reusable labels
  • 14 or 24 spice jars available
  • Features lids and shaker caps
  • Stainless steel durable lid


  • Marker for labels can be hard to use on long names

5. SpiceLuxe Premium Square Spice Jar Set  

SpiceLuxe Premium Square Spice Jar Set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes everything you need from glass jars to metal lids, spice labels, sifter tops, and a spice funnel
  • Jars are commercial grade and hold up to four ounces of spices in a small size to fit most drawers, racks, and cabinets
  • Comes with a non-clog funnel so you can transfer herbs into the jars quickly and without making a mess
  • The manufacturer offers free replacements for broken items and a satisfaction guarantee

SpiceLuxe offers premium square spice jars that are ready to use, as they include everything from sifter tops to a funnel, lids, and printed labels that are easily added onto the jars.

These are a commercial-grade product that hold four ounces of spices and measure 4 1/8 x 1 ¾ inches to fit in most spice racks, cabinets, and drawers. The funnel is made to avoid clogging for extra convenience.

The steel lids included are airtight to keep out moisture and air to keep your spices fresh for longer. You can also count on the company to offer free replacements if you break a jar, so you keep a full set. 

They make an excellent option for organizing your home kitchen and making it easier to find what you need.


  • Jars measures 4 1/8 x 1 ¾ inches
  • Includes non-clog spice funnel
  • Offers preprinted and blank labels
  • Each jar can hold four ounces of spices
  • Free replacements available for broken jars


  • Shaking lids features various hole sizes rather than being uniform

6. Gneiss Spice Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars  

Gneiss Spice Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an assortment of 10, 12, or 24 jars in a small or a large configuration to fit your kitchen
  • Eco-friendly spice jars are refillable and reusable to contribute to a zero-waste kitchen
  • Glass jars show off spices while included lids keep things airtight for safety and freshness
  • Created by a woman-owned company and produced in Maine with materials from the U.S. and abroad

Gneiss offers these magnetic spice jars in a set of 10, 12, or 24 jars. While the ten pack comes with only small jars, you can choose small or large when you purchase a larger set.

Each of the spice jars in the set is refillable and reusable to add an eco-friendly touch to a kitchen and can help create a zero-waste space in your home.

The jars can stick to a refrigerator door and come with label stickers that can be used on either the included lids or the bottom of the jars. These jars measure two inches tall and 1 ¾ inches wide to hold about ¼ of a cup of spice and herbs. They are made in a woman-owned and operated business using materials from the USA and other countries.


  • Choice of 10, 12, or 24 jars
  • Refillable and reusable jars
  • Smooth glass with airtight lids
  • Includes washable spice labels
  • Measures 2 x 1.75 inches


  • Magnetic features may not be strong enough for all purposes

7. Salusware Plastic Spice Bottles by RoyalHouse  

Salusware Plastic Spice Bottles by RoyalHouse

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a 12 pack of either 5.5 ounce or 9.5-ounce bottles with a choice of black or red lids
  • All jars have a removable inner seal located under the cover to keep herbs fresh and tasting great
  • Each cap has a two-sided flip-top for pouring or shaking spices as you need for various recipes
  • All bottles are stamped PETE, which is a safe plastic that is free of BPA and made in the United States

These spice bottles from Salusware come in two different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your cooking needs.

Each of the jar sizes can hold a large amount of herbs, spices, and other powders and includes an inner seal that will keep the items tasty and fresh. It comes with a set of 12 bottles made of safe plastic without using BPA.

You can select from lids that are black or red, depending on your kitchen décor and choice of style. These lids also have two sides, one of which allows you to pour spices and the other side of which is designed for shaking spices into a recipe.


  • BPA free plastic
  • Two-sided flip tops
  • Ideal for storing herbs, powders, and spices
  • Comes in 5.5 or 9.5-ounce size
  • Inner seal keeps spices fresh


  • Lids may not be as high-quality as the jars themselves

8. Grant Howard 50520 Cylindrical Clear Glass

Spice Jars  

Grant Howard 50520 Cylindrical Clear Glass Spice Jars

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a set of 24 clear glass spice jars that measure 1 ¾ inches in diameter and 3 1/3 inches in height
  • Features clamp-top lids that include a rubber gasket to ensure you get an airtight and leakproof seal
  • All of the cylindrical spice jars are dishwasher safe for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be used for spices, as well as herbs, powders, and other small items for storage

If having spice jars that are BPA-free is a priority for you, these clear spice containers from Grant Howard offer that and much more. You get a large set of 24 jars that come in a durable box to keep things in place during transport.

Another perk offered with these jars is that they can easily be washed using the dishwasher to save you time and effort.

These jars measure 3 1/3 inches high and are 1 ¾ inches in diameter for storing spices, herbs, and seasoning blends. The lids that come standard are a clamp-top design and include a rubber gasket to prevent air and water from getting inside the bottles to ruin your spices.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free glass jars
  • Clamp-top lids with gaskets
  • 24 pieces in each set
  • 3 1/3 inches high and 1 ¾ inches in diameter


  • May not seal properly due to unsuitable gaskets
  • Glass is thin and prone to breakage

9. Good Cooking Adjustable Glass Spice Jars  

Good Cooking Adjustable Glass Spice Jars

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable spice jars come in sets of six, 12, or 24 and offers various pouring sizes for different spices
  • Incorporates a stylish design that will fit into most contemporary kitchens with ease
  • Provides a clear design so you can easily see what is inside each jar when you are cooking meals
  • Glass is durable and made to last while measuring in at 4 x 2 1/3 x 2 1/3 inches in size

Whether you need only a few glass spice jars or enough to hold 24 different ingredients, these bottles from Good Cooking will meet the needs of your kitchen.

In addition to offering different amounts of jars, the metal lids have various pouring sizes to match up with the amount different spices require. All the jars are designed to look great in any modern kitchens so you can place them wherever you wish.

The clear design of each jar makes it easy to see what’s inside, while the labels ensure you use the right spices for every meal. 

You can shake or pour using these bottles, and they are designed to be durable, so they are likely to last. Each of the jars measures in at 4 x 2 1/3 x 2 1/3 inches to fit most cabinets and spice racks.


  • Several pouring sizes
  • Designer glass style
  • Clear design for easy identification
  • Durable and made to last
  • Measure at 4 x 2 1/3 x 2 1/3 inches


  • Labels are challenging to read when bottles are not full

10. Cook N Home Windowed Spice Bottle Jar Set  

Cook N Home Windowed Spice Bottle Jar Set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a total of eight spice bottles that each can hold up to five ounces of seasonings
  • Features stainless steel top lids that are screw tight to keep all your spices fresh and delicious
  • Offers a distinct design with a largely metal jar and a window so you can see what spice is inside
  • These jars weight only a quarter of a pound and measure in at 3 ¼ inches high and two inches in diameter

For something that looks a bit different, there is the Cook N Home spice jar set that comes with eight stainless steel jars and lids.

Rather than being transparent throughout the item, there are small windows at the bottom and on the sides so you can see what’s inside. The lid on top is a screw-top type that is designed to keep your herbs and spices fresh and free of moisture.

The small size and weight of these bottles makes them ideal for spice racks, cabinets, drawers, or other spaces. 

However, keep in mind that unlike some spice jars, these need to be washed by hand and wiped dry. Unfortunately, they cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, like most other models can.


  • Small size and lightweight
  • Shaker tops included
  • Glass bottom and side windows
  • Stainless steel screw lids
  • Each holds five ounces of spices


  • Must be hand washed as jars are not dishwasher safe

How to Choose the Perfect Spice Jars for Your Home

est Spice Jars To Hold All Your Seasonings

We mentioned earlier that there are various containers to hold spice on the market from dozens of different brands.

The first thing you need to be aware of is what your options are. So, below, we’re going to offer a short primer on the types of spice jars you may encounter while you search.

Spice Container Types

One of the most common types of spice containers you will see is made of metal. These jars are a good choice since they keep your spices away from the light, which helps keep the aroma and flavor at their best.

If you decide to go through with purchasing a metal spice jar, make sure that it has a tight lid that keeps out air and moisture for the best results.

Glass spice containers are another common choice and have the advantage of letting you see inside the container to decide what spices are there.

However, you need to keep these away from light to ensure they keep the best shelf life for your seasonings. Because of that, glass jars should be stored in a dark, cool place such as a closet shelf.

Assuming you use a glass container in an appropriate space, your spices can stay fresh for as long as two years.

You’ll also want to be sure the jar has an airtight lid to keep the spices safe for cooking down the line. Some container has a cork top and will also keep your seasonings safe, but for shorter periods.

Each of the ten spice jars above comes with features that go above and beyond and will be a great addition to your kitchen. However, you can use our information below the products to see what your priorities should be when selecting the best spice containers for your kitchen. In no time, you can have an organized kitchen packed with all your favorite herb blends and seasonings.

Regardless of the material you choose for your spices, a small jar may be best if you don’t use spices regularly.

When the jar is smaller, that means there is less chance for air to contact your spices. Without air and moisture reaching the spices, they are going to be safe and delicious for longer than large jars.

You might wonder whether you should toss out the plastic bottles that many spices initially come in. That’s entirely up to you, but the truth is that there is nothing wrong with using these bottles and the spices that come in them the way they are.

However, this can make your spice racks look a bit mismatched, so take that into consideration.

Another option available to you is using a spice shaker for some of the spices you use daily. These containers are versatile and can store any powdered spices and then used to sprinkle the seasoning into a dish.

These are going to be best used for things like pepper, salt, and other powdered seasonings.

Alternate Spice Storage Options

Best Spice Jars To Hold All Your Seasonings

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If you aren’t interested in traditional spice jars or need something that works in a pinch, you still have a few options available to you. However, these items may not keep the spices as fresh and safe as traditional spice jars would.

The first solution is to use a paper bag, but this works best for whole spices instead of ground spices.

One of the ways to increase freshness and aroma with spices in a paper bag is by placing it in the refrigerator if you won’t be using it immediately. However, keep in mind that moving the spices to a jar is the best option at some point.

Ziplock bags are another option when you don’t have spice jars available for some reason. The zip that is included on them helps keep out moisture and air to ensure the freshest spices possible.

Since these spices should still be protected from light, they should be stored in a cool, dark place or inside of your refrigerator.

Available Space for Storing Spice Jars

Spice Jars

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Now we move to traditional spice jars and the factors that make them appropriate for your kitchen. The first thing you are going to want to think about is how much space you have in your kitchen to put the spice jars.

Those who are interested in placing the jars on their countertops can choose glass or metal spice containers. If there isn’t extra space on the counter, consider storing your spice jars inside of a cabinet or pantry instead.

Capacity of the Spices Jars

One of the first questions you might think of is, “what size of spice jars are right for my kitchen?” Size is something that is a consideration in most things you buy but can be especially important when it comes to spice jars.

Your needs may vary here based on how often you use spices, how many people you’re cooking for, and what kind of recipes you tend to create.

Spice jars capacity is typically measured in ounces and can range from small two-ounce jars all the way up to jars that can hold more than 10 ounces of spices.

You are going to want to consider the amount of spices you like to keep at once so you can ensure your jars have plenty of space.

Types of Spices Used

Another thing to consider when choosing spice jars is what sort of spices you tend to use. For instance, a jar with a shaker lid isn’t going to be ideal for whole spices but will work well for powdered seasonings.

There are also certain spices that need to be stored in a specific type of container, which you should be aware of before you start buying spice jars that might not fit your needs.

Material Used to Make the Spice Jars

Many people believe that the best spice jars are made of glass since they ensure that moisture and air cannot get into the spices and create quality issues.

While these jars are often transparent, they can be stored in dark places to prevent problems from exposure to light. However, metal containers can also be a reasonable option since it protects your spices from light, air, and moisture without any extra steps involved.

Versatility and Intended Use 

Most people will find that the best spice jars are the ones that feature versatility for the buyer. For instance, you may not need a considerable capacity container for spices like garlic, rosemary, and coriander. However, jars for coffee beans, tea leaves, and jam may need larger containers. If you are going to be storing a large number of spices, herbs, and other items, make sure you choose a type that fits your requirements.

Best Spice Jars To Hold All Your Seasonings

Source: youtube.com

Type of Lids on the Spice Jars

While nearly every spice jar is going to come with lids, that doesn’t mean they are all the same level of quality. What really matters is how tight the caps fit onto the jars that you want to purchase.

Having a tight fit is crucial since it will ensure your spices stay fresh longer; it can also help retain the flavors of the spices for a more extended period.

How Spice Jars Dispense Seasonings

Once you’re sure that you have spice jars with tight lids to fit on top, you next want to think about how it will dispense those herbs and spices into your recipes.

This can be a matter of preference, as some people prefer shaker lids, while others may prefer a pour system or a silt lid. Think about the delivery method that will work best for you and be sure that the jars you choose offer that.

Labels and Extra Features

Any decent set of spice jars should come complete with a set of labels. However, you should be sure that you get both preprinted labels and unprinted labels. Some of the most common types of labels you will find are plastic and chalkboard labels.

Finally, think about other features that make spice jars more convenient and more straightforward to use. A spice jar set that includes extra items, such as rack storage, shaker tops, and a refill funnel, will offer more versatility and make organizing spices easier in your kitchen.


When you need to store spices in your kitchen, relying on paper or Ziplock bags is not the path to freshness and good taste.

Instead, having the best spice jars can help you keep track of what spices you have, allow you to organize spices easily, and give you a specific space to find the herbs that you need. The right spice jars can also complement the look and feel of your kitchen to make the décor shine.

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