How To Lose Weight On A Diet That Has Pizza In It? – 2023 Guide

Are you dieting but still craving pizza? There is good news for all pizza lovers; you can eat pizza when you are dieting. The recent report of Portugal confirms pizza, ice creams, and even noodles can help us lose weight if we follow some tips.

The way people view pizza as a junk food item can make you fat if you consume it too much. Although this is true for all meals, pizza doesn’t necessarily have to be a portion of junk food. People who follow a strict diet can still enjoy pizza and be in proper health and shape.

Pizza fanatics do not have to sacrifice their joy to keep fit. There have been numerous occasions of weight loss following a pizza-only diet. Here are the tips on how to lose weight on a diet that has pizza in it.

Healthy Ingredient Pizza

healthy ingredient pizza

Indeed, most pizzas sold in retail don’t make your health favorable; however, it isn’t the situation for every pizza. One can prepare a pizza with wood-fired ovens from your own home with personal attention to use only suitable ingredients for your intake.

That’s the reason healthy pizza will be about. It may be difficult for you to cook at the beginning. However, lots of health-conscious people have found that eating secret ingredients pizza can help them shed some weight.

Prefer Light Crust Pizza

The main problem with pizza is on the pizza’s crust. Apart from being loaded in calories, the pizzas are devoid of several nutrients.

The reason is that most pie crusts are made of processed white flour that will increase insulin levels, making them desire more. The point is: the smaller the amount of crust you consume is suitable for your diet, so choose a thin pie crust over the traditional, deep, or filled crusts.


Blot pizza

If you spot an oily pool floating over your cheese, use an old napkin and wipe up the extra. You’ll cut down on calories by 50 percent, and you might be able to remove the grease from your shirt. This is a win-win technique!

Beware Of Salty Meats And Lean Protein Sources

The addition of proteins to your pizza will pack you, which implies you feel less inclined to return for an extra slice. But no other source of the nutrient that builds muscle can do the trick. Pizza favorites add-ons such as pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and other meats are loaded with harmful saturated fats as well as salt. Avoid them and go for barbecued chicken or sliced Ham or anchovies.

Healthy Toppings

It is best to prefer pizza toppings that are suitable for your health. Be sure to not overdo it with bread or cheese. The thin layer of crust works ideal with vegetables, and protein-rich toppings are excellent to take a step.

Personal Handling

You’ll have to consume limited pizza slices to shed weight, which is what makes the size of your pizza crucial. You can divide your meals into smaller portions for more significant health advantages. Eat a slice right today, then take a few hours to wait before you consume the next. In that interval, you should find activities that will keep you entertained and avoid your hunger.

Right Pairing

Pizza is ridiculed for being harmful to health because it’s often served with rich sources like breadsticks, ranch dressing, and soda. If you’re hoping to observe the variation in your weight while having pizza, be sure that you choose healthy choices along with it.

Prepare Own Pizza Sauce

pizza sauce

Market sauces include a large amount of sugar. However, many sauces are also available in low sugar quantities. The most secure option is to create your own. This is a straightforward way to make one. Take an empty pan and peel San Marzano tomatoes into a pan to make your healthy sauce. Add two large handfuls of sea salt then crush them by hand to create the form of a thick pizza sauce, says Chef Cozzolino.

Veg Loaded Pizza

Pizzas can be reduced in the Glycemic Index, which is a measure of the speed at which blood sugar levels rise when you eat a particular food by adding fiber-rich and protein-rich ingredients. For instance, an ordinary cheese pizza earns an 80/100 on the index, a vegetable supreme pizza scores 49. Raw vegetables and high proteins make the perfect toppings. It will make you feel fuller and longer so that you don’t need other slices.

Do Not Eat Extra Cheese-Filled Or Deep-Dish Crusts

deep dish pizza

It’s cheese already on the pizza base; you do not require extra cheese in your pizza crust. Another pizza-related omission is the deep dish. The larger surface area indicates extra calories, and usually, it doesn’t enhance the flavor, which is why it’s not worth the effort.

Sprinkle The Pizza With Olive Oil

Here is the easy way to ensure that your pizza is healthy? Add monounsaturated fatty acids-rich olive oil to your pizza. It’s a method that can help you gain salubrious fats and reduce the consumption of calories too.

Add Healthy Nuts On Pizza

Add Healthy Nuts On Pizza 

A different way to improve the health of your pizza is to add some chopped walnuts, almonds, or pine nuts, on top to give a healthier crunch each when you eat your pizza slice. Also, you’ll receive several helpful fats with every bite.

Use Coconut Flour Instead Of White Flour

It is always a healthier option to use coconut flour for making a pizza base. Coconut flour not only has lower carbs, but it also contains eleven times the amount of fiber than white flour.

Increase Spice Seasoning

Do you want to increase your metabolism and get yourself to eat less? To achieve this, make sure you add extra spice to your pizza.

A study conducted by Canadian researchers discovered that those who had spicy bites consumed 200 calories less than those who did not. Serve your pie with some grinds of fresh black pepper and red chili flakes or, if you’re brave enough to get the health benefits.


We would also recommend not eating pizza late at night since the excess calories are likely to be converted into fat.

Additionally, it would be wonderful to learn to bake pizza yourself and always remember to make pizzas only for cheat meals. Therefore, keep it cheesy and take a chance on healthy pizza on the weekends with our tips on how to lose weight on a diet that has pizza in it.