14 Best Pizza Peels 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

If you find yourself regularly making pizzas at home but are finding it harder to slip the pizza inside the oven without burning your knuckles or hands, then it might be time to get yourself a pizza peel.

With a pizza peel, you can say goodbye to those dangerously close calls of your hands nearly touching your piping hot oven or grill.  

But if you’re not sure which pizza peel to purchase or what to even look for in one, we got you covered. In this review, we’ll introduce you to the 12 best pizza peels and explain in detail what their benefits and disadvantages are. 

Stick around after we’re done reviewing these 12 pizza peels as we’ll take you through some tips on the things you should consider when buying a pizza peel. Let’s get started!

Best Pick

Honey-Can-Do Foldable Pizza Peel

Our Best Pick is the Honey-Can-Do pizza peel, which is wide and long enough to fit into most ovens

. A bonus feature is that it is foldable too, allowing you to find an easier place to store after using it.

Budget Pick

New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

Our Budget Pick is the New Star Foodservice pizza peel which is an excellent choice for price-conscious shoppers.

This pizza peel is known for its high quality and lightweight basswood surface that makes it easy to transfer your pizza to the oven.

Aluminum & Wood Pizza Peels - Top Picks

1. Honey-Can-Do Foldable Pizza Peel

Honey-Can-Do Foldable Pizza Peel

The Honey-Can-Do is ready and able to safely place your pizza in the deepest parts of your oven. You can also use this pizza peel to place your pastries and vegetables into your oven.

It features a large carrying surface so that you can fit just about any sized pie into your oven. The surface measures out to 12” by 14” and despite its square-shaped surface, it can easily transfer all sizes of pizzas into your oven.

This pizza peel is made of an aluminum body that is connected to a wooden handle through a swivel handle. We love that this pizza peel can fold once you’re doing using it, reducing the amount of storage space necessary. 

A few buyers have noticed that the edges on this aluminum pizza peel surface is quite sharp and can get damaged while also scratching the inside of their ovens. A few other buyers said they were unable to slide the pizza from the peel and into their oven despite sprinkling flour on it.


  • Long enough to safely place pizza in the back of your oven.
  • Can also be used for pastries and vegetables.
  • Has a large carrying surface that fits most pizza sizes.
  • Pizza peel is foldable, making it easier to find less storage space to put away.


  • Aluminum carrying surface has sharp edges and can show marks and scratches.
  • Sharp edges can also scratch the inside of your oven.
  • Sprinkling flour on the pizza peel doesn’t guarantee being able to slide the pizza into the oven.

2. New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel

The New Star Foodservice pizza peel is durable and made of lightweight basswood. This basswood pizza peel is half an inch thick and easily slides under any pie.

This budget-friendly option is great for lifting pizzas on and off its even-textured surface. This means less cracks on its wooden surface and none of that secreting oils that can get trapped on the pizza peel.

Owners of this pizza peel say it’s long enough to fit just about any pizza into their conventional oven. They love that their fingers and hands don’t really get anywhere near the oven while doing so. And because of that, they have found many other uses for this pizza peel, including bread, cakes, and muffin pans, to name a few.

A few owners have commented saying that after a few uses, there can be a funky smell emanating from it. Another frequent complaint was that they had to layer on more flour than normal onto the surface to ensure the dough wouldn’t stick to the peel.


  • Made of durable, lightweight basswood.
  • Half an inch-thick layer enables it to easily slide under any pizza.
  • Is long enough to prevent fingers and hands from coming close to oven.
  • Can be used for other baking purposes.
  • Excellent value.


  • A funky odor can build up after a few uses.
  • More flour is needed to prevent dough from sticking to the pizza peel.

3. Pizza Royale Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

Pizza Royale Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

The Pizza Royale comes in a large or extra-large size and is the best pizza peel for your extra-large pizza. If you’re hosting a party and need to make some big pies quickly, the Pizza Royale’s extra-large surface size of 23.5” by 15 inches, can accommodate any pizza size.

The pizza peel thickness is less than one inch and is easy to scoop under the pizza when taking it out of the oven.

This pizza peel is made of naturally-sourced bamboo and that includes the handle, too. This high-quality, premium, bamboo material is also a breeze to wash as well and doesn’t require special cleaning products to do so.

Owners love the easy-to-grip handle and say it’s very easy to maneuver this peel even with an extra-large pizza on it. They’re also big fans of Pizza Royale’s 180-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

While the vast majority of users were happy with this product, the biggest complaint was that this pizza peel was prone to cracking on the surface. For a handful of people, these cracks led to the peel completely splitting into two pieces.


  • Perfect pizza peel for big families and for parties.
  • Can easily scoop pizza from the oven.
  • Made of premium bamboo material that is easy to wash.
  • Handle is long and easy to maneuver an extra-large pizza.


  • Surface can crack.
  • Cracks can sometimes lead to the peel completely splitting.
  • More expensive.

4. Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Metal Pizza Peel

The Chef Pomodoro Metal Pizza Peel is another foldable pizza peel. Like other foldable types, this one comes with an aluminum surface (head) and a wooden handle and both are attached by a screw.

When folded, this pizza peel is only 14” in length and most people said they had no issues finding a spot to store it after using it.

The aluminum head is premium-grade and can withstand the high temperatures of your oven. You’ll get plenty of surface area on the aluminum head as it measures out to 14” by 12”. When fully extended, this pizza peel stretches out to 24”, which should give your fingers plenty of room from touching your oven.

You’ll have no issues scooping pies on to this pizza peel since the head is an ultra-thin, aluminum layer. However, a few people did say that they had trouble with the dough sticking to this peel. Also, a number of users commented that the wooden handle can produce a musty smell after washing it. Lastly, quite a few people said the price was too high when compared with the quality and price of other pizza peels.


  • Foldable pizza peel that is easy to store.
  • Head is made of premium-grade aluminum that can hold its shape under high oven temperatures.
  • Good length that helps to ensure your fingers stay away from the oven.
  • Thin aluminum layer makes it easy to scoop pizzas or other pastries.


  • Too expensive.
  • Dough tends to stick to the aluminum head and can be hard to get off.
  • Wooden handle can produce a musty smell after washing.

5. New Star Foodservice 50219 Aluminum Pizza Peel

New Star Foodservice 50219 Aluminum Pizza Peel

The New Star Foodservice Aluminum Pizza Peel has two things that make it ideal for wood-fire ovens: a thin, flat surface and a long handle.

When making that Neapolitan pizza, a longer pizza peel is what you’ll need and that’s what you get with this 27-inch product.

The surface is made of highly durable aluminum that is thin and comes with tapered edges. These edges make it easy to scoop your pizza out of your wood-fire oven.

The length of this pizza peel is what users love as it keeps their hands far away from their burning hot oven. What also surprised people with this pizza peel is its weight. Upon first glance, this shovel-like pizza peel looks quite heavy. But users were delighted to find out it weighs less than a pound.

Of the people that had issues, a few said they had to put excess flour on the surface to make sure the dough wouldn’t stick to it. A few users also said to exercise caution when using this pizza peel as the edges are very sharp. Storage may be an issue with this pizza peel as it is fairly big in size and does not fold.


  • This longer pizza peel is better for deeper ovens.
  • Great surface area can fit any pizza size.
  • Light in weight makes it easy to maneuver with a pizza on it.
  • Thin head makes scooping your pizza a breeze.
  • Excellent handle length prevents your hands from coming close to the oven.


  • Need to put more flour or cornmeal on the head as the dough can tend to stick to the peel.
  • Edges are very sharp and can easily scratch.
  • Finding storage space may be an issue due to its large size.

6. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter And Pizza Peel Set

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter And Pizza Peel Set

Get two items for the price of one with this Checkered Chef Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter. We already think their Pizza Peel offers great value but when a pizza cutter is added, it makes this an absolute steal.

The peel is made of a thin, stainless steel blade that is adept at sliding under pizzas. Once you’re doing using it, you can fold the handle over the blade for easy storage.

The surface of the paddle is a bit smaller than other peels and measures out to roughly 13” by 9.5”. When fully extended, this peel comes out to 22” long, which is more than enough to keep your hands clear of the oven.

The pizza cutter is the bonus item in this package and does a great job at slicing through your piping-hot pizza. The blade is 14” long and is super sharp. Cleanup is quick and easy as both the peel and the cutter are dishwasher-friendly.

 A few users unfortunately had trouble sliding the pizza off the paddle unless it was fully lathered in flour. Some users did mention that the smaller size of the paddle wasn’t suitable for larger pizzas.


  • Great value as you get two items for the price of one.
  • Peel is easy to slide under pizzas thanks to its thin, stainless steel blade.
  • Fold the handle over for easy storage.
  • Dishwasher-safe makes cleaning simple.


  • Difficulty sliding pizza off the paddle.
  • Smaller paddle size can’t effectively hold larger pizzas.

7. LX LERMX Pizza Peel, Premium Bamboo

LX LERMX Pizza Peel, Premium Bamboo

The Premium Bamboo Pizza Peel is inspired by a classic wooden look and feel but using a more durable material in bamboo. The design of this pizza peel also enables users to use this as a cutting board and serving plate too.

The design of this pizza peel is what makes it stand out. From its easy-grip handle to its slight downward-sloping scooping curve, the details are excellent. 

Holding and navigating your pizza into your oven is comfortable and simple and the scooping curve makes it especially easy to slide this pizza peel under your pizza.

People who have purchased this love its size too, as it measures out to 12” by 17”. A large enough surface to fit a medium-sized pizza for a couple or small family. A bonus of this pizza peel is that it comes with a 180-day worry-free service (free replacement or full refund).

A few people who had issues with this pizza peel did report that it was prone to splitting down the middle after using it a few times. A few others did point out that they wished the handle was slightly longer as they felt their hands got too close to the oven.


  • Made of premium bamboo materials which are known to be more durable than wood
  • Multipurpose – can be used as a cutting board and serving plate.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Downward-sloping outer curve makes sliding under a pizza easy to do.
  • Surface of paddle can accommodate a good range of pizza sizes.
  • Comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee or no-cost replacement.


  • Pizza peel can split after using it a few times.
  • Not the best handle for safety as it’s not long enough.
  • Some people consider the peel to be too thick and should be used more as a cutting board.

8. Epicurean Pizza Peel

Epicurean Pizza Peel

The Epicurean Pizza Peel is a no-frills type of pizza peel that offers a simple yet elegant design. It starts with its flat design and ultra-thin layer that comes out to less than 0.2 inches.

This thin pizza peel is complemented by a subtle yet effective, beveled front edge that is able to easily glide under a pizza.

This pizza peel comes in three sizes but the 17” by 10” one is just perfect for most medium-and-under pizza sizes. While this pizza peel is not meant for the super-hot ovens, the Epicurean wood material of this peel can withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Owners of this peel love the lightweight design and the fact that it is dishwasher friendly.

Despite its thinness, many users have had no issues cutting up their pizza on this peel. That’s because this peel is knife friendly and the surface is nonporous. After cutting their pizza on this peel, many people don’t mind serving their pizza on this peel as well.

As great as this peel is, the biggest issue people had was that they noticed a very strong and foul odor emanating from it. These users say it has an undeniable formaldehyde smell and this smell can even transfer over to your pizza.


  • Thin-layered peel is highlighted by its beveled front edge that makes scooping pizza much easier.
  • Very lightweight and easy to steer using the easy to hold handle.
  • Pizza peel surface is knife friendly and nonporous.
  • Can also be used as a serving board.


  • Strong smell of formaldehyde coming from the pizza peel that can transfer on to pizza.
  • The beveled front edge is brittle and can crack due to its thinness.
  • Heat resistance of only 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. American Metalcraft Large Blade Peel

American Metalcraft Large Blade Peel

For aspiring chefs, the American Metalcraft pizza peel just might be the best pizza peel for you. What looks like it could be used to scoop snow, this peel is great at scooping up pizzas instead.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how long the handle is which comes out to 40 inches long. Combined with the 14” by 16” blade of the peel and you’re looking at a total length of 54 inches for this pizza peel. 

With a handle this long, you’re pretty much guaranteed to not get your hands close to the high heat of your oven! The paddle is made of durable aluminum that can handle any amount of heat in any oven.

Despite the sheer size of this pizza peel, users are extremely delighted that its incredibly light too, weighing only 0.75 pounds. In being so long yet so light, people have commented that it’s been easy to control this pizza peel and even easier to slide it under a pizza.

People that purchase this American Metalcraft pizza peel just aren’t sure how big it is until they receive it. Its size can be a problem for people as it can be difficult to find a proper place to store it. Among other complaints, users say that since the aluminum paddle can become a safety hazard as it can get very sharp after a few uses.


  • Great pizza peel for people who use a deeper oven (i.e. fire-wood oven).
  • Very long, 40-inch handle all but assures you won’t burn your hands on your oven.
  • Paddle is well constructed and is made of durable aluminum that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Surprisingly light in weight and easy to control.
  • Comes at an excellent and affordable price.


  • Is much bigger than regular pizza peels designed for most homes.
  • Can be hard to find a place to store it when not using it.
  • Aluminum paddle can become extremely sharp.

10. Checkered Chef Pizza Peel Extra Large

Checkered Chef Pizza Peel Extra Large

Are you looking for a pizza peel that has significantly more paddle space? The Checkered Chef Pizza Peel comes with an extra-large paddle for those looking to feed a large family or a party.

 Many people have said they have been able to successfully move 16-inch pizzas using this peel.

This square-sized paddle measures out to 13” wide and 15” tall. The paddle is made of high-quality, stainless steel while the handle is made of a comfortable-to-grip, rubber material. Cleanup won’t be a problem for busy people either as it is dishwasher-friendly.

What users unanimously love is the ability to quickly slide this peel under your pizza and scoop it up, thanks to its short handle. Among other things they said you could scoop up were cakes, pastries, and, bread. Its versatility even extended to being able to flip meat on your barbeque grill.

A common issue with this pizza peel was that the raw dough was prone to sticking to the stainless steel paddle. Users said more than normal flour and cornmeal was needed to coat the paddle surface to prevent sticking. A few other people also noted that the handle could get worn down and a bit wobbly over time.


  • Extra-large paddle surface can fit a large pizza easily.
  • Easy to maneuver peel thanks to its short handle and lightweight stainless steel peel.
  • Handle is foldable for easier storage.
  • Is dishwasher-friendly.
  • Very versatile as it can be used to scoop other pastries and even flip BBQ meat on your grill.


  • Raw pizza dough tends to stick to the paddle unless lots of flour or cornmeal is lathered on.
  • Foldable handle can get worn down over time and become wobbly.

11. TDHDIKE Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel

TDHDIKE Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel

The Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel is a high-quality option for people who prefer a metal paddle over a wooden one. As its name suggests, the paddle head is made of premium, commercial-grade aluminum material that does a great job at smoothly sliding under pizzas. Despite its rather thin construction, many owners of this peel have remarked at how sturdy and durable it is.

When you’re done using this peel, you can preserve your storage space by loosening the metal button and folding the handle downwards. When folded, this peel only measures out to 14” long. When it’s fully extended, it’s 25” in length with the paddle measuring out to 14” by 12”. The handle is made of high-quality and all-natural oak wood, that is smooth to touch and grip.

Customer satisfaction is key with a premium pizza peel like this, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you experience any issue with this, you can receive a full refund or a completely new peel.

While users rave about the quality of this pizza peel, a few users did say that cleaning this was not easy to do. This is because it is not dishwasher-friendly and can only be cleaned with a very soft cloth and water. Using any abrasive scrubbers will damage the peel. Knives will also damage and scratch the peel as well so be sure to slice your pizza off of this peel.


  • Premium, commercial-grade aluminum paddle is great at sliding under any pizza.
  • Thin construction but has a durable and sturdy build.
  • Easy to store because of its foldable handle.
  • Comes with a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Is not dishwasher-friendly.
  • Cannot use abrasive scrubbers to clean as it will damage the peel.
  • Avoid cutting pizza while it’s on the peel as knives will also scratch the paddle.

12. BILL.F Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

BILL.F Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

The BILL.F Acacia Wood Pizza Peel is a beautifully-crafted peel that would fit in perfectly in a modern and stylish kitchen.

Constructed using durable, acacia wood, in a contrasting pattern, this peel provides users a fashionable way to transfer your pizzas in and out of your oven.

This peel comes with a smooth and polished edge that makes it easy for your pizza to simply glide on and off it. The paddle’s handle is rather short and probably not best suited for deeper ovens but it is fine for your conventional home oven.

Owners of this peel love its versatility. On one side, you can use it as a pizza peel, while on the other, you can cut your vegetables or serve your food on it to your guests. It also comes with a convenient string-hook on the paddle where you can hang it up to dry after you’re done washing it.

The overwhelming majority of people who have bought this peel absolutely love it and are happy with its premium quality and finish. However, as is common with wooden peels, this acacia wood paddle is also prone to cracking and some have even split in half.


  • Made of durable, acacia wooden that is fashionable and modern in design.
  • Has a smooth edge that makes transferring pizzas more convenient.
  • Is very versatile – can use the other side as a serving or cutting board.
  • Convenient string-hook on the paddle makes it simple to dry.
  • Excellent value and comes at a great price.


  • Handle is a bit short and not suited for deep ovens.
  • Acacia wood can show cracks after some wear and tear.
  • In some instances, the peel can crack completely into two parts.

Buying Guide

best pizza peels

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Creating your own pizza from scratch can be both a very rewarding and challenging endeavor. This can be further complicated by not being able to properly transition your creation into and out of your oven. Thankfully, the pizza peel is a worthwhile accessory to have, especially if you make pizza frequently at home.

Material of Peel

Among the things to consider when choosing the best pizza peel for you, is the materials the peel is made of. Peels that are made of metal or aluminum are often very thin and make it easy to scoop your pizza. Those made of wood or bamboo tend to be thicker in size and aren’t quite as good at sliding under the pizza but these peels tend to look more stylish than metal ones. A helpful tip here if you’re set on a wooden or a thicker peel is to look for one that has a tapered or a downward-sloping edge. This taper can help a thicker peel to more easily get under a pizza.


The handle on a pizza peel can be a big consideration for people looking for convenience. Some of the best pizza peel handles are foldable which allows you to make the peel smaller. This helps with finding a proper place to put it after you’re done using it. The length of the handle is also important especially from a safety point of view. Peels that have a longer handle will give you peace of mind knowing that your hands will stay clear of your hot oven.  

Storage Space

You’ll also want to factor in the storage space in your kitchen. Do you have lots of space or little space? If you’re limited on space, consider a pizza peel that can fold, as these are much easier to store and require less space. Some peels come with a string-hook on the handle that allows you to hang these peels on a hook on your kitchen wall to help you conserve storage space in your kitchen cabinets.

Peel Size

Another important thing to think about is the size of the paddle. The bigger the size of the paddle, the larger the pizza you can fit on it. Some paddles are more suited for medium-sized pizzas which can be the perfect size for a couple.

However, other paddles come in much larger sizes that can be a great choice for a larger family or a party. It’s also important to note that most peels come in either a circular shape or a square shape with rounded edges.  


Like any product, the price can also be a determining factor. Luckily for you, the prices of the best pizza peels aren’t very high and they can typically range between $20 and $40.

Other Considerations

best pizza peels

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One of the biggest considerations when it comes to deciding which of the best pizza peels to buy is the surface of the peel. Oftentimes what happens when you cook a pizza using raw dough on a peel is that the dough will tend to stick to the peel.

A common trick to overcome this issue is by layering the peel with either flour or cornmeal before placing the raw dough on it. This will help the pizza slide off the peel and into the oven more seamlessly. Another alternative is to add a layer of parchment paper instead of using the flour or cornmeal.

Another thing that some people should think about is how to clean a pizza peel. If you’re a family that cooks every night, you’ll be glad to know that some of the best pizza peels are dishwasher-friendly.

However, there are other peels that require a bit more care when it comes to cleaning them. In some cases, the use of an abrasive scrubber can even damage your peel. It’s important to check what the acceptable ways to clean a pizza peel are before buying one.

While most pizza peels will do the job of just being a pizza peel, there are others that can serve multiple purposes too. A few of the best pizza peels can also be used as a serving board, especially the wooden ones. If you want to slice your vegetables, some pizza peels also allow you to do this.

Just be sure that your pizza peel’s surface is knife-friendly. Lastly, why only use a pizza peel only for pizzas when you can use it for foods too? Freely use your pizza peel to slide in your breads and pastries too.

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Final Thoughts

As we have shown you, there are some fantastic choices when it comes to finding the best pizza peel. From wooden to aluminum ones, to those that come in one piece to those that fold, there really is a choice for everyone.

A pizza peel is the safest way to prevent your hands and fingers from suffering excruciating burns when cooking your pizza in an oven. It provides a safe transfer to and from your oven and, when done properly, your pizza should just slide off your peel.

Once it slides off, you know you’ve mastered pizza-making when you get that crispy and charred underside on your pizza. This is something you’re unlikely to get without a pizza peel so do yourself (and your family) a favor and get one today.

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