What Kind Of Knife Is Best For Tomatoes? 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The difference between slicing a tomato and hard, thick-skinned fruit or vegetable is that the latter needs more attention.

This is because the thicker skins of these harder veggies prevent them from drying out during storage – but once you cut into it, all those water molecules flood out and cause spoilage if not handled properly!

But, in any case, when you consider the heavenly dinners, you can get ready with this tasty natural product (Caprese salad, tomato sandwiches, tomato pie!), grabbing the proper knife seems to be just normal. Yet, do you know what kind of knife is best for tomatoes?

Other summer produce might be cut with a fine culinary expert’s knife or paring knife. Unfortunately, their edges are seldom adequately sharp to slice through a fragile tomato. These edges will, in general, push down on the natural product, crushing it and pressing out the seeds.

Best Knife For Tomatoes

1. Fashioned Vegetable And Cheese Knife From Cangshan N1 Series

Cangshan N1 Series German Steel Forged Tomato and Cheese Knife


It’s troublesome not to perceive Cangshan’s vegetable knife. While some might discover the sharp edge’s bent shape unreasonable, others might prevail upon an edge with everyday style. This knife, then again, has an excellent quality of the material.

It has a serrated cutting edge, a forked tip, a Rockwell hardness of 58, and four pores in the sharp edge to keep the organic product from adhering to it. While the emptied-out handle might seem peculiar, it is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It’s additionally excellent for slashing cheese.

2. Tomatoes Snipping Knife By Rada Cutlery

Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife


Are you uncertain if a tomato knife is necessary? The knife from Rada Cutlery will quickly convince you. It’s an essential tool with a double serrated sharp edge made of careful grade T420 high carbon treated steel that ensures a straight cut whether you’re left or right-handed.

Remember that, even though it has a scoured handle, you’ll need to wash it by hand since it’s not dishwasher safe.

3. Carefully Assembled Tomato Knife By Mercer Culinary Revolution

Mercer Culinary Renaissance


At the point when you’ve seen the light, you’ll need a durable tomato knife. Assuming you need to develop your current tomato-explicit slicer further, this one from Mercer Culinary is a great choice.

It incorporates a serrated cutting edge made of high-carbon, German stainless steel that easily cuts through tomato skin and meat. It additionally includes a triple-bolted, ergonomic handle for expanded control. Simply be sure you hand-wash it.

4. Knife Kai Sui Komachi Tomato And Parmesan

Kai Pure Komachi 2 3pc Prep Knife Set


Is it safe to say that you are burnt out on the regular, worn-out hardened steel knives? The solution then is Kai’s tomato knife, which is ruby from handle to edges. In any case, this knife is significantly more than its eye-catching tone.

It has a forked tip and a high-carbon treated steel sharp edge for effectively isolating cuts from the rest of the tomato. Likewise, an FDA-supported non-stick gum covering shields the sharp edge from erosion and makes it simple to cut and wipe. Furthermore, as the name infers, it’s similarly powerful on cheese.

5. Tomato Knife By Victorinox

Victorinox, Green Tomato Knife, cm, Handle


As an all-around option, the Victorinox Tomato knife beats its rivals. While its estimating is similar to other minimal expense producers, the Swiss craftsmanship is fantastic. The durable Fibrox handle is slip-safe and ergonomically designed to give solace and equilibrium.

The honed sharp edge is 4.25″ lengthy, a touch shorter than the others on this rundown (11cm). So it is, however, light in hand will engage people with more modest hands. Dealing with pounds of beefsteak tomato won’t land you in the ER.

6. Tomato Slicer Knife By Rada Cookware

Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife Stainless Steel Blade Made in USA


For a valid justification, the Rada Cutlery Tomato Razor is a favorite choice. It’s a very much made, sharp knife reasonable for people on a limited financial plan. The edge is made out of careful grade, high carbon hardened steel and is 5″ long.

This substance makes it unquestionably sharp, so you will not need to make a fuss over re-honing it constantly. Moreover, the double serrated edge is helpful since it permits both left and right-handed clients to cut straight and neatly without fail.

The brushed metal handle looks extraordinary and feels incredible in your grasp. The impediment of this material is that it should be hand-washed. The Rada additionally comes prepared for additional genuine serenity.

This knife was made by an organization situated in the United States doing business starting around 1948. In the cutlery business, they have an excellent standing.

7. Global GS-9

Global Serrated Tomato Knife


Accuracy and quality are inseparable from the Global knife brand. It’s made in Japan by Yoshida Metal Industry, a firm making kitchen knives beginning around 1954, and has a brilliant standing. The Global GS-9 is built of ice-tempered solidified treated steel.

Thus, this knife gives exceptional productivity – a tool that will remain more honed and perform preferred for longer over most different sharp edges in this value range.

We like this knife in light of its alluring design, which contrasts with the standard tomato knife. The emptiness inside of a smooth-looking handle makes it shockingly light. The sharp serrated edge is short, estimating around 3″ long. Anything larger than a tomato will be challenging to chop.

Buying Guide

Best Knife For Tomatoes
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If you love to cook and have a distinct fascination with the kitchen, you would realize that there is no kitchen device better than a knife. Furthermore, assuming we’re discussing knives, there could be no more excellent knife than one that can be utilized to cut tomatoes definitively and productively.

A few elements ought to be thought about while purchasing tomato knives. We should view them.

Material of the sharp edge

When looking at knives for tomatoes, focus on the material that the edge comprises. The cutting edges are generally carbon steel or tempered steel. Carbon steel cutting edges are lighter in weight than hardened steel ones, yet they should be cleaned cautiously and the following used since they will generally rust.

Then again, treated steel sharp edges don’t rust and are not difficult to clean and keep up with too.

The state of the cutting edge: ‘serrated’ or ‘smooth’?

Blades for tomatoes can either be serrated or smooth. Serrated knives have sharp saw-like teeth and, subsequently, the name. They are reasonable for tomatoes since they get handily sliced through the tomato skin without harming it.

Smooth edges, then again, don’t have sharp teeth, and subsequently, there’s zero chance of any sawing activity occurring when you’re utilizing them. The main disadvantage with this kind of knives


Best Knife For Tomatoes
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Will you utilize a serrated knife to cut a tomato?

While serrated cutting edges will, in general, cut tomatoes smoother than plain edge knives (except if they are unquestionably sharp), not all serrated knives can do as such. Steak knives and other standard kitchen knives are ordinarily too thick to consider cutting a paper-slight tomato cut. Cuts are likewise bound to be made utilizing long, ordinary kitchen knives.

Is it needed to utilize a tomato knife?

Yes, you could cut this with any old edge, however assuming you need to try not to squash the organic product’s tissue, a tomato knife is the best approach. Some have a forked tip that permits you to raise and move each cut after it’s been cut; notwithstanding, it’s not necessary. Most of them additionally function well as cheese knives.


Do you know what kind of knife is best for tomatoes? A tomato knife is a tool that will probably be utilized every day in the kitchen while preparing vegetables. It’s intended for perfectly cutting tomatoes, yet it has many different uses in the kitchen.

On almost any little organic product or vegetable, it tends to be utilized like a paring knife. For example, cheese, eggs, and surprisingly little bread rolls are easy to cut with this knife.

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