The 12 Best Cheese Knife Set in 2023

Do you know the difference between a cheese knife and a plain knife? A plain knife will not slice the cheese as a cheese knife would do. Cheeses are a very exquisite food item and they need different knives for each kind of cheese. Soft cheese is sticky so it is usually cut with a knife that has holes. Holes help to release the slice easily. On the other hand, great pressure is required for slicing a small block of hard cheese. Sometimes, you might need a cheese spreader instead of a knife. Depending on your usage, you need the best cheese knife set that serves all your purpose.

Cheese knives are small compared to regular knives. If you use the plain knife to cut the cheese, you might not have the perfect slice. The blades on the knife have a flat bottom to slowly pick the cheese slice. The hard cheese knife is elongated so that you can put the proper pressure while cutting a block. The handles come in plastic, ceramic, or wooden so make sure they do slip away easily while cutting cheese. We have discussed the characteristics of each type of cheese knife set with detailed information to help you to decide the one you need for your events.

Best Pick

BOSKA Explore Collection Cheese Knife

The BOSKA Explore Collection Cheese Knife holder is our best pick on our list as it has 3 knives most useful knives that can serve all purposes. They are heavy-duty material made that provides sturdiness to the knives. The set has knives for hard, soft, and semi-hard cheese with great sharpness that cuts the cheese without putting much effort. Handles have compatible grip and rust free as they are made of stainless steel.

Budget Pick

Freehawk Cheese Knife set with Cucurbit Handle

Freehawk Cheese Knife set with Cucurbit Handle is on our budget pick because of its multi-purpose use. The set has 4 pieces of knife that will cut all types of cheese. The stainless steel blade has durable sharp edges and handles are in cucurbit shape to give a perfect grip. They are easy to clean and the stainless steel prevents them from rusting.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Cheese Knife Set in 2023

1. BOSKA Explore Collection Cheese Knife  

BOSKA Explore Collection Cheese Knife

Highlighted Features

  • The set has 3 kinds of knives to slice all types of cheese.
  • The knives are made of stainless steel to provide durable service.
  • The knives are light-weight to help with portability.
  • The set includes knives for hard and soft cheese.
  • No risk of rust as made of heavy-duty material.
  • The handles give a strong grip to achieve a perfect slice of cheese.

To attain a perfect slice of cheese, you need a sharp-edged cheese knife that’s appropriate to your cheese type. Boska store has a cheese knife set with only 3 knives that can cover all types of cheese. The blade of the soft cheese knife is 3-inch long with a nice angle from the handle to give a steadiness while slicing.  

The semi-soft cheese knife has holes at a regular interval that releases cheese easily. It also has a fork tip to hold cheese steadily. The knife set is easy to clean as the stainless steel does not hold tightly the cheese remnants. However, dry the knives with a piece of a dry towel so that they hold up the sharpness and sturdiness for a long time.

2. Freehawk Cheese Knife set with Cucurbit Handle  

Freehawk Cheese Knife set with Cucurbit Handle

Highlighted Features

  • 4 pieces in the set that includes cheese fork and cheese spread.
  • The handles are made from bamboo wood in the cucurbit shape.
  • The blades are made of stainless steel to serve for a longer period.
  • Light-weight knives that you can easily carry to an outdoor picnic.
  • Most usable knives on the set that can be of versatile use.

Slicing the cheese in uniform shape is a tough job to do but a knife set from Freehawk ensures the pieces with its sharp edged blades. The two rectangular shaped knives slice the cheese without crumbling them. The prong fork helps to place the cheese slice with no trouble on the serving dish. A cheese spreading knife is a very useful piece for spreading on the crackers. 

The Cucurbit handles are made of bamboo wood that gives a strong grip. The handles are 2.36-inch long which gives a perfect space to grab them comfortably. The Freehawk brand makes cheese knife handles in various shapes like round, barrel, button, etc and you can choose the one you desire. 

However, the set has no particular knife for cutting the soft cheese. Soft cheese is sticky and can crumble easily if too much force is put on it.

3. ICOSA Living LUNAR Premium Cheese Knife Set  

ICOSA Living LUNAR Premium Cheese Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in 6 pieces of a knife in the set.
  • Have 4 types of knives to cut all kinds of cheese.
  • The stainless steel used to construct the entire knife that adds a sleek look.
  • Ergonomic handles help to get a stable grip for cutting them into slices.
  • Suitable to put on the dishwasher for cleaning.

Slicing the cheese can be hard if the specific type of knife is not found. The knife set from ICOSA Living includes a 6-piece that will help to cut hard, soft and semi-hard cheese. The sleek design of the knives enhances the ambiance of the meal. 

It is a heavy-duty material made knife set that will give a durable service and protect from future rust. The handles are designed in a cylinder shape to get a solid grip. The design is so good that you can give the set as a present to your relatives. Also, the cheese knife set comes with a user manual that helps you to understand which knife is fit for which type of cheese. Though the stainless steel prevents rust we recommend wiping them dry after washing so they don’t lose sharpness easily.

4. Bekith Cheese Knives with Bamboo Wood Handle  

Bekith Cheese Knives with Bamboo Wood Handle

Highlighted Features

  • It is an 8 pack cheese knife set that includes 4 cheese cutting knives.
  • Each kind of knife comes in 2 pieces which are appropriate to serve a huge number of guests at a time.
  • The blade is made from professional gauge stainless steel that gives strength for cutting the cheese.
  • The set has cutting knives, spreading knives, and a prong fork for serving cheese.
  • The wooden handle gives a classy look and a compatible grip.

When you are throwing a house-warming party or bridal shower, you might need more than one cheese knife of the same kind. 8 pieces set from Bekith have 2 prong knives and 2 cheese spreaders that will not keep your guest waiting for cheese. 4 rectangular knives are there for cutting all kinds of cheese with ease. 

The wooden handle makes them attractive and gives a firm grip for cutting the slices. Another thing we like about these knives is that they are light in weight and you can easily carry them out for outdoor parties. However, the set has no soft cheese knife to cut the soft cheese without crumbling the slices. The brand recommends hand wash the knives for better storage.

5. YXChome Cheese Knives Set 

YXChome Cheese Knives Set

Highlighted Features

  • The knife set has 4 pieces of cheese knives for cutting, spreading, and serving.
  • The knife is a combination of stainless steel and wood.
  • Each of them from the set is lightweight and the ergonomic handle ensures a strong grip.
  • Resists corrosion and rust as they are made of stainless steel.

Whether you like soft cheese or hard cheese, each needs to be properly sliced to enjoy them. A hard cheese knife needs to be strong to endure the pressure of slicing them. On the other hand, a soft cheese knife needs to lose the cheese without sticking it on the blade. Usually, soft cheese knives have holes to prevent them from sticking on the blade. However, this set has no soft cheese knife which will be hard to manage soft cheese.

The handles of the knives are around 5-inch long to provide a strong grip. The material of the blade is made with heavy-duty material to give a long term service. You can use a dishwasher for cleaning the knives but it is better to hand wash them.

6. Hecef Cheese Knife Set  

Hecef Cheese Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • A set of 3 knives with multipurpose use.
  • The Bronze Grain Handle resists the knife from slipping off while cutting cheese.
  • The blades have a black non-stick coating that gives a unique look to the set.
  • The length of the blades is long to perfectly slice the pieces.

All cheese sets are styled in a classic way but if you want a different design, Hecef brings a 3 set knife in a modern design. The knives are versatile to cut through all kinds of cheese. The handle is made of non-slip material bronze grain to hold them firmly while cutting the pieces in a uniform shape. 

The blades have food grade non-sticking coating that gives a retro look to the knife set. The set is safe to put in the dishwasher but the non-stick coating may not last long. So we would advise you to wash the knives by hand with mild dishwashing soap. Moreover, they have no soft cheese knife therefore it is better not to put pressure while slicing the soft cheese.

7. Linwnil Cheese Knives with Wood Handle  

Linwnil Cheese Knives with Wood Handle

Highlighted Features

  • The set is a collection of 12 piece knives.
  • The set has small spoons along with the knives.
  • Bamboo wooden handle restrains from slipping off while slicing cheese.
  • The shiny stainless steel blade protects from rust and gives an elegant look.
  • Multiple pieces of a knife on the set works well for a large gathering.

Cheeses are not always cut into small slices for serving so this guest needs cheese knives at gatherings. This is a perfect knife set for a large gathering as it comes with knives and a spreader along with 4 small spoons and forks for serving.  

The knife's blades are made of stainless steel with a wooden handle to help get a perfect slice of cheese. Linwnil has various options for the handles like ceramic, dark wood, etc to choose from. However, there is no mention of using a dishwasher to clean the knives. It is better if you hand wash them with running water. Another thing about this knife set is that it does not have a knife with holes that are used to cut the soft cheese.

8. M MH ZONE Premium Cheese Knife Set  

M MH ZONE Premium Cheese Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • The 6 piece knife set has all kinds of knives suitable for all cheese types.
  • The entire knife set is made from food-grade stainless steel.
  • The handles are ergonomic designed to provide a slip resistant grip.
  • Stainless steel is a heavy-duty material to protect from rust, stains, and corrosion.

The type of knives used to organize this set from M MH ZONE suitable to cut all types of cheese. The pronged knife is on the set which most of the time is not included in all sets. The pronged knife is used for cutting soft cheese and the holes on them help to release the cheese easily. 

The ergonomic handles are made of stainless steel to provide a compatible grip. The edges of the knives are sharp and help to place the cheese perfectly on the dish. We advise you to wipe the knives after washing them to avoid the rust spots.

9. ICOSA Living HARVEST Premium Cheese Knife Set  

ICOSA Living HARVEST Premium Cheese Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • A complete collection of 6 pieces of cheese knives.
  • Stainless steel is made that provides the exact sharpness and durability to the knife.
  • The handles are made of teak wood and strongly attached to the blades.
  • The total length of the knives is around 5 inches which helps to cut a variety of cheese.

ICOSA Living brings a knife set to cut all types of cheese that helps a lot in gatherings. There are 4 cutting knives, a cheese fork, and a spreader. The knife set has durability as it is made of heavy-duty material stainless steel. 

The teak wood handles compliment the look of the knives and also allow getting a good grip for slicing. The knives need to be hand-washed to protect the wooden handles. The knives come in around 6.7-inch in length.

10. Hecef Cheese Knife & Acrylic Stand Set  

Hecef Cheese Knife & Acrylic Stand Set

Highlighted Features

  • The set includes 2 cheese cutting knives along with a spreader and cheese fork.
  • The knife set comes with an acrylic stander to store the knives.
  • The handle is made of polypropylene to help to hold the knives steadily.
  • Stainless steel is used to construct the blades and to protect them from rust.

Most of the cheese knife sets in our article have wooden or steel handles. Hecef Cheese Knife has handles made of plastic to provide a modern look to your kitchen. It also gives a stand to store the knives. 

The stainless steel blades come with perfectly sharp edges to cut the slices without crumbling the cheese. To clean these knives, wash them thoroughly with hands without scraping. Hard scraping can take off the non-stick coating on the blades.

11. La Cote Cheese Knife Set  

La Cote Cheese Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • A total of 6 pieces of knife on the set.
  • The handles are very unique as they are made from Pakka Wood.
  • The handles come in great lengths and different vibrant colors.
  • Each kind of knife comes in 2 pieces i.e. the set has 2 hard, soft, and cleavers for cheese.
  • The blades are made from Japanese origin stainless steel that eliminates the risk of rust.

If you want something colorful for your cheese knife set, La Cote Cheese Knife Set will be one for you for various colored knife handles. The handles have a pattern which is different from other knife sets that bring out individual characteristics of knives. 

Another impressive factor is the handles are around 4-inch long and provide perfect grip to cut the slices. The knife set will serve you for a long time as the blades are made of Japanese stainless steel to avoid corrosions and stains. Moreover, the Pakka wood is also known for its durability.

The set has 2 pieces for each kind that is great for social gathering. However, the brand recommends hand wash the knives as the handle is made of wood.

12. Kikkerland Mouse Cheese Knives  

Kikkerland Mouse Cheese Knives

Highlighted Features

  • A piece set of 3 knives that comes with mouse-shaped handles.
  • A great design to grab the attention of the guest.
  • The blades are built with stainless steel to endure the pressure of slicing the cheese.

The last one in our list has mouse-shaped handles that compliments the cheese. Kikkerland made a unique shaped handle to seek the attention of the guest. The mouse handle knife sets are very cute and ensure a perfect grip to hold the cheese. 

 The blades are made of stainless steel and very small in size. As the handles have a very unique design, we recommend hand wash the knives for durability.

Things to consider before buying the best cheese knife set

Last week, while shopping a cheese knife set came to your attention. Though you own a great knife set you find it unappealing because of its design. Now you cannot stop thinking about the knife set in the store. But before buying check if the set has all the knives required to slice all kinds of cheese. As cheese comes in different types, it is better to look out for the functions of the knives so that they can serve your purpose. 

Types of cheese knives 

Cheese knife sets have a wide number of knives to cut different cheeses. Each knife is specialized for a particular cheese so that you can enjoy the perfect slice of cheese on your meal. 

Soft cheese knife has sharp edges to cut through soft cheese without breaking the piece. The blade has holes that refrain the cheese from sticking to the knife. Besides the handle has an angle that provides steadiness to your hand while slicing the cheese. The blade is thin and has a broad base that can be used to cut sticky food items like cake. 

A cheese fork is used to hold the cheese while slicing it with another knife. The blade has two pointed prongs that hold the hard cheese in place.  

A spreader is used to spread soft cheese on your buns, bread, or crackers. It is like a butter knife with a rounded blade and it can be used for spreading any creamier items. 

Cheese cleaver is a rectangular shaped blade to cut hard to semi-hard cheese. The knife has a wide blade and an ergonomic handle that allows putting force while slicing up the cheese. It is mostly used to cut the block of cheddar cheese.  

The Parmesan knife has a pointed tip to cut the parmesan cheese without much effort. It can be used to cut hard cheese with its thick blade. Pear knife, spade knife, etc are the other name for this knife. 

The cheese plane is designed in the shape of a flat shovel and used for cutting hard cheese into thin slices. The blade is triangular shaped that helps to plate the cheese for serving. 

The knife chisel has a broad flat knife with sharp edges to slice hard or semi-hard cheese like blue cheese. 

A plane knife also known as a flat knife can be used to cut different cheese. The blade is narrow and all the edges are sharp to cut the slices without sticking to the knife. 

A hard cheese knife comes with a long blade and sharp edges to steadily cut the hard cheese. Cutting the hard cheese requires a lot of force and a solid grip on the handle makes the work easier. 

Number of the knife on the set

Taking into consideration the number of knives on each set is a very important factor. In our article, you will see cheese knife sets come with a various number of knives. Some have 3 knives where others have 4, 6, or 8. A higher number of knives increases the price of each set. Decide which type of knives is mostly needed for your kitchen so that you have no knife left that will remain unused. 

La Cote Cheese Knife Set has 6 pieces of knives but each kind comes in 2 numbers. Whereas Linwnil Cheese Knives has 12 pieces on the set that includes cheese cutters, spreader, fork, and small spoons that help to serve the cheese. 

Knife blade

The blades of cheese knives come in diverse shapes according to their use on different cheeses. Most of the blades of cheese knives are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its durability and anti-corrosion properties. Moreover, the bacteria used to make cheese are not reactive with stainless steel. So, there is no threat of chemical reaction while slicing the cheese.

After receiving the package ensure the sharpness of the knife. Blunt knife gives zero results in cutting a smooth and perfect slice of cheese. To retain the sharpness of the blades, wipe the knife with a dry towel after washing them. Water makes stains on the knives and destroys the look of the elegant knife set.


The cheese knives you will find are made of stainless steel. However, some brands may be using a non-stick coating to make it extra safe from chemical reactions. Spend some time finding what is used to make the knife and if it will serve a long time. Also, identify which kind of cheese knife you want to buy. Soft, hard, and semi-hard cheeses have different knives to slice them properly. The knife for soft cheese cannot be used for cutting hard cheese as hard cheeses require a lot of pressure for slicing. Putting a lot of force on a soft cheese knife can break the knife. 


As we mentioned in our article, there is a specific knife used for cutting each type of cheese. Both cheese cleaver and knife chisel are used to cut hard cheeses as they have almost the same functions. Like them, you will find various knives for a single purpose but it is better to choose the one that serves more than one purpose. 


The handles of the knives need to be ergonomic to get a good grip while slicing the cheese. If the sharpness and the steadiness of the knife are not found, the slices will not come out in uniform shape. The cheeses can get crumbled and not fit for serving to the guests. The handles come from wooden, ceramic, or plastic. The wooden handle tends to work better than the plastic ones for their compatible grip. 

You will find handles with different designs on the market. In our list, Kikkerland Cheese Knife has a handle that is shaped like a mouse. If you want a unique colorful handle, you will find that on the knife set of La Cote. However, knives with wooden handles are recommended not to put on dishwashers as the wood can be damaged with water.

Cleaning the knife set

The knife sets mentioned in our article are made of stainless steel and so they are free from rust. Hand washing the knives with the help of wet cloth and mild soap will clean the grease from the knife. The holes on the soft cheese knife can be hard to clean but placing the knife directly underwater can remove the cheese remaining. However, many brands say the knives are suitable to put on dishwashers but we recommend simply washing them with hand for longer use. 


Is it possible to cut the cheese into a proper slice with a normal knife?

Yes, it is possible to cut cheese with a normal knife but you might get the particular shape you wanted. Soft cheese does not require much pressure to cut through. So they might crumble into small fragments if applied too much pressure. On the other hand, hard cheese needs a lot of pressure. A sharp edge with a good grip on the handle on the knife is chosen to cut the cheese.

How to cut cheese without sticking it on the knife?

Usually, soft cheese gets stuck to the knife. You can avoid this situation by holding the knife at an angle of 45 degrees or more and push it down. The soft cheese knife has holes that help to release the cheese as soon as possible they are sliced. 

How holes help in slicing the cheese?

Soft cheese knife has holes on the blades which prevents the cheese from sticking to the knife. The blades on the knife are made of stainless steel that makes them anti-corrosive and resists stickiness on the knife. Moreover, some brands use a non-stick coating on the blade to prevent stickiness. 


If you are looking for a new cheese knife set or want to replace the old set, we have discussed the specification of 12 knife sets in a detailed way to help you choose the best cheese knife set. Choosing the perfect knife set can be hard as all of the sets do not have all types of knives. The blades of all the knives are made of stainless steel to protect them from rusting. But you need to decide if you want a steel handle or a wooden one. Not only the material but you also need to look for the size of the cheese knives as some come in mini size. 

A cheese knife set is significant in wine tastings or social gatherings. In a social gathering, you will need more than one knife for soft, hard, or semi-firm cheese. The knives are different as each cheese is different from one another. Cheese spreader and cheese fork are also necessary along with the cheese cutters. We hope our article will help you decide which one of the 12 cheese knives will be suitable for you.