The 12 Best Ceramic Knives in 2023

Knives are among the first things we pick when we begin working on a recipe. However, traditional stainless steel knives are now being replaced by ceramic knives. And for the right reasons.

Imagine slicing paper-thin potatoes at a fast pace without tiring your hands. With ceramic knives, it becomes a reality even for amateur cooks. They are incredibly sharp and lightweight, therefore, effortless to work with. As a result, chopping and slicing will no longer feel like a drag. You can get more work done, much faster. And the best part is, they will never rust. Expect a fresh look even years after purchase.

Believe it or not, ceramic knives are harder than steel. And the razor-sharp edges last longer. That means ceramic knives hardly ever need resharpening. However, this low maintenance comes at a cost. Ceramic knives are more brittle than steel. As a result, there are certain tasks that you cannot achieve with these knives.

Learn more about ceramic knives in this article. Read about our roundup of the best ceramic knives and make your pick.

Best Pick

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Knife

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Knives offer a micro-serrated cutting edge that is suitable for all the essential cutlery needs. The product will serve you proudly for years. And when it gets a little dull, you can send it back to the manufacturer for resharpening.

Budget Pick

Wacool Ceramic Knife

Wacool Ceramic Knife is an ideal choice for home cooks who need multipurpose cutlery set within budget. With three knives of different lengths, the package delivers a promise of meeting several cutting needs.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Ceramic Knives

1. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Knife  

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Knife

Highlighted Features

  • It is a single ceramic knife featuring a 5-inches blade that is micro-serrated for better performance
  • The product is ideal for preparing straight cuts of fruits and vegetables within a short time
  • With a minimalistic design, the blades are available in black and white finish
  • The zirconia blades are imported from Japan

Kyocera is a Japanese company that is trusted across the world for delivering premium-quality cookware. They were, in fact, one of the first companies to introduce ceramic knives to professional chefs.  Now their products are offered at the consumer level so that everyone can enjoy the brilliance of ceramic knives.

The brand makes the best use of ceramic’s properties to deliver sharpness, durability, and low-maintenance packed together in a 5-inch micro-serrated utility knife. This allows you to achieve fine slices effortlessly. The blade comes in black color along with a matte black handle, which makes it an elegant addition to your kitchen.

If you’re new to ceramic knives, we highly recommend you opt for the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Knives. It offers excellent value for money. From thin tomato slices to tough-skinned fruits and vegetables, the knife is ideal for preparing a wide range of food. And when it needs resharpening, you can simply return the product to Kyocera and expect fresh blades for a small fee.

2. Wacool Ceramic Knife  

Wacool Ceramic Knife

Highlighted Features

  • The product features bright multicolored handles with secure grips that are easy to pick and control
  • The blades offer 15 times more sharpness retainment than steel, ensuring long-lasting service
  • Made following forged construction, the product promises durability
  • There is no chemical leakage from the blades during its use, which makes it a healthy choice. It also comes with BPA free sheath

Sharper than most of their steel counterparts, the Wacool Ceramic Knife Set includes one 6-inches chef’s knife, one 5-inches utility knife, and a 3-inch fruit paring knife. The versatile set makes an excellent pick for people who spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. It’s a complete package catering to your cutting needs.

Colorful handles in orange, blue, and green finish support the silver blades. They also feature blade protectors of the same colors. The handles are made of plastic and coated with a rubber surface for better grip. It also comes with gripping dots to avoid accidental slip. The goal was to minimize the risk of cutting through your skin, and we’d say Wacool has done a great job at it.

With minimal surface resistance and a ruthless razor-sharp cutting edge, the product easily made our list of the best ceramic knives. You can get a large amount of chopping done in the shortest possible time. The company promises to deliver such sharpness for fifteen times longer than a regular kitchen knife.

3. Shenzhen Kitchen Ceramic Knives  

Shenzhen Kitchen Ceramic Knives

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes in a set of three ceramic knives offering greater versatility and covering all your basic cutting needs
  • The compact black handles offer a comfortable grip for smooth cutting and chopping
  • Blades are corrosion-free and rust-resistant, which makes maintenance super easy even years after purchase
  • The set contains a chef’s knife, a slicing knife, and a paring knife

For people who enjoy high-quality knives, here’s an incredible offering by Shenzhen Kitchen. The 3-piece ceramic knife set includes a 6.5 inches chef’s knife, a 5 inches slicing knife, and a 4 inches paring knife. So you can cover a whole lot of everyday cutting duties with this set.

It is resistant to tear and wear. However, the product will chip or break if you try to cut through bones or thick-skinned vegetables. Refrain from opening tin cans with the tip of the knives as well.

The ceramic blades are coated with non-stick material for better performance. Neither food particles nor odor can hang on to the blades. Be it spicy or juicy, you can move from one food to the next after a simple wipe or rinse. Moreover, the product does not leave any metallic aftertaste on the food you just chopped. That is to say, the knife set does not alter the taste of food even to the slightest.

4. Takiup Ceramic Knife Set  

Takiup Ceramic Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • Containing six pieces of knives, the product offers a complete cutting solution
  • The blade edges are serrated so they can tear through thick-skinned fruits and vegetables, offering fine slices
  • Comes with ceramic coating to prevent transfer of odor from one food to the next
  • The handles are made of plastic, therefore lightweight and easy to control

Featuring cleverly-crafted blades on top of colorful plastic handles and slightly rounded bellies, the Takiup Ceramic Knife set will soon be your best friend in the kitchen. The knife set includes a 6 inches serrated bread knife, a 6 inches chef knife, a 5 inches slicing knife, a 4 inches utility knife, a 3 inches paring knife, and a peeler.

Given the variety offered in this set, it is likely that you will soon find yourself using it for everything. The knife set is well equipped to cater to all your needs, from preparing quick snacks to cutting an apple before dashing out the door. Moreover, each knife comes in catchy colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and so on. The color coding is a smart addition so you can avoid cross using the knives during meal preparation.

The forged bolster construction ensures durability and seamless performance. Besides, the tip of each knife is rounded so that the risk of chipping is minimized. And you’ll be glad to know that the entire package is offered at a very reasonable price, delivering excellent value for your money.

5. Cook N Home Ceramic Knife  

Cook N Home Ceramic Knife

Highlighted Features

  • The set contains four knives: a santoku knife, a utility knife, a fruit knife, and a paring knife
  • The product has very little metal content and leaves no metallic taste on the food
  • The handles come in multicolor finish offering an attractive addition to your kitchen toolkit
  • Blades are very easy to clean and maintain

Four knives, a peeler, and protective sheaths to guard the knives when not in use - Cook N Home delivers a brilliant package and completes your kitchen toolkit. It also works as an ideal starter kit for people who are moving to a new place or starting a family.

The knives and the peeler have comfortable plastic grips for easy handling, overfitted with balanced blades. They are also color-coded to avoid confusion while you’re preparing a meal. All the knives in the set are incredibly lightweight, so you can chop a large amount of food efficiently. The non-reactive blades allow you to carve thin slices of fruits, vegetables, and boneless chicken.

6. Wolf War Kitchen Ceramic Knife

Wolf War Kitchen Ceramic Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Both blades and handles come in a matte black finish
  • The set contains four ceramic blades along with a peeler; all in black color
  • The blades are rust-proof and stain-proof, offering long-lasting performance
  • Non-reactive blades make sure to retain the original taste of food

If you prefer versatility and want to achieve multiple results from one purchase, then here’s a product that might interest you. Wolf war is a multipurpose ceramic knife set that includes a chef’s knife, a utility knife, a fruit knife, and a paring knife to serve all your culinary needs in one package. Besides, there’s a functional peeler that can make your chopping tasks easier by peeling off thick skins.

Black knives, along with ergonomically arched handles, this set will fit right into your kitchen countertop. It delivers unique support to reduce your hand fatigue during chopping. However, it is not meant for carving, boning, or cutting hard food. Always use wooden or plastic chopping boards with this ceramic knife. It may be damaged when used with glass or marble boards.

7. Quellance Ceramic Chef Knife  

Quellance Ceramic Chef Knife

Highlighted Features

  • The single knife is available in black finish
  • It retains cutting edge ten times longer than a regular kitchen knife
  • Advanced ceramic blades prevent absorbing food elements, making cleaning and rinsing very easy
  • The product features a functional sheath that protects the blades from tear and wear

The Quellance Ceramic Chef Knife is a 6-inches long product that’s made to meet a variety of chopping needs rather than excelling in one particular task. From slicing tomatoes and cheese to splitting a sandwich with your friend, pick this chef’s knife. It weighs only 6.4 ounces, so you can always use it on the go.

Make sure to use it on a soft cutting board for long-lasting performance. Pick a plastic or woodwork chopping board and continue cutting, mincing, or slicing any food you crave. The product also comes with a protective sheath for secure storage.

However, refrain from turning the knife to its side and smashing garlic or other small items. The knife may snap immediately. Through careful handling, you can make use of this product for years to come.

8. Vos Ceramic Knife  

Vos Ceramic Knife

Highlighted Features

  • The 8-inches long blade is light as a feather, allowing you to chop faster and more efficiently
  • The product is impervious to oil, fat, and acid
  • Ergonomic handles ensure that you have well-balanced control and secure grip
  • The Vos ceramic knives are very lightweight, at least half the weight of a typical metal knife

If you prefer knives with longer blades, check out his brilliant offering by Vos. The 8 inches chef knife comes prepared to meet your culinary needs within a budget. This is a knife you can turn to for all your regular cutting tasks. It works exceptionally well even when you’re in a rush.

The company advertises the handle as an ergonomic design. But we believe that it really depends on the shape of the hand that’s using it. That said, we love the bright green color of the handle and the fact that it features gripping dots for comfortable chopping. It is textured enough to stay put even with a light grip. So you won’t have to put too much energy into chopping. Plus, you will have complete control over the unit, despite the long blade. All things considered, Vos Ceramic Knife is a promising product for amateur and professional chefs alike.

9. Jeslon Chef Knives  

Jeslon Chef Knives

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes as a set of four knives, containing a paring knife, a fruit knife, a utility knife, and a chef knife
  • All the blades are available in white color, supported by colorful handles
  • Handles feature an ergonomic design, crafted for durability and comfort
  • The product is easy to clean; a simple wipe will clean off all the food particles from the blade

From compact three-inch paring knife to long six-inch chef knife, take your pick from this highly functional Jeslon Chef Knives. Owing to its versatility, the cutlery set makes a great choice both for home and commercial kitchens.

It is made of rust-proof, BPA free material and promises durability through robust construction. The ceramic knives neither absorb food particles and odor nor does it release chemical components into your food. So it will not impart an aftertaste of any sort.

It also cleans easily, thanks to its non-stick surface. Simply wiping or rinsing will do the trick. The handles are soft yet perfectly balanced. So you can use the knife for long periods.

10. Sendaist Ceramic Kitchen Knives  

Sendaist Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Highlighted Features

  • The set includes three ceramic knives: a chef knife, a utility knife, and a fruit knife
  • All the knives are offered in beautiful black and silver finish
  • The zirconia blades come with a black blade guard for better protection, both for you and the knife
  • The handles have an anti-skid layer made of BPA-free material to ensure a comfortable grip for a long time

Sendaist Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set is designed in line with contemporary kitchen decor. Not only by its looks, but we were also impressed with how well it works in the kitchen. The knife set includes three ceramic knives of different sizes, meant to serve different purposes.

The razor-sharp knives are especially suitable to slice and dice fruits and vegetables of any size. You can even work on the ones with thick skins. Peel the skin first using the peeler that comes in the package and proceed to slicing as per your recipe demands.

The product is one-thirht of a steel knife’s weight, making it incredibly easy to work with. You can break out of hand fatigue and get a large amount of chopping done within a short time.

11. Artaste 59229 Ceramic Knife Set  

Artaste 59229 Ceramic Knife Set

Highlighted Features

  • The three-piece ceramic knife set includes a utility knife, chef knife, and a peeler
  • The handle is made of plastic, coated with rubber material, and features gripping dots to ensure stable handling
  • Odor does not transfer from one food to another once the blades are rinsed or wiped
  • The product includes a sheath for safe storage of the ceramic blades

Expertly crafted keeping the needs of both home and professional cooks in mind, the Artaste 59229 Ceramic Knife set offers you an option between a 4-inches utility knife and a 6-inches chef knife. Both the knives promote versatility in the kitchen. Moreover, there is a peeler that can help you with the cutting tasks.

The knives and peeler come in a black finish for a stylish look. And the blades are fitted on top of an ergonomic plastic handle injected with a soft rubber touch for superior grip. The handles feature gripping dots To enhance performance, leaving nothing to chances. Such measures are taken because of the brittle nature of ceramic knives. They will break if you drop the knife accidentally.

Moreover, the package contains a sheath for both the knives and delivers added protection. Simply put the sheath on when the knives are not in use. All in all, Artaste delivers a beautiful combination of style, performance, and comfort in one package.

12. Crepow Ceramic Knife  

Crepow Ceramic Knife

Highlighted Features

  • The set includes four ceramic knives and a peeler, all in bright colored handles and white blades
  • The package also includes an acrylic knife holder that’s designed to cater to the needs of modern kitchen
  • The blades never rust or leave any aftertaste in the food
  • Each knife also features its own protective sheath, ensuring durability

Crepow Ceramic Knives arrive with their own knife holder, designed both for durability and aesthetic purpose. Featuring chef, utility, fruit, and paring knives, the product can efficiently work as your primary cutlery set.

The different blade lengths add further to its versatility - each catering to different needs. Moreover, there’s a peeler that works to make cutting easier for you. Just peel off the thick skins on fruits and vegetables so the rest of the cutting can be done effortlessly.

Throughout the process, the lightweight material makes sure that your hands are not getting tired. The blades are supported by ergonomically arched handles that deliver further convenience.

Note that the knives will chip when put into a dishwasher. But don’t worry. The blade surface is coated with non-stick material for easy cleaning. Food particles will easily come off when rinsed with water and a sponge.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Ceramic Knives

What are Ceramic Knives?

As the name suggests, ceramic knives are made of ceramic blades. But it’s not the same ceramic that’s used to make coffee mugs and plates. The material is called “advanced ceramic.” These knives contain a chemical called zirconium dioxide or zirconia which makes the material significantly harder than carbon steel, titanium, or carbide. On the Mohs scale, hardness for zirconia measures 8.5 while that of steel measures only 4.5.

Ceramic knives can effortlessly cut fruits and vegetables into fine slices. Plus, you can cut boneless meat, bread, and everything in between. However, due to the brittleness of the blades, they cannot cut frozen food or bones. You’ll still have to keep metal knives for that purpose.

That said, ceramic knives are a fantastic option for home cooks who do a lot of slicing and dicing but want to avoid the trouble of regular sharpening. The blades are later sharpened on a grinding wheel, finished with a diamond dust coat. As a result, a cohesive layer is generated. This is a distinctive advantage that puts ceramic knives over most of its competitions.

Why choose Ceramic Knife over Steel Knife

There are several alternatives to traditional steel knives offered to cater to particular needs. Ceramic knives are among the most functional ones. While they cannot fully replace metal knives, ceramic knives make an incredible addition to your kitchen toolkit. In many cases, they offer a better culinary experience than their counterparts. So why should you pick ceramic knives over steel knives, and when?

Ceramic knives are much harder than metal knives offering stable and flexible strength. And the sharp edges remain intact for a lot longer, thanks to the excellent wear properties of the material. So unlike steel knives, they do not require regular sharpening.

Despite the sharpness, they are very brittle. These knives may break even if you accidentally drop them on the sink. That means you will have to pick a metal knife for cutting harder food content or bones.

But when it comes to cutting fruits and vegetables, chefs automatically turn to ceramic knives. They are lightweight, and the weight is evenly distributed. So you will have complete control over the blades. It is less tiring even if you’re cutting large volumes of food.

While they demand careful handling, ceramic knives are very low maintenance. The material is corrosion-resistant and far less absorbent than metal. Substances like acid, salt, or juice cannot affect the blades, offering longer service. Among the most prominent features of ceramic knives are their durability and ability to thrive in rough environments.

They are also odorless. The blades are not as porous as metal knives, preventing odor from passing from one food to the next. As a result, you can cut a variety of food at once and they will still have their distinctive smell. It also prevents bacterial growth giving the knives sanitary advantages.

Ceramic knives are rust-proof. Since they do not contain metallic material, you will never have to worry about rust. They are very easy to clean, as well. Fat or oil cannot stick to the ceramic surface, which makes rinsing feel like a breeze. From chef and utility knives to santoku knives, you’ll find a superb selection on our list.

How to Care for Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives are certainly a level above regular kitchen knives. So they demand special attention when it comes to cleaning. With proper care, a set of ceramic knives will serve you for several years. Utilize it to the fullest following these simple cleaning tips.

Store Carefully

Most ceramic knife sets come with a block or protective case. They are typically made of plastic, wood, and in rare cases, bamboo. To fit with your modern kitchen decor, knife blocks are now available in versatile designs and bright colors, ready to sit on the countertop, hang from the wall, or even go into the drawer. These blocks are designed to keep the brittle blades safe and prevent nicks. Make sure to store the knives in the designated blocks once you’re not using them.

Hand-Wash Only, Avoid Dishwasher

Ceramic knives are not dishwasher friendly. Since they are prone to breaking and chipping, it’s best to avoid the high water pressure in dishwasher jets. There’s a good chance you’ll find them broken into blade fragments after clashing against other kitchenware.

Due to their non-absorbent property, ceramic knives are very easy to clean. With several layers of diamond dust coats on the blades, they don’t let oil or fat content sit on the surface. This ensures quick and effective handwashing.

How to Sharpen Ceramic Knives

As we have mentioned earlier, ceramic knives do not need to be honed and re-sharpened on a regular basis. Their sharpness is supposed to last at least ten times longer than kitchen knives. It's great news because resharpening ceramic knives is not that simple.

While it’s a slow process, ceramic blades will inevitably lose sharpness over time. But the hardness of the material makes it difficult to resharpen the blades on regular knife-sharpener or blocks. Moreover, due to their brittle nature, putting any pressure at the wrong points can cause the blade to snap immediately. 

At this point, you will need to seek professional help for the most reliable results. The best ceramic knives offer professional sharpening for your convenience. This is a key consideration while shopping. Look for ceramic knives that allow you to return the unit to the manufacturer for resharpening.

Buying Singles vs. Sets

As you browse through your options, you’ll soon notice the versatility offered through ceramic knives. You can choose to purchase them in sets or singles. If you want to maximize the value for money, you may opt for ceramic knife sets. They make an ideal pick if you need knives to handle various chopping, slicing, and dicing duties.

On the other hand, a single ceramic knife will be much less expensive. So if you have a particular task in mind and need a knife to serve the purpose, we suggest you go for a single knife.

Pay Attention to the Handles

Sharp blades are inherently dangerous. While no handle can change this fact, be sure to get one that ensures maximum safety. Most ceramic blades today come with ergonomic handles that offer secure and comfortable grips.

If you’re looking for a firm grip, pick a product that features textured detail and a non-slip layer. You will also find a range of molded handles for a comfortable grip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic knives better than steel? 

While ceramic knives are sharper than steel and offer longer service without getting rust, they are not necessarily better. With fewer bacteria growth, less weight, and non-reactive properties, ceramic knives are certainly a strong competitor against traditional steel knives. However, there are certain things that you can achieve with steel knives, otherwise impossible with ceramic ones.

Ceramic knives, being very lightweight, do not make slicing feel like a chore. However, they cannot cut hard, frozen, or semi-frozen food. You still need metal knives for that purpose.

Which cutting boards are best for ceramic knives?

Plastic and wooden boards are the most compatible with ceramic knives. New material has been introduced in the market - compressed wood fibers, which are also well suited with ceramic knives. Avoid chopping boards that are made of glass and marble.

How can you keep the ceramic knives from chipping? 

Always protect the knives with a blade cover, sheath, or blocks. Also, make sure to keep the knife set away from the rest of your cookware. Avoid dishwasher and clean the ceramic knives with scratch-free sponges and gentle detergents. These careful measures will help protect the ceramic surface.  

Do ceramic knives trigger metal detectors? 

Primarily made of ceramic, the blades in ceramic knives often contain enough metal to trigger a metal detector. If not blade, then most handles are made of metal content. If you’re trying to avoid a metal detector, look for knives that are completely made of ceramic and supported by plastic handles. 


Ceramic knives translate to a perfect mix of sharpness, durability, and easy-maintenance for home cooks and professionals alike. You can easily turn a fruit or vegetable into fine slices using any products from our list of the best ceramic knives. Cutting food like an expert is now only a purchase away.