12 Best Knife Bag To Travel With Your Knives 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a knife bag for your expensive culinary set? Knife bags protect the knives while traveling and it is of great use to the culinary students. The knife bags contain various numbers of slots.

The requirement for slots can vary as a culinary student or a chef will need a bag with a large number of slots. On the other hand, for a camping trip, you will use some specific knives. Check the number of slots required to store knives before buying the best knife bag for your use.   

Best Knife Bag

In addition, as professionals use heavy-duty knives, the knife bag needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the knives. The double stitching on the corners and the edges of the bag make it durable.

Comparison Table

The slots also have elastic to hold the knives stable in one position. Polyester, waxed canvas, and leather are used to construct the bags and they need to maintain differently. We hope our article will help to find the perfect bag for your knives and you can travel with knives with ease.

Best Pick

Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Storage Bag

The Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Storage Bag Knife is our best pick on our list as it is made of water resistant material, Nylon and can hold 7 knives at a time. It can hold all the knives which are essential for an outdoor picnic.

Additionally, the hook-and-loop straps hold the knives stable, and an adjustable shoulder strap helps in comfortable transportation.

Budget Pick

Noble Home & Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

Noble Home & Chef’s Knife Roll Bag is on our budget pick because of having slots to carry 18-inch meat cleavers. This bag has the capacity to hold 10 knives along with other kitchens comfortably.

 Polyester canvas makes the bag sturdy and the metal zippers, adjustable straps hold the knife stable in place. Also, this bag gives the option of how you want to carry the knife roll.

Best Knife Rolls & Bags

1. Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Storage Bag - Our Top Pick

Mercer Culinary Knife Roll Storage Bag

Highlighted Features

  • 7 pockets to firmly hold the knives.
  • The pockets are suitable to hold at the most 12-inch knife.
  • The pockets have elastic to secure the knives.
  • The bag has hook-and-loop closure to make packing easier.
  • Made of heavy-duty material Nylon to ensure durability.
  • Adjustable straps to carry them comfortably.

This knife bag from Mercer Culinary is made from Nylon to provide flexibility and durability. Nylon material is washable, so you can easily wash it if it gets stained. The most important feature of this bag is that it has 7 pockets to hold up to a 12-inch knife. The pockets are appropriate to hold a boning knife, bread knife, chef knife, etc.

It also contains elastics to perfectly fit the knives on the pockets. The bags come in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Velcro straps are on the bag to make it easy to fold. The bag has one adjustable shoulder strap to carry.

However, the bag has no padding to protect from a collision between the knives. This roll-up knife bag is easy to clean as nylon resists water and stains. The bag is not very huge so you can easily store them in a small storage area.  

2. Noble Home & Chef’s Knife Roll Bag - Best Choice for Students

Noble Home & Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

Highlighted Features

  • 15 slots to carry knives, spoons, and other kitchen accessories.
  • Eligible to carry 18-inch knives including a meat cleaver.
  • Flexible pouch to store scissors or measuring spoons.
  • The bag has handles and shoulder straps for easy transportation.
  • Adjustable strap to tighten after folding the bag.
  • The bag is manufactured with 600D to make it durable for regular use.
  • Metal zippers to secure the knives while moving.

This knife bag will be great for the culinary students as it can carry 10 knives along with other kitchen tools. The feature we like most about this knife bag is that it has a designated pouch for 18-inch meat cleavers. Not only slots but also a flexible pouch is added to the bag to carry spoons, scissors, etc.

Another feature we like is that the bag is carried on the shoulder and also by hand. If you want to carry knives for camping, you can easily carry them with their shoulder straps. A padded handle is also provided to carry according to your convenience.  

The bag is made from 600Denier polyester canvas which makes it strong and durable to use for a long time. This roll bag also has metal zippers as well as flexible straps to hold the knives together securely.

3. Messermeister Knife Roll

Messermeister Knife Roll

Highlighted Features

  • The bag has 8 pockets to store the knives.
  • The pockets are designed to hold 18-inch knives.
  • The bag includes 1 large pocket, pen pockets, and an internal mesh pocket along with knife slots.
  • The bag is fully padded and metal zippers are used as closures.
  • Heavy-duty material Nylon is used for creating the bag.
  • Padded handle and removal shoulder straps come along with the bag.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.

This is a premium quality bag from Messermeister that is entirely padded to keep the knives undamaged. There are 8 slots on the bag with elastic to securely hold them. The pockets are wide enough to hold 18-inch knives.

The feature we like about this bag is that it has a large pocket, business card slots, and a pocket for 3 or 4 pencils. An internal mesh pocket is also advantageous to carry scissors or other kitchen utensils.

This brand also makes bags with a larger number of pockets. You can use the bag with handles or hang it on your shoulder. The handles are padded for a firm grip and the shoulder straps are flexible.    

Nylon 600denier provides sturdiness to the bag. Denier is the thickness of the thread, so that is strong enough to carry the sharp-edged blades. Moreover, the bag had additional foam to protect the blades. The bag has metal zippers to seal after packing. The bag can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth but it should not be soaked in water for a long time.



Highlighted Features

  • It is a leather handcrafted bag that has a classic vintage look.
  • 10 wide pockets to store at most 18-inch knives.
  • 4 additional slots to store medium-sized kitchen utensils.
  • Spatulas can also be fitted on the slots.
  • 1 zipper pouch comes along with the bag.
  • Flexible straps to tighten the roll and wide handle to carry around.

If you are looking for a knife bag with a vintage look, AARON LEATHER GOODS VENDIMIA ESTILO Knife Bag can be the one for its classic design. It is made of Buff Calf leather- oil-tanned leather produced from a calf. The interior double stitched so that the pockets don’t open up from the sharpness of the blade.

A desirable feature about this bag is that it comes with an individual zipper pouch. You can easily carry small kitchen utensils on it. The role bag can store 10 kitchen knives and it has 4 separate utensil holders. From spatula to 18-inch butcher knives, you can easily carry them in the bag. The pockets are stretchable to perfectly fit the accessories.

To complement the look of the bag, the vintage buckles are added to tightly roll the bag. In addition, the handles and shoulder straps are padded to provide exterior protection. This bag is also designed in 5 different colors. However, this bag might not be water-resilient consequently try to keep it away from water. 

5. Ergo Chef Knife Roll Bag

Ergo Chef Knife Roll Bag

Highlighted Features

  • 5 elastic slots to hold the knives.
  • The pockets are suitable to hold at the most 12-inch blade.
  • Nylon is used to make the bag water and stain-resistant.
  • Plastic zippers are used on the bag as closure.
  • Padded handle for comfort in carrying around.
  • A mini-sized bag perfect for a day trip.

This bag from Ergo Chef is a lightweight and small-sized carrier that can hold 5 knives at a time. If you do not require carrying a lot of cooking utensils you can easily use this bag. The bag is 19-inch in length and 11-inch wide when open.

The pockets have elastic to hold the knives in place. The handle is wide and padded to ease of transportation. Zippers are used to fold the bag.

However, the knife slots are double stitched. The bag might not be able to hold the heavy knives in place. The bag does not have shoulder straps in case you want a knife bag to carry on your shoulders.

The inside material is not a tear-proof material. You need to use a sheath to cover the blades before placing the knives on the bag. Though the bag is made of nylon it cannot hold the weight of the knife properly. This bag is great for lightweight kitchen utensils.

6. EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Bag

EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Bag

Highlighted Features

  • This bag comes with 3 individual storage sections.
  • The compartments are capable of carrying 20 knives.
  • 1 compartment contains entirely mesh pockets with zippers.
  • The pockets have elastic and are double-stitched to prevent tearing off due to a sharp blade.
  • The slots can accommodate a 20.5-inches blade.
  • Handle and shoulder straps for easy movement.
  • It is a heavy-duty bag made of 600D Polyester fabric.

This bag will be perfect if you are a chef and have to travel a lot as this bag is big enough to hold all the required knives. This bag is gigantic with 3 compartments that can hold 20 knives. The knife blades can be 20.5-inch and you can easily fit them on the elastic pockets. The slots on both sides are in opposite directions to avoid the clash between the blades when the bag is closed.  

The elastic slots are 5-inches in length and 2-inches wide to perfectly fit the handle of the knives. Each compartment has zippers to close. 2 compartments are for knives and the remaining 1 compartment has 3 mesh pockets for scissors, whisks, spatulas, etc.

Another feature about this bag is that it is very comfortable to carry as it has handles and removable shoulder straps. As the bag is designed to carry heavy-duty knives, premium quality material is used to engineer the bag. Polyester 600denier is the material that upholds the weight of the cleavers and resists tearing apart. For long lasting service, clean with a wet towel instead of soaking in water.

7. Hersent Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

 Hersent Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

Highlighted Features

  • Capable to hold 11 kitchen knives and other utensils.
  • The sleeves are able to fit 18.8-inches knives.
  • The pockets are made in different sizes to fit all types of knives.
  • Two long flexible buckles to tighten the bag.
  • It has shoulder straps for ease of traveling.
  • A flexible slot to store small kitchen tools.
  • Can easily be packed inside a suitcase.
  • It is a waxed canvas knife bag that is durable and sturdy to hold the knives.

This is a light-weight knife bag that you easily pack in your luggage. It is made of canvas infused with a wax to increase the strength and durability of the knife. As this bag is capable of foreign countries, slight movements of the luggage will not tear the bag.

The bag has 11 multi-sized sleeves to carry multiple sized knives. Not only knives you can also carry a spoon and forks in this bag. On the side of the elastic slots, a flexible zippered slot is available to carry small tools. Moreover, the buckles are adjustable to hold the tools secured in one place.

Moreover, the bag has shoulder straps and the bag comes in 3 different colors. This bag is different from others as you can wash the bag by placing it in water but you need to sundry it immediately.

8. Chef Sac Knife Sling Bag Case

Chef Sac Knife Sling Bag Case

Highlighted Features

  • It is a back-pack designed knife bag.
  • Highly padded bag made of polyester canvas.
  • Can store 21 kitchen knives comfortably.
  • 4 compartments to store at most 18-inch knife blades.
  • Elastic knife slots to fit the cleavers and other kitchen tools.
  • Adjustable straps to help carry with ease.
  • The slots are double stitched and high-quality zippers to make them durable.
  • Electronic devices like laptops and chargers are possible to carry on this bag.

This knife bag from Chef Sac ensures multi-purpose service as it can be used for carrying knives and laptops. The bag can be opened into 4 compartments to accommodate 21 knives. The knives can be 18-inch and it has mesh compartments to spoon and spatulas. The slots are specially designed to fit different sizes of knives. The mesh pockets have zippers to hold the tools inside.

Another feature we like about this bag is that it can carry chopping boards, laptops, chargers as well. So if you are going for a 2 or 3 days trip, this bag has enough space to fit everything you need for the trip. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about tearing it apart as this bag has double stitching and is made of 600Denier polyester.

Polyester makes the bag durable as it is wear-proof and has the capacity to hold the weight of 21 heavy-duty kitchen knives and cleavers. There is an extra strap above the sleeves to hold the blades steady.

9. Chef Sac Knife Roll Bag

CHEF SAC Chef Knife Roll Bag

Highlighted Features

  • 2 mesh zippered pockets to hold cleavers and other tools.
  • Elastic slots with additional straps to hold all the knives stable in place.
  • Can hold 9 knives that are at most 17-inch.
  • Additional 6 sleeves to carry spoons and forks.
  • Velcro straps above the slots to reduce displacement during transportation.
  • The roll bag has double stitching and is made of polyester canvas.
  • Fitting buckles and adjustable shoulder straps are attached to the bag.

This roll bag is a heavy-duty bag made of high-quality polyester. Polyester is water-proof so water will not enter the bag and ruin your knives. Polyester is also strong to hold the weight of heavy knives. The double stitching on the edges ensures the durability of the bag. This bag can accommodate 9 knives that are 17-inch long.

The bag provides a removal mesh bag on which you can carry the cleavers or any other sharp tools. Additional straps are given to hold the blades stable in position. 6 additional pockets are provided for small kitchen tools like scissors, spoons, etc. You can spatulas on the bag as well.

You can easily adjust the straps on your shoulder with its adjustable straps. Velcro straps hold the compartments stable in place and the polyester protects the bag from ripping off due to sharp blades.

10. Shun Knife Roll

 Shun Knife Roll

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect to carry 8 heavy-duty knives like a butcher knife, carving knife, etc.
  • The roll bag is entirely zippered to hold the knives.
  • Padded handle and adjustable shoulder straps to easily carry the bag.
  • The bag is 19-inch in length and 18-inch in width when open that can accommodate 18-inch knives.
  • Interior mesh pockets with zippers to hold the small tools.
  • Cardholder and small pen pockets are also given in the bag.
  • Velcro straps along with zippers to hold the knives more securely.

This knife roll bag is designed to carry 8 knives that are within 18-inch in size. The slots are long and have elastic to hold the knives stable in position. The bag is fully padded to eliminate the risk of tearing due to sharp edges.

The feature we like about this bag is it can fit all kinds of knives that the chefs use most. The D-ring handle is padded for a comfortable grip. The bag also provides adjustable straps which you can attach if you want to carry them on your shoulders.

It has mesh pockets to carry scissors, spoons, and spatulas. To prevent the knives from falling, the bag has Velcro straps and zippers. Moreover, it has 3 additional slots to carry pens or pencils. However, the brand did not mention the material used to make the bag. Clean the bag using a damp cloth and dry it immediately.



Highlighted Features

  • A knife travel bag to hold 7 kitchen knives.
  • The folding is made of nylon to make it tear-proof.
  • The knives are kept secure with the Velcro straps.
  • The bag fits knives as long they are below 18-inch.
  • Mesh pockets inside to store the knives comfortably.
  • The bag is suitable to put on the dishwasher.

This handy bag from HENCKELS is perfect to carry a small number of knives for a long tour. Some people like to carry their knives for holidays and this bag is fit for it will perfectly fit on luggage. The nylon material will protect from tearing apart due to sharp blades.

While traveling you will not need heavy-duty knives like cleavers and so you can easily fit 7 knives on this bag. Even if you want to travel with butcher knives, you can carry at the most an 18-inch knife. The Velcro straps securely hold the knives. Besides, you can wash the bag by placing it underwater.

The roll bag is made for traveling purposes as it has no handles or shoulder straps. The bag is not padded for exterior protection. Also, dry the bag immediately after washing to prevent bad odor from it.

12. Becken Leather Co. Chef Knife Roll Bag

Chef Knife Roll Bag - Handmade Waxed Canvas and Leather Knife Bag Stores 10 Knives + Zipper Pocket and Shoulder Strap

Highlighted Features

  • It is a combination of waxed canvas and leather that gives a stylish look and durability.
  • The bag has 10 slots to store knives.
  • A zipper pocket to carry small kitchen utensils.
  • The bag has the capacity to store 17-inch knives.
  • Handle and shoulder straps are available for comfortable traveling.
  • Adaptable leather buckles to hold the sharp knives in place.
  • This bag does not require frequent cleaning as wax canvas resists stains and dirt.

The last knife bag on our list is made from wax canvas and leather that gives an elegant look. Waxed canvas material is more durable than other products as it repels dirt and strong enough to bear the weight of the knives. The bag is entirely made of waxed canvas and the leather buckles enhance the whole look. With time, the bag develops a patina that changes the outlook significantly.

The bag has the capability to store 10 knives that are not more than 17-inch long. Each slot is perfectly stitched to hold the knives stable in position. There is a storage pocket beside the slots to carry small tools like a peeler, sharpener, etc.

The buckles and the shoulder straps are flexible to tighten the bag and carry with ease. A great feature about this bag it does not require to wash frequently. However, do not warm water and strong detergent to clean as it will damage the wax properties.

Buying Guide

Best Knife Bag

Have you thought of carrying your knives overseas in a knife bag rather than wrapping them in clothes? There are simple plain bags for knives that can easily be carried inside the luggage.

They have straps and slots to secure the knives inside and prevent them from damaging other things. You will also find mesh pockets to hold other small tools.

Number of slots to hold knives

The first and foremost factor to consider before buying a knife bag is to find the knife holding capacity on the bag. When you are planning for an outdoor picnic, you will take the necessary knives along with some cutleries.

It is better to choose a bag with more slots than required. Also, all the slots will not be suitable to store different sizes of knives. If you are a culinary student, you will need the most spacious knife bag like a bag from EVERPRIDE to carry around.

Most of the knife bags have wide interior mesh pockets with zippers to carry small kitchen accessories like scissors, spatulas, or spices. These pockets have zippers to hold the items fixed in one place.

Dimension of slots  

The size of the slots is as necessary as looking for the number of slots. All knife bags are not suitable to fit big knives. If you have a 15-inch butcher knife, you need to find a bag that can fit this big blade.

Moreover, a 12-inch slot will be inappropriate for an 8-inch knife. Look for various dimensions of slots so that you can fit all your knives safely and carry them without fear.

Some knife bags don't have cleaver slots, so don't force your knife to fit in. Even if the knife fits in, the bag may not close or roll up neatly.

Best Knife Bag

Source: youtube.com

The material of the bag

The bag for your knives needs to be tear-proof as they will hold sharp-edged blades. Also, the bag needs to resist oil and water as they can spill easily while cooking. You will find bags made of various materials but from our perspective, leather bags serve the best in holding and maintaining sharp knives.

Leather knife bags are known for their durability. Leather is suitable to use indoors and outdoors and adds a modern look to your kitchen. They are easy to clean as well. However, leather is sensitive to temperature and they can get if there are sudden changes in temperature. Besides, leather provides a limited option in the case of designs and colors.

Polyester bags have similarities with plastic material. Polyester is known for its sturdiness and lightweight. They also resist oil, water, fire, and give a quick cleaning experience. The downside of this material is that they are excellent for indoor use only.       

Waxed canvas bags have many similarities with a polyester bag but they are more strong and durable. Waxed canvas is cotton that is infused with a wax to make water and dirt resistant. These bags can easily be washed with cold water and mild soap but they need air dry immediately. Hersent Chef’s knife bag is made of waxed canvas that works great for traveling with knives and also can wash them if you become dirty.           

Designs of knife bags

Knife bags come in three styles, the toolbox, the roll-up, and the backpack. It’s up to you to choose which will suit and fulfill your requirements.

The toolbox bag can be called all-purpose bags and they can be used for carrying other things. These bags have spacious compartments to carry big knives without clashing. The flexible interior compartment can be taken out if required. They also have designated slots for each type of knife. On the exterior, the bag has pockets and padded handles to carry with comfort.

The roll-up bags provide easy access to the knives. They have various slots for different types of knives and cutlery. However, you need to look for the number of slots before buying. They are not spacious as toolbox bags that restrict from fitting any sized knife. They have very few zippers and pockets which is a disadvantage. Interior mesh pockets are included to help to carry scissors, rubs, etc.

The back-pack bag is suitable if you are going camping for a day or two. You can easily put your knives on your shoulders and enjoy your meal on top of a mountain. It contains slots and small pockets to hold knives stable in place. They are very light-weight so you can carry them with your other accessories. Chef Sac Knife Sling Bag is a back-pack bag with 4 huge compartments that can accommodate kitchen tools as well as laptops and chargers.

Best Knife Bag

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Zippers or buttons

Securing the knives on the bag is necessary so that they don’t fall off while moving. The knife bags have different types of closure systems like back-pack bags have buckles or hook and loop fasteners while toolbox bags have zippers. Whether you choose snap buttons or zippers, choose the closure that will hold your knives securely when you are traveling.


The professional chefs usually carry their own knife set to work. The knives can be heavy and can cause injuries if they are not held safely. Many of the knife bags have padded handles that make them easy to maneuver.

For hiking or camping, a backpack knife bag has straps to keep it secure on the shoulders. Ensure that your bag is properly padded if you're going to get a backpack styled knife bag. Often, adjust the straps for easy portability if they are too loose or too tight.


As this bag is going to deal with sharp edges knives, you need to check the stitching and materials used to construct this bag. The slots for the knives can open up if they are properly stitched. It is better if the slots and pockets are double stitched which decreases the risk of tearing apart.

Some knife bags include elastics or adjustable straps on the slots to firmly hold the knives in place. It is better to cover the knives with a sheath before placing them on the bag that will eliminate the collision between the blades. Also, the sheath will protect the interior from tearing apart.

The heaviness of the bag

Kitchen knives are heavy as they are made from steel. The knives are forged from heavy-duty steel to increase the sturdiness. Moreover, some knives are full tang which increases the weight of the knives. For this, the knife bag needs to be light-weight and of good quality.

 Some brands sell light-weighted bags but they tear or rip apart as the material of the bag is not good. The knife bag from EVERPRIDE can carry 20 knives where the blades are 20.5-inch. The bag is made of Polyester 600Denier that gives the power to carry the weight of the knives. So check the quality and the weight of the bag before the best knife bag for you.

Cleaning the bag

Most of the bags cannot be washed by directly placing them underwater. If you own a leather bag, you can clean it with a soft brush as water can ruin the bag. We recommend cleaning the bag with dry cloth to get a long term service. Moreover, different brands mention the way to clean the bag. So read the instructions before cleaning.


How a knife bag helps in keeping the blades sharp?

The bag keeps the knives stable in a place. If the knives are kept randomly, the knives clash with each other and destroy the edges and sharpness of the blades. The collision between the knives can cause scratch marks as well. Knife bags work as a sheath for a large number of knives.

How to clean the knife bags?

The knife bags are made of polyester, nylon, or waxed canvas. You can wipe the bags with a wet cloth and mild soap. It is discouraged to put the bag under hot water if it is made of leather or wax canvas.

Can the knife bags be given for dry cleaning?

Most of the brands recommend washing the knife bags with a wet cloth. So, it is better not to dry clean the bag.


Knives can cause hazards if they are not carried carefully and for this, knife bags are required. Knife bags not only have slots for knives also have storage pockets to carry small accessories like scissors, whisks, spatulas, etc.

The clothing inside the bag needs to be strong enough to endure the sharpness of the blades. As the cleavers or meat knives are highly sharpened we advise covering the blade with a sheath before placing them on the bag.

You also need to find which way you find comfort in carrying the knives. The roll knife bags come with options, padded handles, and removal shoulder straps. The back-pack style knife bags are very comfortable to carry as the weight is equally distributed on the shoulders.

The shoulder straps are flexible so you can fit it as you need. For chefs, knife bags need to be resilient to water, oil, and dirt as the kitchen is mostly about them. The bags also need to be padded for external safety. So choose the best knife bag that will ensure safety and provide comfort during traveling.

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