What Spices Go Best With Steak 2023 – Tips From Professional Chefs

With a plethora of flavours and spices available in the market, you might wonder ”what spices go best with steak?”. Experimenting with diverse herb flavours, both individually or in combination, maybe a delightful creative experience while cooking steak with various types of spices.

Beef dishes have certain requirements. This hefty meat needs flavorful herbs as well as spices with distinct flavours that can stand on their own.

Choosing the best flavourings and herbs to use in meat recipes are kind of a subjective decision, with different people opting for different flavourings.

Lets, take a look at this list of five wonderful herbs for seasoning steak, along with explanations as to why they made the cut. Also, if possible, try to use fresh herbs in your dishes instead of dried herbs.

It would be perfect if you could grow your herbs, this will assure optimal freshness and flavour.

Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder Steak
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Chilli powder is another excellent way to add flavour to your meat. Start with a small amount of chilli powder; it’s always easy to add more afterwards. However, you can’t take it out once you have used it, so add them cautiously.

Cumin and Curry Powder

Cumin can be a pretty viable answer to the query ”what spices go best with steak?. Both curry powder and cumin are great if you prefer Indian flavours.

If you’re not used to them, use them sparingly. However, keep in mind that these spices can be overbearing at the time, so if you are not a fan of heat, make sure to use them sparsely.


Garlic is a versatile ingredient that may be used in a variety of dishes. When creating a pot roast, throw some in the slow cooker, sprinkle some in a stir fry, or even mix it in with your ground beef. Garlic, whether roasted, powdered, or minced, is always a good choice.


If you want a simple flavour, use mustard or dry mustard powder. Mustang can give a considerable amount of smokey punch with a pretty little quantity.

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Just like garlic, onion is also a versatile ingredient. Onions can be grilled to top a steak, Cooked with a roast, or mixed with ground beef for tacos or sloppy joes. It can be an excellent combination of all the options.

Black Pepper

With black pepper and regular old salt, you can’t go wrong. When it comes to beef, this is a must-have to add the primary flavours,

Cayenne Pepper

If you prefer a little extra spice, cayenne pepper is a good choice. For a bit more smoky heat, you can consider using this spice instead of using black pepper.


Oregano is not just for pizza. You’ll want to use a lot of oregano if you like Italian seasoning. Oregano is a common element in Italian seasoning items, and it pairs exceptionally well with meat.

Flavourful Herbs that You Can Use For Your Steak

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Let’s see some of the most popular herbs that are used in a steak:


Basil has a robust and fresh flavour that complements the rich flavours of beef meals. When cooked under a recipe, it’s beautiful, but it is advised to add basil near the end to brighten the dish and offer a new dimension of flavour.

You should not try to dry your basil, as it can turn black and taste bland. So, try freezing it by combining it with just enough oil to produce a slurry, then freezing it in ice cube trays.

Remove the cubes from the freezer and store them in a freezer bag. Then while using, just add a cube at the end of your cooking.


Rosemary has a piney smell that pairs well with some beef preparations’ heavy or fatty flavours. Many people tend to use rosemary to flavour tough or roasted meat that has to be cooked for a more extended period of time.

Many people also grow rosemary at their home, which makes it taste far better than store-bought aged rosemary. Using a grow lamp, you can effectively cultivate a rosemary plant right next to your kitchen. Rosemary can be used fresh as well as dried, so try drying it first and storing it in glass jars for convenient access.


Unless it’s for holiday meals, sage is an underappreciated herb. This is a shame because sage’s flavour stands up to the harsher elements in a beef meal, offering a fragrant aroma and a warm flavour.

Another herb that thrives indoors is sage. If you provide adequate lighting, it will thrive. Fresh and dried sage have similar flavours in recipes, so use either one in your beef dishes.


Thyme is a common ingredient in beef meals. Thyme, whether fresh or dried, will only round out the tastes and offer a particle depth of flavour that only these herbs can bring.

Thyme grows well in a sunny window. They are also easy to cultivate in an indoor garden. Numerous chefs consider growing many varieties of thyme on their window sills, with lemon thyme being a favourite.


In recent years, parsley has grown in popularity and has evolved into much more than just a garnish. Cooks who have a good knowledge of this delectable herb know that if it is used fresh and at the end of the cooking process, it can retain its flavour.

Parsley brightens and provides a fresh accent to heavy winter meat meals.

Although not often cultivated indoors, this biennial herb can be grown if given enough time to mature. If you are looking forward to growing one, you should try to get fresh parsley late in the summer and bring it inside for the winter, as it’s one of the slow-growing herbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the five main flavour profiles for spices?

The main flavour profiles for spices are salty, bitter, sour, umami and sweet.

What do you mean by beef flavouring?

Beef’s flavour is developed throughout the cooking process. Food experts discovered the amino acids found in beef. They usually add some common sugars, some starch hydrolysate and then put them in a pot.

This drops the pH with citric acid present in the beet and also adjusts its moisture content.

Which spice is used for its sweet taste?

Cinnamon is one of the first spices to come to mind when thinking of sweet spices, but there are so many more. Nutmeg, fennel, allspice, green cardamom and also star anise, to name a few, are among the sweet spices on the list.


Hopefully, this article answers your query, ”what spices go best with steak?. There are a lot of ways in which you can season your beef.

If you don’t want to meddle with the steak’s flavour, you should try serving it with savoury, umami-rich flavours to bring out the beefiness.

Tomatoes, caramelised onions, mushrooms and red wine sauce are some of the most popular ingredients.