The 14 Best Knife Blocks

Are you someone who likes to work on a neat and tidy kitchen set up? If you are then you have landed on just the right page as this article discusses knife blocks which are a good way of organizing your cutlery, to be precise, your knives inside your kitchen. 

Knife blocks are not only an effective and neat way of storing your knives rather they protect you and your family from exposed blades as well as takes care of the sharpness of your knives. While the knife blocks market offers you are mostly the traditional wooden block ones but there have been newer additions that are able to prevent bacteria and simultaneously add a smart look to your kitchen. 

Anyway, you do not want to cut yourself while you take out your choice of the knife from the mess of sharp blades in your kitchen drawer and you surely do not want to jam your kitchen drawers. So, it is safe to go for a knife block and which one to choose will be assisted by our article where we have listed down some of the best knife blocks along with their details.

Best Pick

Noble home & chef Knife Block

According to us, we think the perfect suitor for the best pick is hands down the knife block from Noble Home & chef because it is one of a kind in its field. Starting from being perfect in size and fitting in all standard kitchen drawers to being able to store 12 knives in its dual-tier design, this one has won our hearts. This one offers you a very clean up and is able to store knives of varying lengths. As a cherry on top, this is also FDA certified which means it takes care of both your health and your knives and is a valuable addition to your kitchen setup.

Budget Pick

Joseph Joseph 85120 Knife Block

If you want to make a purchase that is worth every penny in a budget, then in our opinion, Joseph Joseph 85120 Organizer Tray is the best you can think of. This in-drawer knife organizer will not take up a lot of space and is perfect for small kitchens. Its super-strong plastic body is durable and the double-tier design can hold 9 knives at one go. Moreover, the cleaning process with this one is super easy and there is no better alternative for our budget pick.

Quick Comparison: Top 14 Best Knife Block

1. Noble home & chef Knife Block  

Noble home & chef Knife Block

The first position on our review article has been grabbed by the knife organizer from Noble Home & Chef which features a dimension of 17x9x2 inches that perfectly fits almost all standard kitchen drawers.

The knives fit like jigsaw puzzle pieces in the organizer and do not cause any problem with slamming the drawer shut as they don’t slide or point up.

The organizer features a two-tier system where the upper tier is used to store smaller and the bottom tier effectively accommodates knives with longer handles. The upper slot can hold 6 knives with a maximum measurement of 9.25 inches. On the other hand, the lower slot can hold 6 knives of lengths as long as 16 inches that make the organizer perfect for holding 12 knives in total. 

Another feature that makes this our favorite is that not only does it come with 12 slots but also has an additional designated slot for storing knife sharpener and can practically store knives of a large variety of brands. 

Moreover, the block has a curved shape which facilitates the access of the knives, especially steak knives. The slots for the larger knives are spread so that you have enough space to rest the large handles of them. Furthermore, the slots are evenly spaced which prevents them from chipping.

The raw material used for the construction of the organizer is very eco-friendly high-quality bamboo which does not make it a valuable addition to your kitchen but also does not pose harm to the environment. 

Not only that, the product is FDA certified which means that it is of food-grade quality and meets tough standards. This ensures the safety of your health.

The washing procedure with this one is also easy as it only can be washed with warm mildly soapy water but you need to be careful to dry it off as soon as possible. 

What we liked: We loved the perfect size of the product as the angle handle-rest helps your knives stay in a position which in turn does not jam our kitchen drawers or create extra trouble while opening or closing the drawer.

What we didn’t like: Even though it claims to be chip-resistant, the block starts showing splinters and chips.

2. Joseph Joseph 85120 Knife Block  

Joseph Joseph 85120 Knife Block

Next up in our list is an organizer tray that is from the brand Joseph Joseph in the model 85120 which has a major difference from the former one in terms of its body as it is made up of plastic.

The knife organizer features a dimension of 15.55 x 5.63 x 2.9 inches and has 9 holders for storing the knives.

This also comes with a double tier design where the upper tier is used for holding small knives and the bottom tier is for large knives. The design is safe and the design makes the retrieval of the knives super easy and efficient. 

The manufacturer suggests that you hand wash them and dry them after washing them for prolonged use. 

What we liked: We love this one because it features non-slip feet which keeps it in position inside the drawer even when it is closed or opened forcefully. 

What we didn’t like: The downside of the product for us was the height of it. This means it will not fit in just any kitchen drawer. The height of the drawer needs to be at least 3 inches.

3. Bellemain Drawer Knife Block  

Bellemain Drawer Knife Block

As the third entry, we have chosen the drawer knife block from Bellemain for those who particularly do not like keeping their cutlery out in the open in their kitchen. This product is an in-drawer knife block that has a measurement of 17 x 5.3 x 2 inches and can fit up to 16 knives of varying sizes. 

Moreover, if you have kids at home and are concerned about their safety, this may be a good choice as it goes straight inside your kitchen drawer so they will remain hidden and will not risk your children’s safety.

This too like the former ones come in a two-tier design where the top tier is used to store knives that are smaller in size and the bottom tier is used to hold knives with a longer handle. 

The block is constructed from reusable Moso bamboo that is exceptionally strong and therefore boasts durability. Not only that, it gives the block a very eye-catching look and is a very good alternative to wood. In addition to that, if you are someone who feels responsible towards the environment then this is a safe option as it is extremely environment-friendly. 

In addition to all these features, the knife organizer really requires no additional care and is low maintenance. It offers a very easy clean up with soap and water and you are advised to rub the block with oil for extended service life. But make sure the oil is food grade mineral oil to mitigate any sort of health risk.

What we liked: We loved how the product is perfect for small kitchens and does not make it look messy or take up a lot of space, especially the counter space.

What we didn’t like: There were no big issues with this one but small things could cause inconveniences such as the even though the block claims to hold 16 knives but in reality, only 11 knives can be accommodated. Also, the holders are quite closely packed which makes retrieval of the knives harder as you cannot hold and lift them.

4. Shenzhen Bamboo Wood Knife Block  

Shenzhen Bamboo Wood Knife Block

If you are one of those people who choose tradition over innovation then this product from Shenzhen may be just the right one for you. This aesthetic yet traditional wooden knife block can hold 19 knives in one go and has a dimension equal to 10.88 x 5.25 x 8.25 inches which is a pretty standard size to be placed on your kitchen counter. 

Our favorite feature of this one is that not only does it store knives but also has additional slots fit for storing scissors or a sharpening rod.

The block also features two tiers which give an attractive look to your kitchen which blends into any kitchen décor and is easily accessible while cooking. Moreover, the horizontal slots have wide openings that mitigate friction between the block and the knife that prevents wear offs when inserting or removing them. Additionally, the slots are also angled for easy handling and storing. 

The feature that makes it unique is its four skid-free rubber feet on which the block stands that prevent it from sliding around and causing serious injury. 

Not to forget, with this product, you really do not have to worry about its durability. It has a super tough build which is fit for storing heavy knife sets without any difficulty and outlasts its competitors. Furthermore, the knife features a beautiful bamboo veneer which is naturally antimicrobial. Last but not least, it offers a super-easy cleanup procedure. 

What we liked: We loved the versatility! The knife block is fit for storing any knife, be it small steak knives or larger chef knives. Moreover, we love the fact that this makes a gift for a friend or a family for any occasion really. 

What we didn’t like: It is too large for the countertop and takes up a lot of space. In addition to that, once all the slots have been occupied, it looks messy and unattractive as the slots are closely spaced.

5. Cook N Home 2660 knife storage block  

Cook N Home 2660 knife storage block

If you seek variety from your product then note down the name of this one from Cook N Home which comes with 20 holders with thin slots fit for storing small steak knives as well as wide slots for scissors. The dimension it features is perfect for storing knives or other accessories with a maximum depth of 9 inches! 

The different feature of this one is its color which hands down look great. It is made up of Acacia Wood and has a reddish-brown color. Not only does it look great, but it is also very durable and you can go on using it without having to look for any alternatives.

Moreover, the block comes with rubber feet that prevent it from sliding off and causing an unnecessary mess on your kitchen countertop.  A piece of advice with this one is that do not wash this. You simply have to wipe it clean with a cloth and that is all the maintenance that it requires. 

Chef’s knives, steak knives, cleaver, scissors, or sharpening steel, this block can hold and store all these accessories. 

What we liked: We liked that the slots are angled which makes it perfect for inserting and removing the knives effortlessly. 

What we didn’t like: We did not come across any downsides of this product so far.

6. Bambüsi Wood Drawer Knife Organizer  

Bambüsi Wood Drawer Knife Organizer

This knife organizer from Bambüsi is yet another in drawer one which features a very sleek design similar to that of Bellemian. This one features a dimension of 17 x 2.5 x 2 inches and can store 10 to 15 knives together. 

This knife organizer is also versatile as it can store both small and large knives starting from steak to bread knives. The strong body of the product is made up of premium quality eco-friendly bamboo wood with a really fine finish. 

The sturdiness of the organizer makes it extremely durable so that you can make a worry-free purchase.

Moreover, the knife organizer features a very standard size which makes it fit to be used in almost any kitchen drawer with a minimum height required of 3 inches. It does not cause a problem with opening or closing your drawers or jamming it as the knives perfectly stay in 

position when placed in the organizer.

Lastly, the knife organizer is very easy to clean with soapy water. If you want long-lasting results then it is advised that you rub the organizer with food-grade quality mineral oil. 

What we liked: We love the after-sale services of the product. The manufacturers offer a free replacement or a full refund if any issues are faced with the knife organizer. 

What we didn’t like: This knife organizer has only satisfied us and we did not face any major issues with this one.

7. KITCHENDAO Deluxe Universal Knife Block  

KITCHENDAO Deluxe Universal Knife Block

The next product in our list is from KITCHENDAO which takes knife storing to a whole new level as you do have to find specific slots anymore. You can just toss your knife in any slot and it will be placed right through in this knife block. 

However, it comes with designated slots for sharpening rods and kitchen shears. The block can hold knives with blade lengths as long as 8.6 inches and can practically store any shape of the knife within this range. 

The slots are placed parallel to one another and prevent the edges of each knife from touching one another. This in turn is successful in safeguarding any damages caused to the tips of the knives.

In addition to these, the double-deck system that the block features are effective in holding the knives together securely. Another feature that makes this our favorite is the fact that it comes with drain holes. This means that you do not have to dry your knives and then store them, rather the drain holes drain the excess water, drying your knives and taking care of them. 

Moreover, the knife block also comes with anti-slip feet in four corners of it which ensures its stability when inserting or removing them, preventing it from dangerously falling off. 

In conclusion, it is important to know that the knife block itself is not too big so it effectively saves space. The holder can hold up 12 to 15 knives at once along with a kitchen scissor and a sharpening rod. 

What we liked: We like that the product offers a 100% money-back guarantee if any issues are faced regarding the product. 

What we didn’t like: The downside of this one to us that it is hard to store large knives using this as it can get stuck. In addition to this issue, we really couldn’t fit our kitchen shears in this.

8. ETTU Kitchen Bamboo Universal Knife Block  

ETTU Kitchen Bamboo Universal Knife Block

If you find it difficult to fit the right knife to fit in the right slot then this slotless product from ETTU which features a flexible black plastic rod that slides open when you insert your knife inside the block. Since you do not have to squeeze your knives in the holders, you can store knives with any shape or size at any angle in this knife stand. 

The overall knife stand features a dimension of 10x7.7x4.6 inches. This is the first ‘knife block’ that comes in a double-tier design where the large top tier measures 3.8 by 3.8 inches and is able to accommodate knives with a maximum length of 8 inches. 

It is compatible to store paring, bread, carving, utility, and butchers’ knives if they are within 8 inches of length. On the other hand, the lower-tier measures 3.8 by 1.1 inches and can hold up to 6 steak knives with a maximum length of 5 inches.

The feature that makes it unique and reliable is that it is BPA free which means your food will not be contaminated with harmful toxins. In addition to that, the plastic bristles (rods) that make the surface of the holders are of a food-grade quality which ensures the safety of your health. The flexible bristles furthermore do not chip or cause your knives to lose their sharpness, unlike traditional wood knife blocks. 

The exterior of the stand is made up of high-quality environment-friendly bamboo which not only gives it a sophisticated look but also makes it sturdy. The toughness and heavy wooden body are responsible for extreme durability. 

Moreover, with storing knives using this one you do not have to worry about your blades being exposed from the magnetic strip knife holder which ensures both the safety of your knives and you. 

Not only that! The black plastic rods are removable and can be removed by giving it a soft push from the bottom. These bristles are top-rack dishwasher friendly and the first one in our list that offers this advantage. This means you do have to go through the extra trouble of hand washing it as it does not require additional care. You can wash this with all your regular kitchen utensils. However, be very careful not to dry it using heat as it will reduce the ability of the adhesive to come back to its original shape. 

On the other hand, the bamboo casing must be hand washed and polished with food-grade mineral oil for prolonged use. 

But to keep the durability intact, even though the plastic bristles are dishwasher safe you are advised to hand wash them. 

What we liked: We loved the fact that it is fit to be used in both traditional as well as modern kitchens because it is a perfect blend of smartness and tradition. 

What we didn’t like: We absolutely loved this one! We have no complaints against it.

9. Mantello Wood Knife Block  

Mantello Wood Knife Block

This is a very similar product to the previous one and has no major differences between them. This one is from Mantello and features a dimension of 10.5 x 7.7 x 5.6 inches and has no slots which release you from the stress of correctly fitting your knife in the perfect slot.

You can practically place any knife at whatever angle you want and will be grabbed by the plastic bristles that slide apart to make room for your knife blade.

This also features a double tier design where the upper-tier can is dedicated to holding knives that are longer in length and the bottom tier is used to store small steak knives. Additionally, it can be used to store a variety of knives including bread knives, chef’s knives, and butchers’ knives. 

The bristles are able to hold and fit knife blades with a maximum length of 8 inches and the tips of your stored knives will not be exposed which can be hazardous to you. Moreover, the flex rods will not chip your knives as the bristles do not create a lot of friction. 

On top of that, the flex rods can be removed by gently pushing them from the bottom. These are dishwasher-friendly but be careful to put them on the top rack. You also need to let them dry on their own or you can use clothes to dry them off but do not go for heat drying them because that will cause them to lose their adhesive capacity and will not be able to hold the knives anymore. 

What we liked: We love the smooth finish of the light oak wood grain, it is absolutely stunning!

What we didn’t like: The plastic bristles scratch the knife blade which is our major issue with this one. Moreover, the knife block is quite heavy and may be small if you have a large collection of knives.

10. Kapoosh Dice Knife Block  

Kapoosh Dice Knife Block

This is yet another product that shares several similarities with the previous two products. This may be because this product from Kapoosh also is a slotless knife block that comes with a patented flex rod technology that helps you to store all your kitchen knives regardless of their size and shape in this knife block without the hassle of searching the pesky knife slots.

The major difference between this one and the previous is its design. This product does not come in a double-tier design rather it has only one storing area. In addition to this, the block has an angled design, meaning that it is slightly inclined on one side.

This universal knife block features a measurement of 11.5 x 8 x 5.63 inches and can fit knives and other accessories with a maximum size of 8 inches which includes boning knives, honing steel, and kitchen shears. Moreover, the flex rods that make up the storing surface are of food-grade quality. It prevents your knives from chipping away or losing their sharpness.

The flex rods in this are also removable and it is top-rack dishwasher safe which means you do not have to go through the extra trouble of hand washing them. However, the casing of the knife block needs to be hand washed and dried properly. 

What we liked:  This is perfect for continental and farm-style kitchens and we loved this about the product.                                                  

What we didn’t like: Since it has only one tier, it can store only a few knives at once and is not fit for kitchens where you need to store several knives.

11. KITCHENDAO Knife Block  


For the eleventh entry, we have chosen yet another product from the KITCHENDAO which is able to hold more, to be precise, 20 knives at one go as it has got 20 slots where 19 are allocated for knives are the extra one is for scissors or sharpening rod. 

We love this because it does not cause any damage to the knives as the openings are pretty wide to facilitate easy handling and reduces the friction between the blade and the block. The holes of the slots are quite deep which makes it easy to store knives with larger blades. It is also perfect for small steak knives.

The knife block is constructed from the handpicked root of bamboo which has a higher density. The eco-friendly reusable raw material makes it more durable and gives a smart look. The knife block is designed at a slanted angle which helps you with the insertion and removal of the knives while cooking. 

Additionally, the knife block comes with anti-skid feet that ensure the stability of the block while you mount your knives on it and prevents it from sliding off your kitchen countertop creating a mess. 

The cleanup process with this one is pretty simple. You can use a wet cloth to wipe it clean but be very careful not to submerge it completely in water or rinse with excess water because it is not water-resistant. 

What we liked: We enjoyed the 90-day guarantee that the product is accompanied by. If you face any issues regarding the knife block, you can claim a replacement or a refund. 

What we didn’t like: The only downside of this product is its bulky build which takes up a lot of space so if you have a small kitchen then this may not be a good choice for you.

12. OOU Universal Knife Block  

OOU Universal Knife Block

If you have a small kitchen or want to purchase a knife holder that will not take up a lot of space and make your kitchen look neat and tidy then this one from OOU shall be on your priority list.

It features a dimension of 5.9 x 5.9 x 9.84 inches which is pretty compact in size but can successfully hold 12 knives and other kitchen accessories of varying lengths (maximum of 8.9 inches) starting from bread knife, steak knife, chef’s knife, cleaver knife to kitchen scissors.

The raw materials and the construction of this knife block are what make it different from the rest. It is made up of eco-friendly rubber material which does not pose any serious health risks. The rubber material makes the casing of the knife block feel soft and comfortable in your hand. 

The slots of the knife block feature a double-layer wavy design which is made up of flexible material that facilitates the insertion and removal of the knives without causing any damage to the knife blades.

Even though you may worry about the exterior being made up of rubber, you can make a worry-free purchase as it prevents fractures like a winner and is long-lasting. Moreover, this is very low-maintenance as it is very effective in flowing out water. The top cap of the knife block is removable and has several holes at the bottom which helps to drain out water, keeping your knife block clean. In conclusion, this one is moisture and mold resistant unlike bamboo or solid wood ones. 

What we liked: The product is accompanied by a lifetime after-sale service for any problems faced in terms of its craftsmanship or quality of the raw materials.

What we didn’t like: No complaints but if it came with more color options then it would be helpful to choose and match our kitchen decor.

13. Utoplike In-drawer Knife Block  

Utoplike In-drawer Knife Block

For the second last entry in our list, we have decided to go with the in-drawer knife block from Utoplike which is the best known for its versatility. The 16.6 x 12.2 x 2 inches knife block comes with a total of 16 slots for knives and 1 dedicated one for a knife sharpener. 8 of the 16 slots can accommodate steak knives of 9.5 inches and the other 8 are able to store 16.5 inches knives. 

The slot in the middle is used to place your knife sharpener.

The slots are perfectly spaced so that you get enough room for your fingers to reach and retrieve the knife of your choice and keep the others securely in space. In addition to easy accessibility, their perfect dimension makes it fit in any regular kitchen drawers and is perfect for people who find it risky to place knife blocks on their kitchen countertops. Not only that, this in-drawer knife block keeps your kitchen tidy as it does not take up a large space. 

Furthermore, the construction of this one is from high-quality and environment-friendly Moso bamboo which gives the knife block a traditional and natural look. It also prevents any sort of scratching or chipping of the knives. 

What we liked: We loved the longevity of this one. It outlasts similar products that the market offers to us. Not only that, but it also prevents the fading away of the color, keeping it as good as new. 

What we didn’t like: There are no major issues with this one, however, the top section of the knife block is comparatively loose than the bottom. Moreover, it is not ideal for rough and tough use as it may come apart.

14. Evolve Bamboo Knife Block  

Evolve Bamboo Knife Block

For the very last spot, we have chosen the bamboo knife block from the brand “Evolve”. This attractive and space-saving double tier knife block comes with 20 slots for storing both small and large knives.

The upper tier is designed to store 13 knives with a maximum blade size equal to 9 inches and the lower tier can hold 7 steak knives with 5 inches long blade.

The exterior of the knife is made up of completely natural bamboo and gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen. The storing surface of the knife block is made up of bristle-like flex rods which parts when you insert your knife inside. 

The good thing about the flex rods is that they are removable and washable so that you can keep your cutleries clean and hygienic at all times. When we say they are washable we mean that it is top-rack machine washable! Moreover, the flex rods do not dull the blades and will help you maintain the blade quality. 

What we liked: We loved that the product is BPA-free which means we do not have to worry about our food being contaminated with harmful toxins. 

What we didn’t like: The flex rods used in the knife block are extremely loose and cannot grab the knives properly.

Types of Knife Blocks

There are four basic or commonly known designs that the knife blocks feature. They are: 

1. Upright Countertop Knife Docks/Blocks: 

The most common and standard type of knife block that you will come across is the upright knife block that you set up on your kitchen countertop. These are very convenient as they are easily accessible and are the closest to your work station. 

This type comes in a variety of colors and is made up of various materials so that you can choose the best one that matches your kitchen’s décor. Some of these come with their dedicated knife set but the market also offers you ones that have a universal design and can be used to knife any type of knife. 

These knife blocks usually stand on feet that are rubber coated that gives them extra stability and prevents them from skidding away or dangerously tipping over. 

The knife blocks can either come with engraved slots for holding the knives or come with flexible plastic or rubber rods where you can store the knives. Both of these types have their own advantages. 

While the wooden block one that comes with pre-sized slots can cause trouble to insert the right knife in the right hole and the friction between the knife and the block can result in dull blades. But if we look at the brighter side, these blocks can hold more knives compared to that of those that feature flexible rods and have ideal slots for storing kitchen shears and scissors. 

Similarly, the flexible rod ones have some advantages over the wooden ones which include easy cleanup processes and handling. These rods can be removed and washed in a dishwasher to maintain the hygiene of your knives. Moreover, you do not have to go through the hassle of fitting the right knife in the right slot as they are slotless but fail to store many times in one go.

Overall, upright knife blocks can give your kitchen a traditional look but may not be suitable for small kitchens as they take up some space in your kitchen especially the ones that feature an angled design. 

2. In-drawer Knife Block

This second type may be more ideal for those who have kids at home or view keeping knives at the countertop as very risky. In-drawer knives, as its name suggests, are cutlery storing blocks that are placed inside your kitchen drawers where you keep your knives protected and out from the reach of your children. These knife blocks reduce the risk of causing damage to the blades of your knives. They are also perfect for small kitchens as they do not take up space on your kitchen countertop and are very compact in size. They feature both single and double-tier designs and can hold varying numbers of knives. Even though it has a lot of advantages, the only downside of this type may be the fact that it can cause the knives to become blunt over time as they are rested on their blades in the block. 

3. Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic knife storage systems are probably the most hygienic way of storing knives in a kitchen without causing any potential damage to the blades of your knives. One of the major advantages of this one is they are fully exposed and you can see and select the knife of your choice which the other two types do not offer. This design is particularly used in professional kitchens and you want a gourmet touch in your home kitchen then you should go for it. 

The magnetic knife block can be further classified into two classes: 

  1. Magnetic Knife Strips: These magnetic strips are established on a wall that holds your knives at a vertical angle. This type will be a spacer saver for not only your countertop as well as your kitchen drawers. They can also be installed on a cabinet or backsplash but it is of utmost importance to ensure that the magnetic strip is safely installed otherwise it can result in severe accidents. 
  2. Magnetic Knife Block: They are very similar to that of our first type which is the upright knife blocks that sit on your countertop. The knives here are attached at the exterior of the blocks and are held in an upright position by the powerful magnets that the knife block features. 

4. Under-Cabinet Knife Block

The last type of knife blocks are installed as its name suggests at the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. They feature hinges that help you with pulling the block down to make the knives more accessible. This is the ultimate space saver among all the other types as it is literally not visible inside your kitchen. This is in addition to all these your safety-solution as they are usually installed in upper cabinets are way out of the reach of your kids and you will also not be at the risk of cutting yourself as the blades do not stay expose

There are numerous advantages to this type of knife block design that have already been discussed. In addition to those, with this design, you can flaunt your super-shiny cutlery set in your kitchen in a very eye-catching manner. 

Things to consider before purchasing the best knife block

1. Kitchen Size

It may sound crazy that why should you consider the size of your kitchen while purchasing the choice of your knife block? But this is of utter importance because based on your kitchen size, you need to decide which design to go for. You need to know whether your kitchen has enough storage space on your countertop or your drawers or you should go for the walls. And if your kitchen is extremely small then you can always go for the under-cabinet knife blocks which are convenient and amazingly compact. 

2. Size

The second thing is an important factor for any kitchen accessory and that is the size of your choice of the knife block. This is relative to the number and shapes of the knives that you possess. If you have several dedicated knives of varying sizes then naturally you have to go for a knife block that is larger and can accommodate different sizes. 

3. Material

The knife blocks that the market offers you now are made up of a variety of materials. The material should be considered because upon this factor, the durability of the product depends on. 

The common materials that the knife blocks are made up of nowadays are wood, bamboo, and plastic. There are other materials also including glass and steel but the aforementioned three are the most abundant. 

Wood and Bamboo give a sophisticated touch to your kitchen decor but can cause damage to the blades of your knives. Moreover, they are hard to clean and maintain. On the other hand, plastic can be a good alternative as it does not dull the blades of your knives. 

4. Maintenance

Maintenance of knife blocks mainly focuses on the cleaning process. Some are machine washable or dishwasher safe while others require hand washing. If you are someone who does not have enough time to hand wash your knife blocks then it is wise for you to go for the ones that are dishwasher safe to be precise, the universal knife blocks. However, the ones which feature slots are always tricky to clean as the openings are too narrow for your fingers to reach them. These are riskier as dirt and dust can deposit inside the slots over time that can be injurious to health.

Lastly, some bamboo knife blocks require rubbing them with food-grade mineral oils frequently to extend their service life. 

5. Draining Holes

This may be an important feature to those who do not get enough time for drying their utensils or cutlery. It is therefore wise to go for the ones that come with drain holes at the bottom which will let out excess water from the knives and other accessories so that you do not have to additionally dry them. 

On a different note, it is not right to leave your knives to dry in a knife block as it can have water stains on the blades and eventually be damaged over time. 

6. Stability

Stability is an important factor if your choice of the knife block is an in-drawer or especially an upright wooden block. If your knife block does not come with skid-free feet, then you put yourself at risk of serious injury. How so? Your wooden block can dangerously tip over while inserting or removing your knives causing a huge mess. 

On the other hand, skid-free feet of the in-drawer ones can help them be in position inside your kitchen drawer when the drawers are opened or closed without any hodge-podge. 

The Final Cut

Your kitchen knives do not only require sharpening but they also need to be stored properly and there is no better alternative to storing knives than to use knife blocks. Therefore, we have tried our best to cover all the important aspects of the best knife block and have reviewed the top 14 products the market has to offer you. Not only that, we have discussed the important attributes of an ideal knife block in detail and we sincerely hope our article will add some value to your buying decision so that you can organize your kitchen as smartly and tidily as possible.