Step Up Your Storing Game of Knife With the Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Do you find it hard to store your knives properly in your kitchen? Magnetic knife holders will help you organize your knives safely and get rid of accidents if they are mishandled. You will find two types for holding your knives, like magnetic knife blocks or magnetic strips. Depending on the space in your kitchen, choose the best magnetic knife holder to arrange them neatly.

We have discussed the characteristics of each type of magnetic knife with detailed information in this article. As everyone is a professional chef, you might not need a long magnetic strip for knives. 10-inch long strips are the regular size that can fit around 5 knives at a time. Moreover, you can hang your peelers and spoons on the strip as well. The knife holders come in plastic, stainless steel, and wood, and magnets behind the strip hold the knives from falling off.

Best Pick

Ouddy 16-inch magnetic knife holder

The Ouddy 16-inch magnetic knife holder is our best pick on our list as it is stainless steel that holds the knives or other metal objects tightly. It is a 16-inch magnetic strip that has space for your knives, whisks, peelers, etc. Stainless steel protects from rusting and increases the cooking space by organizing the knives in a safe place.

Budget Pick

Modern Innovations magnetic knife bar

Modern Innovations magnetic knife bar is on our budget pick because of its strong magnetism and wide range of sizes of the bar. It has multipurpose functionality as it can be used for kitchen utensils, garage tools, art supplies, etc. Moreover, it is compatible with all types of mounting tape that makes it easy to install anywhere without making any holes.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Magnetic Knife Holders

1. Ouddy 16-inch magnetic knife holder  

Ouddy 16-inch magnetic knife holder

Highlighted Features

  • High magnetic intensity on the strip that holds the knives on the strip.
  • 16-inch magnetic strip that can be mounted to all the stainless equipment in your kitchen.
  • Made of stainless steel that prevents rust or corrosion.
  • It can be fixed to any metal surface.
  • Serves multipurpose use such as knife holder, tool holder, and utensil organizer.

Dealing with knives can be hard if they are not stored safely. The knife strip from Ouddy is 16-inch long that can hold all the knives in your kitchen. This stainless steel strip can be mounted to any metal surface or walls that help to organize your kitchen. Not only knives you can hang spoons, peelers, scissors, etc.

Another good feature is that the powerful magnet on the bar holds the knives strongly and reduces the risk of slipping off. This is a helpful characteristic if you have children running around your home. You can also mount this metal strip on a tile backsplash. The magnetic strip does not scratch the knives and makes them blunt.

However, the edges of the strip are sharp and you might cut yourself if not being careful enough. The stainless steel fights off rust, heat, and corrosion. Besides, it’s easy to clean by just wiping the knife strip with a piece of cloth.

2. Modern Innovations magnetic knife bar  

Modern Innovations magnetic knife bar

Highlighted Features

  • Strong powerful magnetic features to hold the knives or tools.
  • Comes in three different sizes from which you can choose according to your preferences.
  • Compatible with all types of mounting tape for easy installation.
  • Suitable to use for kitchen tools, garage tools, or art supplies.

To get a sleek look in your kitchen, the magnetic knife bar from Modern Innovations can be of use for its great design. It is made of heavy-duty material stainless steel that ensures its durability. The bar is covered by a neodymium magnet that will hold your knives strongly to the bar. No matter how big your knives, you trust this knife bar for its strong magnetic intensity.

You can also use this knife bar for hanging keys, toys, daily used accessories like scissors, etc. It is a straight elegant knife bar that is simple to clean. Whether you have walls made of normal tiles or glass subway tiles, it can be mounted to any wall. If you do not want to make holes on your walls, you can use mounting tapes to mount on the walls.

It is a great knife bar to hold bulky knives. However, you need to place the knives stably on the bar so that they don’t slide away.

3. HMmagnets Store Magnetic Knife Holder  

HMmagnets Store Magnetic Knife Holder

Highlighted Features

  • The front side and backside have 3 different full lines of magnets to avoid slip-off.
  • The strip is attachable to walls or fridge.
  • The high intensity of the magnetism holds the knives steady.
  • The magnet provides even magnetic force to the 17-inch bar that reduces the risk of sliding off.
  • Built with high-quality stainless steel to avoid rusting.

Knives need to be organized and stored properly to avoid any bad incidents. Magnetic knife holder from HMmagnets Store ensures to stick the knives tightly. It is a 17-inch long bar with a powerful magnet to keep the kitchen utensils in place.

You can hang your big knives without worrying if the knife bar will hold it still or not. The heavy-duty material made knife bar provides durability and eliminates the risk of rust or corrosion on the bar. Carefully handle the knife bar as the edges are sharp to cut your fingers.

Not only this knife bar provides high-quality service, but it also enhances the look of your kitchen with its elegant design. However, it is recommended by the brand pacemaker 6-inches away from the knife holder for its powerful magnetism.

4. Eco kitchen magnetic knife Holder  

Eco kitchen magnetic knife Holder

Highlighted Features

  • The double bar design makes it unique and different from other knife holders.
  • The magnetic surface on both sides supplies strong magnetism and holds the knives firmly.
  • 4 hanging hooks on the bar provide more space for hanging.
  • The knife bar is made of eco-friendly products.
  • Three different sizes to choose from.

The kitchen can be messy as all cookware and knives are stored there but the Eco kitchen magnetic knife bar will help to organize your kitchen with its knife bar and hanging hooks. It has a thin double bar that can provide an appealing look to your kitchen.

The Neodymium magnet delivers great magnetic force to the entire bar and holds the kitchen tools securely in their position. This knife bar comes with hanging hooks where you can hang your spatulas or scissors.  

Constructed with high-grade stainless steel, this bar will not develop rust easily. For those who want eco-friendly products, this knife bar will be one as it is made of natural materials. However, place the knives in such a way that they touch both the bars otherwise they might fall off the knife bar causing serious accidents.

5. Woodsom store wooden magnetic knife bar  

Woodsom store wooden magnetic knife bar

Highlighted Features

  • The bar is made of walnut wood that gives a warm look to your kitchen.
  • Finished with food-grade oil that makes it safe for cooking purposes.
  • Can be mounted without holes by using mounting tape.
  • Wide sizes to choose from and you can also custom make the length of the knife bar.
  • No ‘dead’ zones that mean magnetic force are entirely distributed to the bar.

If you are into wooden products, the Woodsom store makes a wooden magnetic knife holder with food-grade oil. You can mount this knife bar on your kitchen, wardrobe, drawer, etc. The magnetic force is entirely distributed on the bar so there are no ‘dead’ zones.

You can customize the size of the knife bar that will give a cozy look to your kitchen. Though it comes with holes and screws for mounting on the wall you can use mounting tapes to avoid creating holes. Since it is made of wood, avoid cleaning the knife bar with a wet cloth. The moisture can ruin the wood and will not provide a long term service.

6. PremiumPresents Bamboo wood magnetic knife holder  

PremiumPresents Bamboo wood magnetic knife holder

Highlighted Features

  • 17-inch long bar made of bamboo.
  • A powerful magnet on the back ensures no dead zones.
  • The 1-inch thickness helps to grab the tools easily.
  • Durable than the wooden bar as bamboo can absorb moisture.
  • The bar will not create dark spots or stains that are caused due to wet temperature.

Woods get rotten when it comes in contact with moisture but bamboo can absorb the moisture and ensure longevity more than wood. PremiumPresents makes magnetic knife holders from bamboo with a great texture that gives a pleasing look to your kitchen.

You can store your hand tools like pliers, screwdrivers, etc on this. On the other hand, this knife holder is not suitable to mount on the refrigerator. Moreover, they are not adaptable with mounting tapes so you cannot install this magnetic knife holder without creating any holes. While installing, do not put much force or it will break or crack.

7. IHOMKIT Magnetic Knife Storage Strip  

IHOMKIT Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

Highlighted Features

  • Made of magnet and plastic that will strongly hold your knives.
  • The black color of the strip will create a unique vibe in your kitchen.
  • The knife strip is waterproof as it is made of plastic.
  • The strip has the capacity to hold the heavy knives.
  • It is a 15-inch long strip to hold all your kitchen tools.

If you want a different color in your magnetic knife strip other than wooden or silver, IHOMKIT makes plastic strips that come in black color. It is 15-inch long and 2-inch wide that perfectly holds the knives. There is no friction while removing the knives which can be found in stainless steel knife holders. The friction of knives on steel can damage the sharpness.

Neodymium magnets are used at the back of the strip to disperse the magnetic force on the strip. Another feature we like about this knife strip is that it has no risk of rust or corrosion. You can clean this strip with a wet cloth and mild detergent which are restricted to use for steel or wooden knife strips.

8. Cucino Magnetic Knife Strip  

Cucino Magnetic Knife Strip

Highlighted Features

  • The strip has a 3M self-adhesive tape on the backplate.
  • A single wipe can clean this magnetic knife strip.
  • The stainless steel used on this strip so that it is strong enough to hold the knives.
  • It is a 16-inch knife that can hold up to 8 knives.

Most of the knife strips require holes to mount on the walls but Cucino offers a magnetic knife that does not require holes for mounting. Creating holes can destroy the look of the kitchen and you cannot easily hide the holes. This Cucino magnetic bar has 3M self-adhesive tape at the back that can hold items up to a weight of 4.4 lbs or 2kg.

A strong magnet holds the knives or garage tools on the strip. Stainless steel makes the magnetic strip durable and provides a shiny look to your kitchen. Strictly follow the instruction before mounting the magnetic knife strip. As it does not require screws to fix on the wall, the strip will fall off if the adhesive tape is not placed properly. Always place the heavy knives in the middle so that they have the most magnetic force and reduce the risk of slip off.

9. Zulay Seamless Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Holder  

Zulay Seamless Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

Highlighted Features

  • Walnut wood made a magnetic strip that gives an elegance to the kitchen.
  • You can place this strip on the wall by creating holes or by using mounting tapes.
  • Versatile magnetic strip that can be used in the kitchen or garage and can hold tools of multiple sizes.
  • The powerful magnet secures the knives perfectly on the strip without sliding off.

This is an 11.75-inch magnetic knife holder made of walnut wood that can totally compliment your kitchen. The strip is seamless so it will break off if the knives are pulled out with force. The surface is perfectly polished and creates a smooth surface for attaching the knives.

This magnetic knife holder is adaptable with all mounting tapes which are great if you don’t want to make holes for attaching the strips. Aside from using it in the kitchen and garage, you can also use it inside the cupboard to hang jewelry.

As it is a wooden magnetic strip, dry your knife before placing it on the strip. Water can damage the wood and your knives will slide off easily.

10. Kurouto Store Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder  

Kurouto Store Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

Highlighted Features

  • The knife holder is made from walnut wood that compliments the modern design of your kitchen.
  • Powerful rare earth magnets are used to hold the knives firmly to the strip.
  • Applicable to use in the kitchen, office, garage, etc to hold knives, tools, accessories, etc.
  • No risk of rust as it is made of premium walnut wood.
  • A simple wipe can clean the strips and eradicate the molds or germs.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.

Unlike other magnetic knife holders, Kurouto store build their knife strips with strong rare earth magnets. The intensity of the magnets is strong to give stability to the knives after placing it. This 12-inch magnetic strip is designed with ultra-strong magnets that can hold big sized knives steadily.

Another feature is that you can save a lot of space in the kitchen by using this strip as it attaches knives, scissors, metal spatulas, spoons, etc. Cleaning is also easy as it just requires wiping with a piece of dry cloth. However, try to mount the strip far from water as water can destroy the wood. We really appreciate the fact this strip can be mounted to the wall with double-sided adhesive tapes.

11. HMmagnets Store Professional Magnetic Knife Strip  

HMmagnets Store Professional Magnetic Knife Strip

Highlighted Features

  • 10-inch long magnetic bar to securely hold your knife sets.
  • The bar has a super strong magnet embedded that eliminates the possibility of sliding off.
  • Engineered with high-quality stainless steel to serve for a long time.
  • Compatible with Gorilla tape if you do not want to drill on your kitchen walls.

It is a heavy-duty material made magnetic knife that helps to organize your kitchen. The magnets are powerful to hold all sizes of the knife. Its shiny appearance from stainless steel will enhance the look of your kitchen.

You can mount the strip without drilling holes by using mounting tape. Though it is better to drill your kitchen wall for better and longer service. Moreover, it is not suitable to attach to the sides of the fridge as its back side does not have a magnetic pull force.

12. Utoplike Teak Wood Magnetic Knife Strip  

Utoplike Teak Wood Magnetic Knife Strip

Highlighted Features

  • Genuine teak wood on the making the magnetic knife strips.
  • A 15-inch strip has enough space to hold your knives.
  • The teak wood color darkens with time creating a different warm look.
  • Powerful magnet disc on the back that provides a sturdy grip.

The last one on our list is the magnetic knife strip made from teak wood. The color of teak wood darkens as time passes that give a cozier vibe to your kitchen. The magnets are placed one after another so that there are no dead zones.

The feature we like about this is it can be used to hang garage tools or art supply tools alongside kitchen utensils. However, it can be mounted on the fridge as they are adaptable with mounting tapes.

Things to consider before buying the best magnetic knife holder

Does your knife fall off from your magnetic knife strip? And you don’t know how to find the correct one? Cutting different items requires different knives and so the magnetic intensity needs to be powerful to hold all sizes of knives. Not only magnetism but also there are other factors to consider before choosing the right one.

Types of the magnetic knife holder

You will find various types of knife holders but all will not be suitable for your kitchen. Considering the space of your kitchen is a significant factor before ordering one.

Magnetic knife blocks are usually made of wood and magnets are placed inside the holes to secure the knives on the blocks. Not everyone wants to drill their walls to mount magnetic strips on the kitchen. The blocks are very portable as you can carry them for your outdoor picnics. Cleaning the blocks can be time-consuming as you will need cleaning brushes to bring out the dust from each slot. Moreover, some magnetic blocks come in with slots as well as the magnetic strip on one side. This dual function can be of great help if you cannot store all your knives on the magnetic slots.

On the other hand,wall-mounted knife magnetic strips are easy to clean and increase the tidiness of your kitchen. The strips are found in stainless steel, plastic, and wood. Hardware accessories like screws come with the package so that you can easily mount the knife strip on your kitchen walls. Not only knives you can also hang garage tools or your art supplies. The most common length of metal strips is 10-inch though you will find brands that offer various sizes of the magnetic knife holder.

Materials of the magnetic knife holder 

The three most materials used for magnetic knife holders are plastic, stainless steel, and wood. The durability differs according to the material.

Stainless steel made magnetic knife holders are used by the professionals in their kitchen for its great service. Stainless steel is a composition of 11% chromium and chromium prevents rusting. It is a durable metal to serve for a long time and easy to clean. It enhances the look of your kitchen with its sleek design. As magnets are attracted to metals, it perfectly attaches the magnetic and eliminates the risk of slipping off the knives.   

Wood magnetic knife holders can be tricky if they are not made of good wood as it can get rot easily. If the wood comes in contact with water, the wood will get damp from the moisture. If it gets molded you need to throw it away. It is long-lasting knife material but the wood can be hard to clean.

Plastic magnetic knife holders come in different colors and you can choose the color that perfectly suits your kitchen. It is most commonly used as plastic knife holders are cheaper than wood or stainless holders. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and have no risk of rusting or corrosion. But, they are not known to be durable for long-term service.

Size of your knives

As you are buying the magnetic knife holder for your knives, it should be compatible enough to fit your knives and kitchen tools properly. In restaurants, the chefs use a wide variety of knives for different food items where at home we use at most 5 to 6 knives regularly and occasionally.

If you are buying the magnetic knife blocks, make sure the knives fit properly on the slots. Otherwise, it can cause accidents if the holder falls off by mistake. Besides in the case of magnetic strips, place the knife properly at the strip such that half of the knife does hang out of the strip.

Strength of magnet

The power of the magnet is the most significant factor to consider before choosing the best magnetic knife holder. It is the intensity of the magnet that holds the knife without dropping them. Neodymium magnets are used for building the knife holder. The magnet discs are placed on the backside of the strip so it’s not visible. The discs are placed after certain distances so that the magnetic intensity is evenly distributed to the strip. Large knives are heavy and a strip might not be able to hold all big knives together. So place your knives after reading the holding capacity of your strips, otherwise, the knives will fall out causing dents, chips, or accidents. 

Area of installation

Consider the area before buying the magnetic knife holder otherwise it won’t be of any benefit if you choose one that does not fit properly. The knife holders come between 10 to 24 inches in length. It depends on what items and how many things you want to hang on the holder. The sizes of the knives also matter, since meat knives cover a lot of space and need a good magnetic attraction to stick them together.

Furthermore, a magnetic knife holder with blocks is portable and you can change its position from cooking space to anywhere you want. Also, check if your walls are compatible with mounting tapes and Velcro.


As you are going to install the magnetic knife holder on your walls, the design should be good enough to complement the look of your kitchen. As we have mentioned, knife holders come in stainless steel, plastic, and wood but all of them might not look good on your walls. The wooden strips offer a warm and comfortable look where stainless steel boosts the modern look of your kitchen.

Moreover, the magnetic knife blocks also come in different designs.

Ease of installation and cleaning

All of the magnetic knife strips come with the hardware accessories to mount on the wall properly. You will find strips that can be directly mounted to the wall whereas some need to drill the walls to insert the screws. All of the brands provide a manual book along with the knife holder that makes the installation easy and safe.

Just installing the knife holder is not the end of the work, you need to clean the knife holder regularly to eradicate dust, rusts, corrosion, etc. The strips usually don’t take much time to clean as you can lightly wipe it off with a piece of cloth. However, you need to be careful with the wooden magnetic strips as they can get rotten if come in contact with water. Even if the temperature of your kitchen damp, the moisture can damage the wooden magnetic holders.

The slots of the magnetic knife blocks also need to clean thoroughly as bugs and dust can accumulate on the slot. The dirt on the slots can damage the sharpness of your knives.


The magnetic strips can also be used as hanging the garage tools or your art supplies like scissors, rulers, etc. In this way, you use a magnetic knife holder for other purposes. As magnet attracts all types of metal objects, you can hand any metal on the strips. It is completely on your choice how you want to use the magnet strip but be sure to check the power of the magnet before buying.


Can magnetic holders damage the sharpness of knives?

No, magnets on the knife holder cannot damage the sharpness of the knives. As long as the knives don’t slip or fall off the strip, your knives will be safe. Moreover, it is advised to twist the knife while pulling off such that the sharp-edged portion comes out first.

Can I stick ceramic knives to the magnetic holder?  

No, ceramic knives will not stick to your magnetic knife holder. Ceramic knives cannot be used for cutting everything as they break or shatter easily. Ceramic doesn’t rust easily but they are not as sharp as stainless steel knives. As magnets attract metal objects, a magnetic knife holder is not suitable for ceramic knives.

How do magnets work in a wooden knife holder?

Magnets can work between the woods as the pulling forces of the magnets attract the metal objects and hold them steadily.

Is it possible to restore the magnetism of the magnetic knife holder?

No, it is not possible to restore the magnetism of the magnetic knife holder. The magnet used for making knife holders lasts for a longer period if they are not kept on extreme heat. Exposure to extreme heat can destroy the magnetism of the knife holder.

Which places should be avoided to put a magnetic knife holder?

You can place your magnetic knife holder anywhere you want but make sure they are exposed to high temperature. High temperature ruins the magnetic intensity. Moreover, if you are using a wooden knife holder avoid mounting or placing it in wet temperature. The moisture will cause damage to your wooden knife holder.


Knife holders not only organize your kitchen top but enhance the look of your kitchen.  You will find wall-mounted strips to hang your knives and magnetic knife block to store the knives in each slot. It is hard to decide on which should be of great use to you so look for the area for installation of the knife holder. If your kitchen is big and you want your knives at arm’s length, you can go with the wall-mounted knife holder. On the other hand, knife holder blocks are portable so you can position whenever you want.

If you have children running around your house, you need to store the knives out of their reach to avoid accidents. According to your kitchen décor, you can choose a wooden, plastic, or stainless steel magnetic holder for knives. We hope our article will help you decide which one of the mentioned best magnetic knife holders will be suitable for you.