10 Best Fast Food Shakes 2023 – Complete Guide

If you ask someone which is the best fast food shake in their opinion, be prepared to receive varied answers. Different people have different opinions however, there are some fast food shakes that are loved by the masses.

We have today, formulated a list of some of the best fast food shakes that you can slurp on and enjoy to the fullest.

1. In-N-Out – Neaopolitan Shake

In-N-Out — Neaopolitan Shake
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In-N-Out offers one of the best food shakes and that is what helps it to stand out in the crowd. The Neopolitan Shake is one of the best shakes that In-N-Out has to offer. If you love chocolatey, vanilla, or strawberry, select the Neapolitan from In-N-secret Out’s cuisine. With just one slurp, you will experience a burst of flavors in your mouth.

The only thing better than one Neapolitan milkshake is a Neapolitan Root Beer Float, and you can give it a try as well. This In-N-Out shake has a nice texture that comes out a bit too thick yet falls into a creamy and drinking state as the glass warms somewhat in your palms.

The taste has a heavy ice cream-forward feel, which puts the chocolate lacking (it’s not chocolatey, but you will still enjoy it).

2. Del Taco – Deluxe Strawberry Shake

Del Taco - Deluxe Strawberry Shake
Source: fastfoodnutrition.org

You wouldn’t think a Del Taco milkshake would be this amazing, but this is arguably the best strawberry smoothie on the planet. People rarely choose strawberry over chocolate and maybe vanilla.

Yet, Del Taco’s has a gentle and refreshing flavor that pairs itself perfectly with rich and creamy vanilla core but the flavor is further improved by adding actual strawberries that occasionally pop through the pipe, adding a vibrant hit of juicy taste.

The only issue would be that the tube isn’t quite wide enough to hold the strawberries to flow freely, resulting in jams that make drinking this milkshake a struggle at times.

3. Shake Shack – Choco and Vanilla Milkshake

Shake Shack — Choco and Vanilla Milkshake
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The Choco and Vanilla milkshake is a blend of choco and vanilla flavors. On one hand, the taste is brilliant; both of the chocolate & vanilla milkshakes are smooth and sweet, yet a smoothie from Shake Shack must taste better and be thicker. The texture of this milkshake is a bit too thin. Fortunately, this does not affect the taste, which is intense (if not a little artificial and powdery).

It’d be a win-win situation if Shake Shack’s smoothies had the texture of the Frosty, but that’s an upper mid-tier smoothie that lacks a good taste. However, Shake Shack deserves some credit for including some lovely smooth, high-quality cream in their milkshakes.

4. Sonic – Strawberry Dessert Master Shake

Sonic’s Strawberry Dessert Master Shake is a next-level shake, and it is one of the best fast food shakes on our list. This milkshake has a strong taste that starts creamy, then sour, then sugary with cherries and vivid strawberry notes, and ends with the somewhat nutty rustic flavor of graham crumbs. If you are visiting Sonic, this drink is a must-try.

If you buy this milkshake, don’t expect to eat anything else for the rest of the day. It is a bit heavy on the stomach and thus does justice to the price paid. Add a slice of banana to add to the flavor and increase its nutrient count.

5. Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box
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This is one of the best Oreo chocolate shakes that you would come across. Jack in the Box offers large bits of crunchy Oreos scattered throughout the smooth and creamy vanilla bottom.

This milkshake is a tad too thick, and thus you might have to keep your straw down and take a sip directly from the glass. This one will make you wish you had a spatula to eat it with. A large residue of the shake might be left behind at the bottom of the cup and you might actually have to use a spoon to scoop it out.

The only downside to this drink is that the whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top are only for show. They don’t contribute much to the overall experience. However, this fast-food shake has an amazing flavor and taste, which makes Jack in the Box Oreo Shake stand out in the crowd.

6. Oreo Mint Shake – Steak n Shake

Oreo Mint Shake - Steak n Shake
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This milkshake has cold mint overtones that combine perfectly with the semi-bitter cocoa richness of Oreo biscuits. The whipped cream is thick, with Oreo chunks to cover the likely dull flavor and a maraschino cherry to offer a great sharp balance to the cool. It adds an almost Andes Mint-like aspect to this milkshake.

The Oreo Mint Milkshake and the Kit Kat Milkshake are some of the best shakes offered by Steak and Shake. You can also try their Kit Kat shakes. These shakes have kit kat with a scoop of ice cream on top of it.

This combination makes the shake one of the best food shakes that you will come across. It has a great texture from the wafer cracker within. It’s a terrific milkshake consistency, and Steak n Shake pushes it a step further by crumbing Kit Kits through into whipped cream.

Steak n Shake knows how to make a shake, which is why they included it right in their title. The Oreo Mint and Kit Kat, on the other hand, are your best bets. If you don’t like Kit Kats, you can try Butterfinger (strange), Peanut Butter Cup (decent), or Nutella.

7. Dairy Queen — Raspberry Chip Shake

Dairy Queen — Raspberry Chip Shake
Source: eatthis.com

We know we all enjoy all of Dairy Queen’s drinks, and we admit that we picked the Raspberry Chip for variety’s cause, but where else will you get a raspberry milkshake in the fast-food market?

In a velvety vanilla ice cream bottom, bittersweet semi-dark choco chips are combined with acidic and zesty raspberries, creating a texture and a rich flavor that changes between sweet, acidic, and bitter.

The whipped cream is a complete waste of time; avoid it. This milkshake is incredibly thick and retains its shape well, but it’s not so thick that it won’t pass in through the straw. Even so, avoid sucking choco chips down your throat before chewing.

8. Five Guys – Bacon Milkshake

The sophisticated grown-up form of soaking your chips in a Milkshake is Five Guys. The bacon provides a salty, smoky flavor that contrasts wonderfully with the thick and creamy vanilla base. It’s far superior to soaking your fries in a milkshake, as it adds a yummy crunch to the shake’s texture, making it a great savory element of the whole.

One of the best things about Five Guys is that even the menu is entirely customized, and that doesn’t look bland like a build-your-own pizza shop or Chipotle’s meals.

Salted Caramel is usually a good and simple option, but don’t be afraid to be creative here. Choose the milkshake with “coffee, malty milk, strawberry banana.” You can make your own decisions.

This shake is salted and sweet, with a smoky, rich flavor unlike anything else on this list. However, bacon in a milkshake isn’t really what we think of when we want a smoothie, so it can’t take the top spot, no matter how tasty it is.

9. Chick-Fil-A – Chocolate chip and Cream Milkshake

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We know that Chick-fil-A does not deserve a place in this list because their milkshakes are so simple and are often overrated, but this fast-food shake has changed the entire brand image of the brand. We are simply giving credit where it’s due.

The chocolate chip and cream milkshake of this brand are one of the greatest milkshakes in the fast-food world. These days Oreo milkshakes are quite popular and this shake is loved by the masses.

To explain how this tastes, you can think of this as a drinkable form of biscuits and creamy ice cream with precisely small bites of choco Oreo cookies (or Oreo-Esque cookies) that don’t get trapped in the straw and don’t risk your life by getting stuck in your throat.

The texture is thick but not to the point of being difficult to drink. The whipped cream is fine but not great, and it comes with lovely ribbons so that the look is perfect.

The occasional Peach Milkshake, which is available only in the summer months, is tastier than Chick-fil Cookies A’s & Cream milkshake, but this is also a seasonal item. Owing to this disadvantage, we did not move this fast-food shake to the first position on our list. However, it is quite good.

With a smooth and creamy texture and exquisite pieces of semi-bitter chocolate chip cookie pieces, the richness is there. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Chick-fil-A does have some of the best soft-serve ice-creams in the whole fast-food world. We’re usually cheering against Chick-fil-A, although we have to give them credit where it is due.

Final Word

All the fast-food joints in the world make food shakes differently. After some intense research, we have formulated a list of some of the best fast food shakes from all these food joints. Make sure to go through the reviews as mentioned above before trying these out yourself.

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