Can You Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant? 2022 – All You Need to Know

Pregnancy is one of the important phases in a woman’s life so you must make every decision cautiously. You have to take care of yourself as well as your unborn child. You must be aware of the things that can be harmful to you and your baby, especially what you eat.

Your unborn child gets nutrients for proper growth and development from what you eat. Hence, you must be cautious about what you consume.

Mushrooms, if cooked properly, are incredibly tasty and delicious. Mushrooms have high nutritional components, including vitamins, minerals, and fibers, but whether it is safe for you to eat them while pregnant might require some consultation with your doctor. Also, some research is needed on what you should eat and what you shouldn’t during pregnancy.

In this article, you will get insights into if you can eat mushrooms while pregnant.

Is It Safe To Eat Mushrooms During Pregnancy?

Can You Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant

In general, eating mushrooms is not harmful to pregnant ladies or for their children, and neither do they fall under the list of food that is restricted while pregnant. There are different types of mushrooms, but not all mushrooms are edible, and there are a few types of mushrooms that can have adverse effects on your health.

It is very important for you to be aware of which mushrooms are edible. During pregnancy, women can eat most types of edible mushrooms unless they are allergic to them. Eating mushrooms can cause stomach discomfort and may be harmful to the child if they are not cleaned and cooked properly.

You can eat mushrooms safely without causing any danger to your unborn child. Just remember the following points:

1.    You should avoid raw mushrooms

You should avoid raw mushrooms when you are pregnant. This is because they grow in soil and, if they are not washed and cleaned properly, might contain pathogens like Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis.

This is a rare disease that can cause complications during pregnancy, especially in women with a weak immune system. This disease is foodborne and can be a high risk to their unborn child.

2.    Mushrooms contain chitin

Chitin is a natural polysaccharide that makes mushrooms rich in fiber and gives them a meaty texture. Moreover, chitin is made of an abundant biopolymer that makes raw mushrooms difficult to digest and can cause stomach discomfort. This occurs more in pregnant women and might be risky for your child.

But if mushrooms are properly cooked, then chitin breaks down more, and it becomes easier to digest.

3.    Wash mushrooms properly before cooking

Can You Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant

Wash mushrooms properly a few times before cooking. As you know that mushrooms are grown in soil, and just soaking them in water will not help you get rid of the dirt and soil on them. You must wash them thoroughly with a brush until you are not sure they are cleaned properly and safe for you to eat.

Also, the physical structure of mushrooms has thin cracks that contain dirt and soil inside them. So, you must wash them with water and clean them properly to keep yourself and your unborn child safe.

4. Don’t eat mushrooms that you haven’t seen before

It is better to be safe with an unborn child inside you. If you see any type of mushroom that you haven’t seen or eaten before, then the best option will be not to try something new that you aren’t aware of, especially in the case of wild mushrooms. There are plenty of wild mushrooms that are not good for your health but look exactly like the ones that are edible.

If you consume mushrooms regularly, then it will be easier for you to identify them from the ones that are edible but if you don’t eat mushrooms quite often, then avoid picking up mushrooms from the wild and buying them from the food market.

Nutritional Benefits From Eating Mushrooms While Pregnant

Can You Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant

Mushrooms have high nutritional components. They contain high source vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will help in the proper growth and development of your child. Also, they contain zero cholesterol and are low in fat and calories, making them an ideal vegetable to consume, especially for pregnant women.

However, the nutritional component is not the same in every mushroom. You must consult with your dietitian regarding which mushrooms will be best for you during your pregnancy, considering you aren’t allergic to them.

Also, how mushrooms are prepared is an important factor that determines whether they are healthy and safe for pregnant women or not. Mushrooms, when sauteed or roasted properly, are healthier and safer options to eat.

Avoid eating them raw with flavored sauces, fried or stuffed inside other meals. There are a few types of edible mushrooms that taste more delicious when consumed raw, but while pregnant, it’s better to avoid eating raw mushrooms at all.

In general, all edible mushrooms contain an adequate amount of antioxidants like vitamin C, choline, and selenium. They are also rich in fiber, folate, protein, iron, and vitamin B, which are highly effective and an excellent choice of food for pregnant women. Just ensure that you wash, clean, and cook them properly before you consume them.

Here are some types of mushrooms that are safe to eat when pregnant. Black fungus mushrooms, Button mushrooms, Chanterelle mushrooms, Chestnut mushrooms, Crimini mushrooms, Enoki mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Morel mushrooms, and Shitake mushrooms.

These were some popular mushrooms that can be consumed during pregnancy without any risk to the child. Always remember to wash and clean them thoroughly and avoid eating them unless they are properly cooked.

Make sure you are buying good-quality mushrooms from a reputable food retailer. Also, ensure that you are not allergic to mushrooms and still consult a dietitian for what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy.


Here is a complete guide on the consumption of mushrooms during pregnancy. We hope that reading this article will give you a clear idea about if you can eat mushrooms while pregnant.

Mushrooms are an excellent choice while pregnant but do remember the precautions you must take before eating them.

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