The 10 Best Popover Pans: Bake and Pop!

As the saying goes “Morning shows the day”, it is indeed of utter importance to have a good morning that will predict the nature of the day you will look forward to, and what is a good way to start your morning other than a fun breakfast? And puffy popovers are what makes breakfasts fun and exciting!

Popovers are the American adaptation of Yorkshire pudding with a little twist in it. They are made from basic ingredients like egg, flour, milk, and salt and are crispy on the outside but airy and fluffy on the inside. Nonetheless, they are super-easy and take a lot less time to be baked compared to Yorkshire puddings.

Not only in breakfast, but popovers can also be your trusted companion on a game-night or your favorite snack at a casual evening tea.

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or a professional in this baking game, you will soon discover or have already discovered how much fun baking popovers are. And in order to excel at baking popovers, you need to have the best popover pan at your disposal. So, let us check out right away the popover pans that are offered to you by the market so that you can make the perfect purchase.

Best Pick

Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan

The first position in the list of our top picks has been grabbed by Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan with very close and tough competition. This popover pan from our list offers you all that you desire from an ideal popover pan. This simple yet solid pan features a heavy-duty body with a handle for comfortable handling and an exclusive coating to facilitate quick food release and cleanup is what makes this popover pan the best. The versatility it supports and the very convenient design with 6 cups makes this our favorite.

Budget Pick

Chicago Metallic 6-Cup Popover Pan

If you want to buy a product that is worthy of every penny and takes care of your pocket then you should definitely go for Chicago Metallic 6-Cup Popover Pan. With the ability to withstand high heat and being dishwasher resistant, this also maintains an even heat distribution for efficient baking experiences. Other features like the premium silicone coating and excellent airflow that results in airy and fluffy popovers make it worth looking into.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Popover Pan

1. Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan  

Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan

The first product on our review article is from Nordic Ware which is a basic popover pan with 6 cups but features a handle which makes it super easy for holding. Not only does it ensure convenience but also your safety as it gives you a non-slip grip which prevents any chance of dropping the hot pan on your foot while handling it.

It is comfortable to hold both with mitts when it is hot as well as bare hands while washing or storing.

The pan is made from sturdy cast aluminum which confirms its durability so that you do not have to look for other alternatives after a few times of baking with this pan. The material also helps in maintaining even heat distribution since its exteriors are good at reflecting heat. Moreover, the material is also rust and corrosion resistant and does not deform when subject to intense heat.

Another feature that makes it fit for our top picks is that its cups are adjusted to the tray which means there is no risk of spilling the batter outside the cups and causing an unnecessary mess before placing them inside your oven which would otherwise require additional cleaning.

The non-stick coating of the pan allows quick release of the food keeping your popovers intact. This also facilitates easy cleanup as minimal residues are left behind in the pan so does not require extra effort to take them out. Hand washing them with a mild detergent is enough for cleaning these pans.

Crown muffins, oversized muffins, or Yorkshire pudding, you can bake it all using this simple yet solid baking accessory.

Things we liked: We loved how it features wide openings which make it ideal for easy wipes if we spilled the batter while pouring it.

Things we didn’t like: The only downside of this product to us is that it is not dishwasher safe which means you have to allocate extra time for handwashing them.

2. Chicago Metallic 6-Cup Popover Pan  

Chicago Metallic 6-Cup Popover Pan

The 6-cup popover pan from Chicago Metallic is the next product on our list because of its highlight feature- versatility. As much as the pan can help in baking perfect traditional popovers, it shows quality baking performance with puddings, muffins, and so on.

The pans are constructed from premium quality aluminized steel which can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The build of the pans assures you of perfect airy popovers due to the excellent air circulation.

 Not only that, but the material also makes sure that your popovers brown at a uniform heat with an even heat distribution.

The pans also come with wide openings making it very easy to add the batter without the risk of spilling it and going through the hassle of cleaning it. They are set in the oven with a help of a frame where the pans are placed which gives one popover enough room to bake and rise without the worry of spreading into its adjacent one.

Additionally, the pans come with a silicone coating which prevents your food from sticking to the bottom ensuring a quick release without the need for any cooking spray. This feature also makes it easy for cleaning as no aggressive cleaning is needed to remove the residues it leaves behind. In addition to this, you can wash the pans in a dishwasher with other kitchen utensils as they do not require extra care.

However, despite it being dishwasher safe, we suggest you hand wash it with soapy water for prolonged use as dishwashers can cause unrecoverable damage to the pan.

Things we liked: We love the design of the lips of the pans. It gives a very nice shape to the popovers and allows them to spread nicely.

Things we didn’t like: The no-no feature of these pans is as they use a frame and do not have an attached tray with them the pans may come off of the frame if not candled meticulously. The pouring of the batter can cause spillage as well creating a mess.

3. Bellemain 6 Cup Popover Pan  

Bellemain 6 Cup Popover Pan

Our next product up for review is the Bellemain Popover Pan which has 6 cups and features a dimension of depth of 2.25 inches and a 3 inches diameter. The sufficient vertical space of these pans gives it the perfect appearance of flawless popovers ensuring maximum height and guaranteed ‘pop’. 

Like the former reviewed products, this also is equipped with a non-stick top coating which prevents the popovers from sticking to the bottom or at the corners and makes the release very smooth. 

The coating does not require extra cooking spray or unhealthy cooking oil for greasing which may be harmful to your health.

The superior build of the durable welded metal also makes the pan outlast its competitors. Additionally, the material along with the design is responsible for uniform heat distribution to the pans making the browning of the popovers perfect. 

The feature that makes this our favorite is that it comes with a very dark charcoal color which gives it the benefit of absorbing heat a lot faster than other light-colored pans. Not only does it ensure effective and efficient heating but also helps in energy consumption as a small amount of energy is able to raise the temperature of the pans by large degrees. 

This product is a full package as it also is dishwasher friendly which means you do not have to allocate extra time or give extra effort for cleaning it after you are done baking. 

Things we liked: We absolutely loved the design of the pan. It has wide openings for easy pouring and maintains an excellent air circulation for baking fine popovers.

Things we didn’t like: So far no downsides were experienced by us but it could be better if it came with more number of cups which would allow us to serve more people. 

4. Fox Run Popover Pan  

Fox Run Popover Pan

Sure you can use a muffin pan to bake popovers (it will not result in the perfect traditional popover however but that’s different) but if you are looking for a dedicated popover pan, Fox Run offers you one. This is ideal for popovers because of its depth which is fit for preparing fine and airy popovers.

The linking design of the pans ensures an excellent airflow which speeds up the baking time of the popovers. Not only that, these efficient pans can make the popovers rise more than usual and give it the extra crisp. 

Being made from durable carbon steel increases its longevity and features even heating so that the browning of the popovers is perfect.

The high-quality non-stick coating helps in both making cleanups easy as well as to ensure quick release of the popovers preventing them to be deformed in the process of serving. However, even though it is easy to clean it is not dishwasher friendly and requires hand wash.

Things we liked: We loved that it comes with a 5 years warranty which means the manufacturers themselves speak for its durability.

Things we didn’t like: The issue with this is that the product is not warped resistant and bends if not handled with enough care or exposed to heat higher than its capacity.

5. Webake Silicone Popover Pan  

Webake Silicone Popover Pan

The product that we will review now is very unique from all the products on our list in terms of its build. This popover pan from Webake comes in a pack of 12 cups with a silicone body in four different colors.

The silicone body is of food-grade quality and each cup features an inner diameter of roughly 2.4 inches and a height of 2.2 inches.

It has a working temperature range of -40℉~ 446℉ (-40°C ~ 230°C) and can practically be used in any medium. Be it in the ovens, freezer, or dishwasher, it is suitable to be used everywhere. The dishwasher friendly feature makes it very convenient for cleaning as you can wash it with all your other utensils without taking any extra care of the pans.

This kitchen accessory is your best friend for hosting any small and big events with the ultimate comfort.

Things we liked: We loved its versatile nature. It is not only perfect for popover pans but other food items like cupcakes, pudding, and jello. It can be used for homemade soaps as well!

Things we didn’t like: Since the pans do not come with a non-stick coating, we found some cake debris sticking in some corners of the pans which required us to hand wash them. This was a drawback that we faced with the product.

6. Norpro Mini Popover Pan  

Norpro Mini Popover Pan

If you have kids at your home or have them coming over to your place, this baking accessory from Norpro should probably be on your buying list as they are fit for making mini popovers. These pans come attached to a big tray and have a very dark color.

We mentioned the color because of a very specific reason and that is dark colors ensure better heat conduction. The browning of the popovers is perfect with this pan as it ensures uniform heating making fluffy and crispy popovers.

The 12 pans are equipped with a non-stick coating making them super-easy for cleaning and serving them without any hassle as they facilitate quick release.

Even though the pans are called mini pans, it comes with enough depth of 2 inches/5cm for you to add sufficient batter for baking perfect popovers. The tray-type model with the holes in them prevents any spillage of the batter causing any extra trouble. It also comes with handles on two sides of the tray giving you a greater grip of the tray for handling.

The pans clean off easily with water and handwashing is suggested for extended use.

Things we liked: Who doesn’t love extra goodies? This product comes with a user’s manual along with mouthwatering recipes.

Things we didn’t like: With this one, we have not found any downsides yet. It only satisfied us to the fullest.

7. Nordic Ware Petite Popover Pan  

Nordic Ware Petite Popover Pan

For the seventh entry in our product review, we have chosen yet another product from Nordic Ware which is aimed at those who want to enjoy light, cute and bite-sized popovers.

This particular pan comes with 12 wells which not only allows you to make popovers for your breakfast but also is your best friend when it comes to hosting a big crowd.

The pan is constructed from a cast aluminum core which confirms its longevity. Not only that, the material ensures that the heat is spread evenly throughout the pan so that you can end up with crispy and fluffy popovers. Warping is not a problem with this one as it is warp-resistant even when exposed to intense heat.

The non-stick coating assures you of a quick and easy cleanup and food release. The pan also features handles on both sides of the tray which allows you to get an ergonomic grip of the pan even when you are wearing mitts. It also ensures your safety as you are not at risk of dropping the hot pan while handling. With this pan, you just mix, place, bake, and pop these adorable popovers in your mouth.  

Things we liked: It comes with a limited lifetime warranty which we loved! With this, we do not have to worry about replacing or looking for alternatives.

Things we didn’t like: It is not dishwasher resistant and therefore we have to go through the extra trouble of handwashing it with mild soapy water after we are done baking.

8. Sunnydaze Popover Pan  

Sunnydaze Popover Pan

For the last and final product, we have chosen this popover pan from Sunnydaze which features a diameter of 11 inches, an ideal size for popovers as well as muffins. Its unique circular design makes it very compact and easy to use.

The pan is made from heavy-duty cast iron which is usually used in other cookware however the heat in this retains more than usual utensils made from the same material. The material gives it a strong build and ensures durability. Besides, the material is responsible for maintaining good heat conduction among the small molds.

This pan is smaller than other pans available at the market and offers 7 molds. However, it is targeted at those who are into small pans. Additionally, the pan is able to withstand temperatures as high as 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  Moreover, for making perfect popovers, you just need to add a small amount of butter to the pans and you are good to go.

However, the pan is not dishwasher friendly so be careful not to put it in your dishwasher. You should carefully and separately wash it with your hands using hot water and a sponge or a hard brush. If you see any residue sticking at the pan you can take the help of salt to scrub it off.

Things we liked: We loved the versatility! Since the product can be used at very high temperatures, you can use it to bake a wide variety of bakery items along with popovers. It also comes with a 1-year warranty so you can go for a year without worrying about this.

Things we didn’t like: The fact that it does not come with a non-stick coating makes it difficult to release your food without sticking. Even though you can use butter as an alternative for your popovers to not stick to the bottom, it can meddle with your diet plan if you are on one or make it richer in taste if you are looking for light popovers.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Popover Pan

Popover Pans vs. Muffin Tins

The closest alternative to a popover pan is muffin pans/tins that you can use to bake popovers. However, the market offers you pans dedicated to popovers only because in order to make the perfect ones, it is an ultimate necessity.

There are some distinct differences between these two. Apart from the apparent difference between the two pans, popover pans are made a more tapered design. They have a greater depth compared to the muffin pans. This depth particularly gives the popovers the ‘pop’ feature which would not be achieved using a muffin pan.

However, it is not like you cannot use a muffin pan to bake popovers. Of course, you can! But it will not give them the big and fluffy structure of the popovers which is only achieved with dedicated popover pans.

Attributes that should be taken into consideration before buying the best popover pan


The shape of the popover pan is a matter of concern when it comes to the appearance of the popovers. If you desire more uniformity towards the base then you should go for a  pan that has more depth to it. Popovers are supposed to be tall and have uneven tops.


The material of the pan of your choice must be of good quality as it is never wise to compromise with the safety of your health. The material needs to be food grade and without posing any harmful side effects.

The material also plays a significant role in ensuring perfect browning of the popovers by maintaining an even heat distribution.

Moreover, the material used in the making of the pan reflects the durability of it. If you want a pan which you can use for a prolonged period then you should look for heavy-duty materials like carbon steel or cast aluminum or iron.

Non-stick coating

You surely do not want to serve deformed or broken popovers to your friends and family. This is where the role of the non-stick coating comes into play. The advantages of the coating are that it ensures both quick releases of the food as well as makes the cleaning procedure easy. If the residues of the food are stuck in the pans, it will require more time and effort for cleaning it. Therefore it is wise to go for a pan that comes with a non-stick coating.

Number of cups

Are you a crazy fan of popovers who bakes them every now and then? Are you a person who hosts parties every week? Do you live with your family? Do you live alone? The number of cups you require in your popover pan is solely dependent on these questions because you will buy the one that suits your requirements the most.


You may think of this as a silly attribute to look for or consider while buying a popover pan but it is important. This is because darker colors are efficient and effective heat conductors. They are able to absorb heat and have little chance of reflecting them away. This feature makes the pans more energy efficient as you can heat your pan using less energy and this will in turn decrease your baking time, making your popovers ready for popping in your mouth. Therefore, while choosing a popover pan, go for dark colors.


If you are a person for whom washing utensils is a big deal then before making your buying decision you need to ask yourself whether the pan of your choice is dishwasher-free or not?

Also, popovers are made using butter and it can be difficult washing of the oily nature of it especially because most popover pans are suggested to be washed by hands. However, few robust designs are fit for washing in dishwashers.


It is a bonus for you if your popover pan comes with a handle because a good grip is important while handling. It may sound silly but when you are practically dealing with a hot set of popovers that need to be served, you do not want to drop them by mistake on your feet or the ground. Having said this, it is also significant that the handles can be gripped while wearing mitts since you will be wearing them at all times while taking the popovers out from your oven. 


1. Do non-stick popover pans also require any greasy coating?

Usually with non-stick popover pans do not require any oil or butter coating but you should put a habit of doing it because the coating may come off or become unreliable after using it for some time. So, using a greasy item before pouring the batter is a good practice. 

2. Which is better? A linked popover pan or a tray?

It is wise to go for the linked one. This is because it allows you to remove the pans and place them as per your wish. It also makes the aeration better which results in perfect popovers. It has other advantages like ease of cleaning and better heat conduction. 

3. How much batter should you put in the pans?

Since the popovers ‘pop’ and rise a lot, it is advised that you fill your pan a maximum of ¾ full. Otherwise, it may come way too much out of the pan and ruin the shape of your popover. 

Final Words

On closing of the review, we would like to hope that you have taken out some value from the list of the best popover pans and do not have to run to restaurants now and then to have some delicious popovers. Upon adding this necessary accessory to your kitchen you can now bake restaurant-like popovers at the comfort of your home and can even create a fusion with your favorite ingredients for devouring the best popovers there can be!