Use Coconut Water For Acid Reflux – 2023 Guide & Benefits

Are you one of the thousands of people who suffer from acid reflux every day? A burning sensation in the middle of the chest can be very painful and irritating for more than a day.

And finding the right medicines or beverages to soothe this heartburn can be a hassle. Well, coconut water is considered as nature’s gastroenterologist and has multiple health benefits.

It is good for your acid reflux because of its alkaline nature and helps reduce the acid production that burns the stomach lining.

There is no scientific proof that coconut water tames acid reflux or GERD, but many people have noticed a significant change after including coconut water in their diets. Let’s dig in a little so that we can end our curiosity about the ingredients of coconut water.

Use Coconut Water for Acid Reflux Quick Relief

Acid Reflux

The painful symptoms associated with acid reflux disease arise when we consume many foods and drinks with high acid levels. In comparison, eating foods that are less acidic or neutral causes fewer or no such symptoms. As coconut water is alkaline with a PH level between 4.7 to 5.7, incorporating this into your daily routine can make a huge difference.

It can reduce your body’s pH level by reducing the production of acid present in your stomach. Coconut water has a sufficient amount of electrolytes that our body needs daily to maintain the body’s normal pH level. It is also rich in potassium which regulates fluid balance and reduces muscle contractions.

Benefits of Coconut Water

With only 45 calories per eight ounces, coconut water has multiple health benefits besides being fantastic for your acid reflux. It can be a low-calorie alternative if you like having liquids most of the day.

Compared to other energy drinks or juices, it is a healthier option with low amounts of carbs and sugar. Having the right amount of coconut water possesses vital minerals that help you function properly, and you can even get rid of muscle cramps.

It is full of amino acids, considered the building blocks of proteins, and repair the body’s tissues. Athletes prefer to drink coconut water after an intense workout because it is loaded with many essential nutrients. It has high levels of arginine that prepare the body to deal with stress.

Production of Coconut

It is impossible to enjoy coconut water without having coconuts. To get the healthy and delicious juice from inside the coconut, you crack open the nut. The countries that produce large amounts of coconuts enjoy more coconut water. They are not dependent on anybody for the supply and have sufficient production of this delicious drink.

Indonesia produces 17 million tons of coconuts every year and is the largest producer of coconuts globally. The Philippines and India are in second and third place respectively. The people living in these countries have easy access to this healthy drink loaded with nutrients that benefit the body in so many ways.

Different Ways to Consume Coconut Water

Drinking coconut water

Coconut water is a delicious drink, but consuming it every day can get a little too boring. There are multiple ways to incorporate coconut water into your daily routine if you are not a fan of it.

If you are a person who likes having ice creams more often, especially during the summer season, you can easily make iced popsicles out of coconut water. It is a simple and easy process by just using some molds and ice cream sticks.

Another unique idea is to make ice cubes by using coconut water. These can be used in lemonades or cocktails and add flavor to your drinks. Even while making smoothies, you can use these ice cubes to substitute for the water, making your smoothies better and healthier.

Similarly, coconut milk or water can be added to food recipes to boost the taste. It is an amazing food/drink that can be paired with most things available in our kitchens. In this way, you can easily incorporate coconut water into your diet, reducing acid reflux and having other benefits.

Tips and Precautionary Measures

As we all know that excess of everything is bad, so the following tips and precautionary measures below will help take the right amount of coconut water for reducing acid reflux and other health benefits:

  • It is always recommended to buy fresh coconut water and avoid bottled coconut water as it might have preservatives in them. This will not benefit the body and might not even soothe the burning sensation of the stomach.
  • If you are a cholesterol patient, you should avoid consuming coconut water to raise the levels.
  • Coconut water reduces acid reflux, but it might not work for everybody as it lacks proper research or proof. If you do not experience any relief after two-three days of consumption, it is necessary to visit a doctor.
  • Burning sensations in the stomach can be a heart attack sometimes, which is mistaken by acid reflux. It is advised to visit a doctor if any of the severe symptoms are experienced.


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How do I cure my acid reflux?

There are multiple ways to cure acid reflux, and one of them is to use coconut water. Although there is no research or scientific proof that it reduces acidity, it has benefitted many people.

What stops acid reflux instantly?

Antacids can reduce or stop acid reflux and is the quickest way to soothe the burning sensation of the stomach. These neutralize the acids in the stomach to give quick relief to the patients.

Does baking soda help acid reflux?

Having ½ tablespoons of baking soda with water can be a good treatment for acid reflux. It gives immediate relief and cures the symptoms of acid reflux.


Using coconut water daily for reducing acid reflux has worked for many people all over the world. Heart burning is a common problem among people, and taking medicines frequently can be very frustrating. Coconut water is the best alternative as it has natural ingredients that reduce the stomach acid and soothe the stomach burning and esophagus lining.